User:Beat Estermann/WD Hackdays 2019

This is the documentation page of the Wikidata Hackday Series hosted by the Swiss National Library in the second half of 2019. See also the related Blog post.

The hackday series was targeted at staff members of the Swiss National Library, the Zürich Central Library, the ETH Library, and OpenGLAM CH who invested around 150 hours each on their Wikidata projects between August and November 2019. Interaction with and participation from the wider Wikidata community in the projects is welcomed.

Facilitator: Beat Estermann

Sessions edit

  • Kick-off, 27 June 2019, Bern, Swiss National Library (Slides, Challenge Form)
  • Session 1, 19 August 2019, Bern, Swiss National Library (Slides, Refresher SPARQL Queries)
  • Session 2, 16 September 2019, Zurich, Zurich Central Library (Slides)
  • Session 3, 29 October 2019, Bern, Swiss National Library (Slides)
  • Session 4, 19 November 2019, Zurich, Zurich Central Library (Slides)

Projects / Participants edit

Name of the Project Description Participants
Sum of all Swiss GLAMs Improve WD entries about Swiss GLAM institutions (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums), involve institutions and provide them with advice and instructions to keep the data related to them up to date, develop new templates for infoboxes which extract the information from WD. Daniel Burkhard, Valérie Hashimoto, Lisa Oberli, Maya Bangerter
Zurich Correspondent Network Correspondent Network in an example of Josphine Zehnder-Stadlin. About 200 letters will be integrated in Wikidata. Also a link to Zentralbibliothek Zürich will be added to each letter. Maybe also Digitizing the letters may be a following task. M. Rieser, J. Reiling, M. Boxler, G. Schwendener
Graph-based Query Expansion How can Wikidata enrich a discovery system like Primo and make its resources more linkable?

Search terms in the discovery system are checked for places or persons. If the user selects something from the offered list, this means both disambiguation and the step from string to thing. The page called up by the selection about the person or place is represented by a linkable unique URL. Further search options and links to other systems with further information can be offered for places and persons. See the code of the prototype and a documentation (GraphBasedQueryExpansion_EN.pdf) at Gitlab

Bernd Uttenweiler
Referencing Archival Fonds The aim of the project is to ensure the interlinking between archival finding aids – and/or direct access to digital replica where available – and WD items of persons and institutions.

Based on the archival holdings of our home institutions (ETH Library and Zurich Central Library), a list of relevant collection creators (persons and institutions) will be prepared. We are going to check which of these persons/institutions are already listed in WD. Existing records will be enriched with the "archives at" property and the link to the respective archival finding aid(s). Not yet existing notable items (persons/institutions) will be created. For this purpose, a workflow will be developed in which the individual steps are predominantly automated.

Besides the enrichment of persons and institutions in Wikidata with the archives at (P485) property, the documentation of the project should also offer other institutions the possibility to re-use the semi-automated processes.

In a second step, we would like to generate an application for SPARQL queries that use our records from Wikidata. E.g.: «I’m looking for (all) archival collections by women who were born in Zurich in the 20th century»

P. Maier, Michael Gasser, L. Schmitt, S. Bolliger, A. Weng, Brigitte Brüderlin