Hi I'm Katie. I live in Cambridge, England and work as a programmer on a data-analytics software. I did Maths and CS at uni. My favourite number is 256 because it's a very square number. I use Wikidata for a variety of stuff so I thought I may as well contribute. My main focus in upper-ontology stuff but sometimes it's fun to just jump to a random item and see what I can improve.

TODO edit

  • No-instances-of constraint?
  • Max-instances-of computed from order of metaclass (max n st { <> (wdt:P31/wdt:P279*){n} ?item })
  • Clean up subclasses of position (Q4164871), job and method

Property that's more specific and translatable than 'of' and more can be applied to more things than 'main subject' edit

linguistic competence (Q1346205) has subject human and object language, so what does it apply to?

Questionable collection types edit

typeface family (Q58481926) group or class of chemical substances (Q17339814)