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Chembot is based on Matlab language and is designed to extract data from an excel file and to add those data to wikidata db using the API.


The bot is working from 2 files: a data file and a source file. The data file has the next structure:

p246 p246 p231 p231
val ref val ref
Q556 H A0001
Q560 He A0001
Q1098 U A0001
Q153 64-17-5 A0002

and the source file:

p248 p304 ... ...
val val val val
A0001 ... ... ...
A0002 Q11927173 3-232 ... ...

Some constraints: only one value for each property and one reference for each value per line. For several values or references create a second file. For date please use the wikidata format +-00000000yyyy-mm-ddTHH:MM:SSZ.

Qualifiers can be added using the following format:

p246 p246 p246 ...
val ref pxxx ...
Q556 H A0001 yyy ...

Tasks listEdit

To avoid sending of excel/cvs files by email use this tool to convert excel/cvs data into wikicode and paste the code in one of pages below: