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Ophelie Choupin

Howdy! My name is Ophélie Fabienne Marie Renée Choupin, aka Ophélie Choupin, and I am French and currently working in collaboration with researchers in Marine Renewable Energies.

Note: consulted material [1].

Bio-sketch edit

Choupin is a Scientist at University of São Paulo who possesses experience in the fields of Computer Science, Mathematics and Oceanography. Her professional interests include Wikimedia projects, science, data science, popular science. Choupin's personal interests include online game, sea, and TV series (not necessarily in this order).

Note: consulted material [2][3][4].

Goals edit

I do hope support humans making better use of renewable energies through Open knowledge and Science. Furthermore, I aim to support the relationships between Scientists and society. I have just joined the community as (Choupin1994), and will support whenever possible wiki-ecosystems under the umbrella of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Note: consulted material [5][6].

Wiki-activities edit

Nothing yet to be reported.

Web-profiles edit

My profiles include the following:

Bibliography and consulted material edit

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