de:Systematik der Minerale nach Strunz (8. Auflage)
Strunz Classification 8 ed (1982)
sk:Zoznam minerálov T
Mindat - Strunz 8 ed

German - English - chemical formula - Strunz ID - crystal systemEdit

Chapter: non white streak, mainlyEdit


  • Metals and alloys
  • Carbides, nitrides, phosphides and silicides
  • Semimetals and nonmetals
Taenit |Taenite | |I/A.08-20 |ok
Taimyrit-I |Taimyrite-I | |I/A.17-30 |ok
Tantalcarbid |Tantalcarbide | |I/A.09-60 |ok
Tantal |TantalumN | |I/A.06- |ok
Tatyanait |Tatyanaite | |I/A.17-40 |ok
Telúr |Tellurium | |I/B.03-40 |ok
Tetraferroplatinum |Tetraferroplatinum | |I/A.15-20 |ok
Tetrataenit |Tetrataenite | |I/A.08-30 |ok
Zin (Cín) |Tin | |I/A.05-30 |
Titán (prvok) |Titanium | |I/A.06-05 |ok
Tongbait |Tongbaite | |I/A.09-30 |ok
Tongxinit |TongxiniteN | |I/A.04- (1.AB.10b) |ok
Tulameenit |Tulameenite | |I/A.15-30 |ok
Wolfram (Volfrám) |Tungsten | |I/A.06- (1.AE.05) |

Sulfide classEdit

Talnakhit| Talnakhite| |II/C.04-40 |ok
Tarkianit| Tarkianite| |II/D.14-20 |ok
Teallit| Teallite| |II/C.17-40 |ok
Telargpalit| Telargpalite| |II/A.07-10 |ok
Tellurantimon| Tellurantimony| |II/D.09-10 |ok
Tellurobismuthit| Tellurobismuthite| |II/D.09-20 |ok
Tellurohauchecornit| Tellurohauchecornite| |II/B.15-40 |ok
Telluronevskit| Telluronevskite| |II/D.10- |ok
Telluropalladinit| Telluropalladinite| |II/A.07-30 |ok
Temagamit| Temagamite| |II/A.07-50 |ok
Testibiopalladit| Testibiopalladite| |II/D.17-170 |ok
Tetradymit| Tetradymite| |II/D.09-60 |ok
Thalcusit| Thalcusite| |II/F.04-30 |ok
Thalfenisit| Thalfenisite| |II/F.06-20 |ok
Tiemannit| Tiemannite| |II/C.01-50 |ok
Tochilinit| Tochilinite| |II/C.23-40 |ok
Tolovkit| Tolovkite| |II/D.18-80 |ok
Toyohait| Toyohaite| |II/C.06-160 |ok
Trogtalit| Trogtalite| |II/D.17-80 |ok
Troilit| Troilite| |II/C.19-10 |ok
Trüstedtit| Trüstedtite| |II/D.01- |ok
Tsumoit| Tsumoite| |II/D.10-40 |ok
Tucekit| Tučekite| |II/B.15-10 |ok
Tungstenit| Tungstenite| |II/D.25-40 |ok
Tyrrellit| Tyrrellite| |II/D.01-140 |ok
Tennantit| Tennantite| |II/C.11-10 |ok
Tetrahedrit| Tetrahedrite| |II/C.11-40 |ok
Tintinait| Tintinaite| |II/E.33-15 |ok
Trechmannit| Trechmannite| |II/E.08-10 |ok
Treasurit| Treasurite| |II/E.31-80 |ok
Tsnigriit| Tsnigriite| |II/B.05-75 |ok
Tsugaruit| Tsugaruite| |II/E.15-45 |ok
Tvalchrelidzeit| Tvalchrelidzeite| |II/E.13-70 |ok
Twinnit| Twinnite| |II/E.25-50 |ok

Oxide classEdit

Takanelit| Takanelite| |IV/D.12-20 |ok
Tantalaeschynit-(Y)| Tantalaeschynite-(Y)| |IV/D.21-80 |
Tantalit-(Mg)| Tantalite-(Mg)| |IV/D.18-35 |ok
Tantalit-(Mn)| Tantalite-(Mn)| |IV/D.18-40 |ok
Tantalit-(Fe)| Tantalite-(Fe)| |IV/D.18-50 |ok
Tanteuxenit-(Y)| Tanteuxenite-(Y)| |IV/D.19-50 |ok
Tantit| Tantite| |IV/E.01-10 |ok
Tapiolit-(Fe)| Tapiolite-(Fe)| |IV/D.04-10 |ok
Tapiolit-(Mn)| Tapiolite-(Mn)| |IV/D.04-20 |ok
Tausonit| Tausonite| |IV/C.10-40 |ok
Tazheranit| Tazheranite| |IV/D.31-20 |ok
Tegengrenit| Tegengrenite| |IV/B.05-65 |ok
Tellurit| Tellurite| |IV/D.15-30 |ok
Tenorit| Tenorite| |IV/A.05-10 |ok
Thoreaulit| Thoreaulite| |IV/D.29-20 |ok
Thorianit| Thorianite| |IV/D.31-50 |ok
Thorutit| Thorutite| |IV/D.22-10 |ok
Titanowodginit| Titanowodginite| |IV/D.17-40 |ok
Todorokit| Todorokite| |IV/D.09-10 |ok
Tomichit| Tomichite| |IV/C.23-20 |ok
Trébeurdenit| Trébeurdenite| |IV/F.05- |ok
Trevorit| Trevorite| |IV/B.02-40 |ok
Tridymit| Tridymite| |IV/D.01-20 |ok
Tripuhyit| Tripuhyite| |IV/D.02-70 |ok
Tsumgallit| Tsumgallite| |IV/F.06-25 |ok
Tugarinovit| Tugarinovite| |IV/D.28-10 |ok
Tungstibit| Tungstibite| |IV/E.0-20 |ok
Hydroxides (F + H)Edit
Ternovit| Ternovite| |IV/D.06-35 |ok
Tetrawickmanit| Tetrawickmanite| |IV/F.17-20 |ok
Theophrastit| Theophrastite| |IV/F.03-40 |ok
Tivanit| Tivanite| |IV/F.08-10 |ok
Arsenites, [5,6] vanadates, antimonites, bismuthites, sulfites, selenites, tellurites, iodates
Teineit| Teineite| |IV/K.06-20 |ok
Tlalocit| Tlalocite| |IV/K.16-20 |ok
Tlapallit| Tlapallite| |IV/K.17-10 |ok
Tooeleit| Tooeleite| |VII/D.05-50 (4.JD.15)|ok
Trigonit| Trigonite| |IV/J.03-30 |ok
Trippkeit| Trippkeite| |IV/J.10-30 |ok
Tungstit| Tungstite| |IV/E.02-10 |ok

Chapter: white streak, mainlyEdit

Tetrahedral units ("Silikatenartige")

Silicates and germanatesEdit

([SiO4]4-- and [GeO4]4--tetrahedra)
Nesosilicates (Inselsilikate)Edit
Tephroit| Tephroite| |VIII/A.04-30 |ok
Thorit| Thorite| |VIII/A.09-30 |ok
Thorogummit| Thorogummite| |VIII/A.09-50 |ok
Tombarthit-(Y)| Tombarthite-(Y)| |VIII/A.11-20 |ok
Trimerit| Trimerite| |VIII/A.03-10 |ok
Neso-subsilicates (Inselsilikate mit tetraederfremden Anionen)Edit
Ternesit| Ternesite| |VIII/B.22-65 |ok
Thaumasit| Thaumasite| |VIII/B.22-90 (7.DG.15) |ok
Titanit| Titanite| |VIII/B.12-10 |ok
Topaz (Topás)| Topaz| |VIII/B.02-70 |ok
Törnebohmit-(Ce)| Törnebohmite-(Ce)| |VIII/B.19-20 |ok
Törnebohmit-(La)| Törnebohmite-(La)| |VIII/B.19-30 |ok
Tranquillityit| Tranquillityite| |VIII/B.07-10 |ok
Trimounsit-(Y)| Trimounsite-(Y)| |VIII/B.12-30 |ok
Tritomit-(Y)| Tritomite-(Y)| |VIII/B.33-30 |ok
Tritomit-(Ce)| Tritomite-(Ce)| |VIII/B.33-40 |ok
Tundrit-(Ce)| Tundrite-(Ce)| |VIII/B.16-40 |ok
Tundrit-(Nd)| Tundrite-(Nd)| |VIII/B.16-50 |ok
Sorosilicates (Gruppensilikate)Edit
Thalénit-(Y)| Thalénite-(Y)| |VIII/C.33-10 |ok
Thortveitit| Thortveitite| |VIII/C.01-10 |ok
Tilleyit| Tilleyite| |VIII/C.09-20 |ok
Tinzenit| Tinzenite| |VIII/E.06-40 (9.BD.20) |ok
Tiragalloit| Tiragalloite| |VIII/F.24-12 (9.BJ.25) |ok
Trabzonit| Trabzonite| |VIII/C.28-20 |ok
Unclassified silicatesEdit
Tiettait| Tiettaite| |VIII/D.16-30 |ok
Cyclosilicates (Ringsilikate)Edit
Taramellit| Taramellite| |VIII/E.08-30 |ok
Taseqit| Taseqite| |VIII/E.25-58 |ok
Thorosteenstrupin| Thorosteenstrupine| |VIII/E.18-10 |ok
Tienshanit| Tienshanite| |VIII/E.20-10 (9.CL.05) |ok
Tisinalit| Tisinalite| |VIII/E.16-60 |ok
Titantaramellit| Titantaramellite| |VIII/E.08-20 |ok
Traskit| Traskite| |VIII/E.20-20 |ok
Trattnerit| Trattnerite| |VIII/E.22- |ok
Tsepinit-Na| Tsepinite-Na| |VIII/E.07- |ok
Tsepinit-Ca| Tsepinite-Ca| |VIII/E.07- |ok
Tsepinit-Sr| Tsepinite-Sr| |VIII/E.07- |ok
Tsepinit-K| Tsepinite-K| |VIII/E.07- |ok
Turkestanit| Turkestanite| |VIII/E.10-40 |ok
Inosilicate subclassEdit
Tacharanit| Tacharanite| |VIII/F.21-40 (9.HA.75) |ok
Tanohatait| Tanohataite| |VIII/F.18- |ok
Tinaksit| Tinaksite| |VIII/F.22-30 |ok
Tobermorit| Tobermorite| |VIII/F.19-20 |ok
Tokkoit| Tokkoite| |VIII/F.22-20 |ok
Single chain inosilicates (Kettensilikate)Edit
Tadzhikit-(Ce)| Tadzhikite-(Ce)| |VIII/F.36-20 |ok
Taikanit| Taikanite| |VIII/F.25-30 |ok
Taneyamalit| Taneyamalite| |VIII/F.16-30 |ok
Terskit| Terskite| |VIII/F.23-20 |ok
Multiple chain inosilicates (Bandsilikate)Edit
Taramit| Taramite| |VIII/F.09-60 |ok
Tremolit| Tremolite| |VIII/F.10-10 |ok
Tschermakit| Tschermakite| |VIII/F.10-60 |ok
Tuhualit| Tuhualite| |VIII/F.30-20 |ok
Intermediate between chain- and layered silicatesEdit
Phyllosilicates (Schichtsilikate)Edit
Tainiolit| Tainiolite| |VIII/H.11-20 |ok
Talk| Talc| |VIII/H.09-40 |ok
Tamait| Tamaite| |VIII/H.17- |ok
Tetraferriannit| Tetraferriannite| |VIII/H.11-120 |ok
Tetraferriphlogopit| Tetraferriphlogopite| |VIII/H.11-90 |ok
Tobelit| Tobelite| |VIII/H.10-100 |ok
Tosudit| Tosudite| |VIII/H.18-50 |ok
Trilithionit| Trilithionite| |VIII/H.11-50 |ok
Truscottit| Truscottite| |VIII/H.34-20 |ok
Tumchait| Tumchaite| |VIII/F.34- (9.EA.60) |ok
Tungusit| Tungusite| |VIII/H.34-45 |ok
Tuperssuatsiait| Tuperssuatsiaite| |VIII/H.33-10 |ok
Tuscanite| Tuscanite| |VIII/H.06-20 |ok
Tarasovit| Tarasovite| |VIII/H.18- |
Framework silicates (Gerüstsilikate)Edit
Tectosilicates (aluminosilicates) and quartz family (oxide minerals)
Excluding zeolite frameworks, broad sense (zeolites, narrow sense)
Telyushenkoit |Telyushenkoite | |VIII/J.10-20 |ok
Thornasit |Thornasite | |VIII/D.20-40 |ok
Trikalsilit |Trikalsilite | |VIII/J.02-30 |ok
Zeolite frameworks, broad senseEdit
Including cancrinite-sodalite structural group
Terranovait |Terranovaite | |VIII/J.22-07 |ok
Thomsonit-Ca |Thomsonite-Ca | |VIII/J.21-70 |ok
Thomsonit-Sr |Thomsonite-Sr | |VIII/J.21- |ok
Tiptopit| Tiptopite| |VII/D.02-10 |ok
Tounkit |Tounkite | |VIII/J.09-55 |ok
Tsaregorodtsevit |Tsaregorodtsevite | |VIII/J.11-05 |ok
Tschernichit |Tschernichite | |VIII/J.26-40 |ok
Tschörtnerit |Tschörtnerite | |VIII/J.0- |ok
Tugtupit |Tugtupite | |VIII/J.11-50 |ok
Tvedalit| Tvedalite| |VIII/G.07-25 |ok

Sulfates, chromates, molybdates, tungstatesEdit

Tamarugit| Tamarugite| |VI/C.15-20 |ok
Tarapacáit| Tarapacáite| |VI/F.01-10 |ok
Tatarskit| Tatarskite| |VI/D.19-40 |ok
Tengchongit| Tengchongite| |VI/G.06-20 |ok
Thenardit| Thenardite| |VI/A.07-10 |ok
Thérèsemagnanit| Thérèsemagnanite| |VI/D.03- |ok
Torreyit| Torreyite| |VI/D.04-20 |ok
Tschermigit| Tschermigite| |VI/C.14-30 |ok

Other phosphates, arsenates, vanadatesEdit

Talmessit| Talmessite| |VII/C.17-50 |ok
Tancoit| Tancoite| |VII/B.02-20 |ok
Tangeit| Tangeite| |VII/B.26-60 |ok
Tarbuttit| Tarbuttite| |VII/B.06-50 |ok
Taranakit| Taranakite| |VII/C.21-20 |ok
Tassieit| Tassieite| |VII/C.18-05 |ok
Tavorit| Tavorite| |VII/B.02-60 |ok
Tetrarooseveltit| Tetrarooseveltite| |VII/A.18-20 |ok
Thadeuit| Thadeuite| |VII/B.25-80 |ok
Theisit| Theisite| |VII/B.18-10 |ok
Theoparacelsit| Theoparacelsite| |VII/B.0- |ok
Thometzekit| Thometzekite| |VII/C.31-40 |ok
Threadgoldit| Threadgoldite| |VII/E.05-40 |ok
Tilasit| Tilasite| |VII/B.25-30 |ok
Tillmannsit| Tillmannsite| |VII/A.11-05 |ok
Tinsleyit| Tinsleyite| |VII/D.27-10 |ok
Tinticit| Tinticite| |VII/D.11-60 |ok
Tokyoit| Tokyoite| |VII/B.24-22 |ok
Torbernit| Torbernite| |VII/E.01-70 |ok
Triangulit| Triangulite| |VII/E.05-20 |ok
Triphylit| Triphylite| |VII/A.02-10 |ok
Triplit| Triplite| |VII/B.03-40 |ok
Triploidit| Triploidite| |VII/B.03-60 |ok
Tristramit| Tristramite| |VII/C.29-50 |ok
Trögerit| Trögerite| |VII/E.01-10 |ok
Trolleit| Trolleite| |VII/B.08-10 |ok
Tsumcorit| Tsumcorite| |VII/C.31-50 |ok
Tsumebit| Tsumebite| |VII/B.24-50 |ok
Tuit| Tuite| |VII/A.05-45 |ok
Turanit| Turanite| |VII/B.11-60 |ok
Turneaureit| Turneaureite| |VII/B.39-70 |ok
Turtmannit| Turtmannite| |VIII/B.11- (8.BE.45) |ok
Türkis (Tyrkys)| Turquoise| |VII/D.15-40 |ok
Tyrolit| Tyrolite| |VII/D.54-20 |ok
Tyuyamunit| Tyuyamunite| |VII/E.11-80 |ok

Chapter: carbonates and evaporitesEdit

Carbonates, nitrates, borates and halides

Carbonates, nitrates and boratesEdit

Takovit| Takovite| |V/E.03-50 |ok
Tengerit-(Y)| Tengerite-(Y)| |V/D.03-45 |ok
Teschemacherit| Teschemacherite| |V/B.01-40 |ok
Thermonatrit| Thermonatrite| |V/D.02-10 |ok
Thomasclarkit-(Y)| Thomasclarkite-(Y)| |V/E.08-05 |ok
Thorbastnäsit| Thorbastnäsite| |V/E.10-10 |ok
Trona| Trona| |V/D.02-30 |ok
Tuliokit| Tuliokite| |V/D.05-10 |ok
Tunisit| Tunisite| |V/C.02-30 |ok
Tychit| Tychite| |V/C.03-20 |ok
Takedait| Takedaite| |V/G.01-30 |ok
Takéuchiit| Takéuchiite| |V/G.04-80 |ok
Teepleit| Teepleite| |V/G.08-20 |ok
Tertschit| Tertschite| |V/H.16-20 |ok
Teruggit| Teruggite| |V/H.18-10 |ok
Tincalconit| Tincalconite| |V/H.10-20 |ok
Trembathit| Trembathite| |V/L.04-35 |ok
Tunellit| Tunellite| |V/K.06-20 |ok
Tusionit| Tusionite| |V/G.02-20 |ok
Tuzlait| Tuzlaite| |V/K.03-30 |ok
Tyretskit| Tyretskite| |V/K.04-30 |ok


Tachyhydrit| Tachyhydrite| |III/C.08-30 |ok
Tedhadleyit| Tedhadleyite| |III/D.06- |ok
Terlinguacreekit| Terlinguacreekite| |III/D.06- |ok
Terlinguait| Terlinguaite| |III/D.06-10 |ok
Thermessait| Thermessaite| |III/C.03- |ok
Thomsenolit| Thomsenolite| |III/C.02-20 |ok
Thorikosit| Thorikosite| |III/D.10-90 |ok
Tikhonenkovit| Tikhonenkovite| |III/C.01-30 |ok
Tocornalit| Tocornalite| |III/A.03-20 |ok
Tolbachit| Tolbachite| |III/A.07-30 |ok
Tveitit-(Y)| Tveitite-(Y)| |III/A.08-30 |ok

Chapter: organic compoundsEdit

Tinnunkulit |Tinnunculite | |IX/D.01-25 |