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Article description ORCID iD field of work notable work affiliation VIAF ID given name sex or gender ZooBank author ID Commons category image
Francine Berman American computer scientist 0000-0001-8505-1752 Francine female
Anne Condon Irish-Canadian computer scientist 0000-0003-1458-1259 informatics Anne female
Carol V. Robinson British chemist and professor 0000-0001-7829-5505 Carol female
Benjamin Mako Hill Debian hacker, intellectual property researcher, activist and author 0000-0001-8588-7429 intellectual property
free software
85528500 Benjamin male Benjamin Mako Hill
Venkatraman Ramakrishnan structural biologist, born 1952 0000-0002-4699-2194 biochemistry
computational biology
320144783026901656504 male Venkatraman Ramakrishnan
Julia King Baroness Brown of Cambridge and former vice-chancellor of Aston University 0000-0002-8563-7646 Julia female Julia King
Michelle Francl American chemist 0000-0003-1940-1560 Michelle female
Hans Joachim Schellnhuber German physicist 0000-0001-7453-4935 64169018 Hans male Hans Joachim Schellnhuber
Reinhardt Kristensen Danish Scientist 0000-0002-9703-5781 94612825 Reinhardt male
Evelin Lindner German academic 0000-0003-4336-4480 48652555 Evelin female
Ruth Wodak Austrian linguist 0000-0001-5327-5559 14783006 Ruth female
Herbert J. Gans American sociologist 0000-0001-6567-5859 109070293 Herbert male
Tobias Bonhoeffer German biologist 0000-0001-7897-6634 52315448 Tobias male
Andreas Umland Expert on Russian and Ukrainian history and politics 0000-0001-7916-4646 66758580 Andreas male
Steve Furber British computer scientist 0000-0002-6524-3367 76899 Steve male
Jonathan Bowen Computer scientist, information technologist 0000-0002-8748-6140 15646992 Jonathan male Jonathan Bowen
Roland Benz German biophysicist 0000-0002-9510-9265 47011771 Roland male
Thomas C. Südhof German biochemist 0000-0003-3361-9275 biochemistry 54484625 Thomas male
Susanne Renner German botanist 0000-0003-3704-0703 110599582 Susanne female
Gui-Qiang Chen Mathematician 0000-0001-5146-3839 118737301 male Gui-Qiang Chen
Joachim Gruber German classical philologist 0000-0001-6595-5164 29555124 Joachim male
Wim Crusio Dutch behavioral neurogeneticist 0000-0001-6638-202X neurobiology 268092756 Wim male
Herbert Koch German mathematician 0000-0001-6736-1378 107168328 Herbert male
Dominik Gross German historian 0000-0001-9979-8531 bioethics 116598829 Dominik male
Christopher A. Pissarides Cypriot economist 0000-0002-0695-058X 34518071 Christopher male Christopher Pissarides
Roland Kirstein German economist and professor 0000-0002-1375-5862 198168357 Roland male
Detlef Weigel Biologist 0000-0002-2114-7963 49848146 Detlef male Detlef Weigel
Manfred Lindner German physicist 0000-0002-3704-6016 61629128 Manfred male
Ivo Welch American economist 0000-0002-4347-7250 20758766 Ivo male
Ralf Reski Geneticist 0000-0002-5496-6711 305407207 Ralf male
Günter Bechly German scientist 0000-0002-9162-4294 30391379 Günter male 4506C434-72DE-4F9A-82DD-EEB13D7BC195
Andre Geim Russian-born Dutch-British physicist 0000-0003-2861-8331 solid-state physics 228341497 Andre male Andre Geim
Theo Wallimann Swiss biologist 0000-0003-4957-5836 527145857914023021194 Theo male
Mario Capecchi molecular geneticist and Nobel laureate 0000-0002-9591-4993 genetics 201366364 Mario male Mario Capecchi
Ariel Fernandez Argentine biophysicist 0000-0002-5102-4294 122315132 Ariel male
Sandra Knapp botanist 0000-0001-7698-3945 102493484 Sandra female
Christer Fuglesang Swedish astronaut 0000-0002-0406-0962 22126862 Christer
male Christer Fuglesang
Adrian Constantin Romanian mathematician 0000-0001-8868-9305 173191141 Adrian male Adrian Constantin
David H. Levy Canadian astronomer 0000-0002-9939-1800 41920764 David male David H. Levy
Pierre Pica French linguist 0000-0001-9452-5446 24627231 Pierre male
Lee Rogers Berger paleoanthropologist, physical anthropologist, archaeologist 0000-0002-0367-7629 anthropology 6169562 Lee male Lee Rogers Berger
Barbara Partee American linguist 0000-0002-5252-7010 34496044 Barbara female Barbara Partee
Daniel Schechter American neuroscientist 0000-0003-3794-5772 233265747 Daniel male
Amir H. Hoveyda American chemist 0000-0002-1470-6456 Amir male
Lawrence M. Krauss American physicist 0000-0002-6917-2308 cosmology 85663330
Lawrence male Lawrence M. Krauss
Viktor Vasilyev Russian mathematician 0000-0001-6769-1158 combinatorics
complex analysis
differential equation
integral geometry
catastrophe theory
Finite type invariant 92277396 Q30106749 male Victor Vassiliev
Andreas Maercker German psychologist 0000-0001-6925-3266 116818125 Andreas male
Michele Dougherty Space physicist at Imperial College London 0000-0002-9658-8085 space physics
33962153 Michele female
Andrew Ranicki British mathematician 0000-0003-1695-3116 algebraic topology 108799015 Andrew
male Andrew Ranicki
Athene Donald British physicist 0000-0003-4423-9673 112476660 female Athene Donald
Stanislas Dehaene French neuroscientist 0000-0002-7418-8275 79101210 Stanislas male
David Deutsch British physicist 0000-0003-4337-8161 physics 56838172 David male
J. M. R. Parrondo Spanish physicist 0000-0001-8525-3709 Juan male
Ansgar Jüngel German mathematician 0000-0003-0633-8929 234997 Ansgar male
José Luis Ortiz Moreno Spanish astronomer 0000-0001-5040-452X José
José Luis
Jørn Hurum Norwegian paleonthologist 0000-0001-5080-171X 226637612 Jørn male
Robert Gerlai Behaviour geneticist 0000-0001-5514-3859 121388814 Robert male
Anthony Zee American physicist 0000-0003-4960-1125 73931626 Anthony male
Armin Biere German computer scientist 0000-0001-7170-9242 45040007 Armin male
Yuri Matiyasevich Russian mathematician 0000-0001-7046-3746 mathematical logic
graph theory
number theory
computability theory
24753185 Jurij male Yuri Matiyasevich (mathematician)
István Winkler Hungarian psychologist 0000-0002-3344-6151 István male István Winkler
Bent Fuglede Danish mathematician 0000-0002-1623-4595 110198045 Bent male
Bernhard Dick German chemist 0000-0002-9693-5243 279071187 Bernhard male
Sándor Csányi 0000-0001-7757-7156 Sándor male
Stuart Schreiber American chemist 0000-0003-1922-7558 biochemistry 58432161 Stuart male
Miquel Maria Gibert i Pujol Spanish writer and professor 0000-0002-7449-7764 29683981 Miquel male
Jerome Apt astronaut, scientist Professor 0000-0002-6195-0355 9988645 Jerome male Jerome Apt
Duncan Haldane professor of physics at Princeton University 0000-0001-6420-9549 condensed matter physics 363147967342084200004 Duncan
male F. Duncan M. Haldane
Bruno Staffelbach Swiss economist 0000-0002-6300-0193 39988734 Bruno male
Jacqueline Barton American chemist 0000-0001-9883-1600 279227021 Jacqueline female Jacqueline Barton
Peter Gärdenfors Swedish cognitive scientist 0000-0001-7423-828X 100457305 Peter male
G. David Tilman American ecologist 0000-0001-6395-7676 98260993 David male
David Armitage British historian 0000-0002-0538-7078 59223514 David male
David Robert Nelson American physicist 0000-0003-0583-5421 163218443 David male David Robert Nelson
David Baulcombe British geneticist 0000-0003-0780-6878 botany 305833117 David male David Baulcombe
Henri Gillet 0000-0002-1011-973X Henri male
Dirk Steinborn German chemist 0000-0002-3193-9139 59687164 Dirk male
Dieter Bimberg German physicist 0000-0003-0364-6897 42010912 Dieter male
Harvey Goldstein British statistician 0000-0001-7321-653X 14874844 Harvey male
Douglas N. Arnold American mathematician 0000-0002-0805-7672 6430875 Douglas male
Gesine Manuwald German classical philologist 0000-0002-3930-7822 76472722 Gesine female
Henrike Heise German chemist 0000-0002-9081-3894 64863920 Henrike female
Ulman Lindenberger German psychologist 0000-0001-8428-6453 74178764 male
Roland Stauber German molecular biologist 0000-0002-1341-4523 304245734 Roland male
Mark McMenamin American paleontologist 0000-0002-3764-0963 2553501 Mark male
Alexander Egyed 0000-0003-3128-5427 232986298 Alexander male
Lawrence J. DeLucas American astronaut 0000-0002-2930-1013 14356303 Lawrence male Lawrence J. DeLucas
Riitta Hari Finnish physician, professor and director of the brain research unit of the Low Temperature Laboratory of Aalto University, academian of science (Academy of Finland) 0000-0002-3142-2703 70537957 Riitta female
Gerd Leuchs German physicist 0000-0003-1967-2766 66696019 Gerd male
Pascal Boyer French anthropologist 0000-0002-0911-1212 social anthropology 102391652 Pascal male
Phillip Griffiths American mathematician 0000-0002-8866-1588 36979301 Phillip male Phillip Griffiths
Francisco Louçã Portuguese politician and economist 0000-0001-9661-6157 27208938 Francisco male Francisco Louçã
Frank Siegmund German archaeologist and prehistorian 0000-0002-0555-3451 12431711 Frank male
Franz Wirl Austrian economist 0000-0002-2168-8049 74519029 Franz male
Frank Buchholz German molecular biologist 0000-0002-4577-3344 Frank male
Jürgen Beyerer German computer scientist 0000-0003-3556-7181 275743081 Jürgen male
Frank Jülicher German biophysicist 0000-0003-4731-9185 10494087 Frank male
Jonathan Gershenzon American biochemist 0000-0002-1812-1551 31049474 Jonathan male
Susan Rose-Ackerman American professor of jurisprudence 0000-0002-8502-8437 24705437 Susan female
Georg Hirte German economist 0000-0002-9937-8753 52782637 Georg male
Herta Flor German university teacher and psychologist 0000-0003-4809-5398 5144818 Herta female
Klas Kärre Swedish physician 0000-0001-8869-3195 50048648 Klas male
Rainer Kuhlen German information scientist 0000-0002-4497-6422 5209731 Rainer male
Michael Lacey American mathematician 0000-0002-4808-6064 120791327 Michael male
Günter Holtus German philologist and romanist 0000-0002-6689-4073 41854676 Günter male
Gunter Schneider German biochemist 0000-0003-0622-5713 <no value> Gunter male
Harald Weinfurter Austrian physicist 0000-0001-6882-3909 73589502 Harald male
Hans Peter Binswanger-Mkhize Swiss economist 0000-0002-6323-1418 109624923 Hans male
Henk Bruin Mathematician 0000-0002-4033-5206 118489655 Hendrik male Henk Bruin
Shlomo Havlin Israeli physicist 0000-0002-9974-5920 97892617 Shlomo male
Pavel Exner Mathematical physicist 0000-0003-3704-7841 24668756 Pavel male
Holger Kreft German biologist 0000-0003-4471-8236 62735386 Holger male
Ian T. Baldwin American ecologist 0000-0001-5371-2974 71563084 Ian male
Michael Duff British physicist 0000-0001-6671-5509 247543639 Michael male
Paul Selden British paleontologist 0000-0001-7454-4260 27346628 Paul male
Jamie Peck British geographer 0000-0002-1425-9705 29701467 Jamie male
Jürgen Wolf German philologist and germanist 0000-0002-3869-4736 17554912 Jürgen male
Jean-Jacques Hublin French paleontologist 0000-0001-6283-8114 196429767 Jean-Jacques male
Johannes Orphal German physicist 0000-0002-1943-4496 220235573 Johannes male
Jesper Lützen Danish mathematician and historian of mathematics 0000-0002-3797-8569 76372709 Jesper male
Jens Falta German physicist 0000-0002-4154-822X 40109044 Jens male
Joachim Schultze German geneticist 0000-0003-2812-9853 Joachim male
Klaus Ammann botanist and professor 0000-0003-3610-412X 100898724 Klaus male
Ulrich S. Schubert German organic chemist 0000-0003-4978-4670 212013610 Ulrich male Ulrich Schubert
Klaus Mezger German geologist and geochemist 0000-0002-2443-8539 273450989 Klaus male
Klaus Hentschel German physicist and historian of science 0000-0003-0045-3264 251780300 Klaus male
Christopher Gillberg Swedish psychiatrist 0000-0001-8848-1934 109080445 Christopher male
Michael Zeuske German historian 0000-0002-2502-7563 265348246 Michael male
Alan James Paton Scottish botanist 0000-0002-6052-6675 Alan male
Michael Kunzinger Austrian mathematician 0000-0002-7113-0588 6610648 Michael male
John Willinsky Canadian educator 0000-0001-6192-8687 111385720 John male
Peter Boyle British epidemiologist 0000-0001-6251-0610 27128869 Peter male
Joep Leerssen Dutch comparatist and cultural historian 0000-0002-0456-0078 109313197 Joep male
Elizabeth Farr American classical harpsichordist 0000-0001-7811-6861 28248333 Elizabeth female
Petra Schwille German physicist 0000-0002-6106-4847 Discovery of 505-million-year old chitin in the basal demosponge Vauxia gracilenta 40112883 Petra female
Raymond S. Bradley American climatologist 0000-0002-4032-9519 108760053 Raymond male
Reinhard Jahn German cell biologist 0000-0003-1542-3498 168236723 Reinhard male
Jeffrey Palmer Distinguished Professor of Biology at Indiana University Bloomington 0000-0002-4626-2220 Jeffrey male
Nuno Crato Portuguese university professor, researcher, mathematician, economist, and writer 0000-0002-2547-8452 26175632 Nuno male Nuno Crato
Sunetra Gupta indian novelist and Professor of Theoretical Epidemiology 0000-0002-9775-4006 79157077 female
Terry Sejnowski American neuroscientist 0000-0002-0622-7391 2540279 Terry male
Tom Cheesman British literary critic 0000-0002-6526-3691 32713235 Tom male
Piet Hut Dutch astronomer 0000-0001-7565-5843 108803251 Piet male
Albrecht Ritschl German economic historian and economist 0000-0003-0856-9704 20613808 Albrecht male
Bernard Malissen French researcher and immunologist 0000-0003-1340-9342 14815643 Bernard male
Benoît Melançon Canadian writer 0000-0003-3637-3135 115596969 Benoît male Benoît Melançon
Francisco Ortega Spanish paleontologist and university professor 0000-0002-7431-354X dinosaur Francisco male
Conny Aerts Belgian mathematician and astronomer 0000-0003-1822-7126 59331930 Conny female
Juan Luis Arsuaga Spanish scientist 0000-0001-5361-2295 34633906 Juan male Juan Luis Arsuaga
Julia Higgins British polymer scientist 0000-0002-9021-1527 166809418 Julia female
Mika'ela Fisher German actress and model 0000-0002-2923-5255 308706973 female Mika'ela Fisher
Michael Eisen American biologist 0000-0002-7528-738X Michael male Michael Eisen
Mario Carpo Italian architectural historian 0000-0003-3737-1334 54214420 Mario male
Yoshua Bengio computer scientist 0000-0002-9322-3515 deep learning
artificial intelligence
2365353 male
Vladimir Pletser Physicist-Engineer 0000-0003-4884-3827 7112827 Vladimir male Vladimir Pletser
Claire M. Fraser American microbiologist and current head of the Institute for Genome Sciences (IGS) at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore. 0000-0003-1462-2428 51941623 Claire female Claire M. Fraser
João Zilhão Portuguese archaeologist, prehistorian and paleoanthropologist 0000-0001-5937-3061 5169507 João male
David Spiegelhalter British mathematician 0000-0001-6745-2819 76423565 David male
Toomas Kivisild Estonian geneticist 0000-0002-6297-7808 Toomas male
Giovanni Azzone Italian engineer 0000-0001-8884-3659 50897628 Giovanni male Giovanni Azzone
Giovanni Bignami Italian physicist 0000-0001-9582-2450 33814189 Giovanni male Giovanni Bignami
Xavier Vives Spanish economist 0000-0001-9110-9850 9920331 Xavier male
Robert Tibshirani Canadian statistician 0000-0003-0553-5090 94025833 Robert male Robert Tibshirani
Valentin Bazhanov Russian philosopher 0000-0002-0336-9570 18731632 Valentin male
Evgeny Yakovlev 0000-0001-9650-215X male
Adam C. Siepel Bioinformatician 0000-0002-3557-7219 Adam male
Andrea Brand Molecular Biologist 0000-0002-2089-6954 161972291 Andrea female
Alberto Diaspro Italian engineer 0000-0002-4916-5928 17454213 Alberto male
Alan Code American philosopher 0000-0002-9507-3733 Alan male
Alyssa A. Goodman American scientist 0000-0003-1312-0477 Alyssa female
Susan R. Wessler American biologist 0000-0001-6823-5541 Susan female
Anne O'Garra British immunologist 0000-0001-9845-6134 310508757 Anne female
Anna Dominiczak Polish medical researcher 0000-0003-4913-3608 Anna female
Ewan Birney English biologist and bioinformatician 0000-0001-8314-8497 computational biology
73543785 Ewan male
Benny Lautrup Danish physicist 0000-0003-3199-5840 Niels Bohr Institute 8941670 Benny male
Bo Thidé Swedish physicist 0000-0001-7086-8049 Bo male
Ingrid Robeyns Philosopher 0000-0002-2893-1814 18283847 Ingrid female
Carlos Castillo-Chavez Mexican mathematician 0000-0002-1046-3901 22221916 Carlos male
Christian Keysers Neuroscientist working to understand the neural basis of empathy 0000-0002-2845-5467 91100735 Christian male
Christopher Dye British WHO official 0000-0002-2957-1793 33698159 Christopher male
David Gavaghan Professor of Computational Biology at the University of Oxford 0000-0001-8311-3200 14525350 David male
David Ing Canadian systems scientist 0000-0002-4823-7133 David male
David Goss American mathematician 0000-0002-5246-0063 112886740 David male
David Bradley British journalist specializing in science and technology 0000-0002-7310-8990 120738587 David male
Elena Korosteleva Political Scientist 0000-0002-2807-738X 34710304 Elena female
Douglas Robinson Academic 0000-0002-3222-6122 108676870 Douglas male
Elisa Bertino American academic 0000-0002-4029-7051 20380945 Elisa female
Eleanor A. Maguire Irish neuropsychologist 0000-0002-9470-6324 312881935 Eleanor female
Esmaiel Jabbari Iranian scientist 0000-0001-6548-5422 139801859 male
George Lewith Medical professor 0000-0002-2364-3960 George male
Frances Ashcroft British geneticist and physiologist 0000-0002-6970-1767 54220244 Frances female
George-Marios Angeletos Greek economist/Professor of Economics: Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0000-0002-9269-5094 42894790 male
Glyn Lewis Professor of psychiatric epidemiology 0000-0001-5205-8245 Glyn male
Glenn White British astronomer 0000-0002-7126-691X Glenn male
Gitte Moos Knudsen Danish neurologist and professor, Rigshospitalet 0000-0003-1508-6866 Neurobiology Research Unit
Center for Integrated Molecular Brain Imaging
285836320 Gitte female
Gero Andreas Miesenböck Austrian neuroscientist 0000-0003-2940-3228 optogenetics
99048547 Gero male Gero Miesenböck
Herbert Van de Sompel Belgian librarian 0000-0002-0715-6126 31835361 Herbert male
Julio Pérez Díaz Spanish sociologist & demographer 0000-0002-9918-9522 86937062 Julio male
Israel Hanukoglu Israeli biochemist 0000-0003-3889-0320 Israel male
Jason Swedlow American-born cell biologist and light microscopist; Professor 0000-0002-2198-1958 315085406 Jason male
John Mark Ockerbloom digital library architect and planner 0000-0001-6568-3357 78409626 John male John Mark Ockerbloom
John Hardy British geneticist (b. 1954) 0000-0002-3122-0423 9285947 John male
John Kuriyan American biochemist 0000-0002-4414-5477 73253804 John male John Kuriyan
John Bohannon American biologist and dancer 0000-0003-1247-7941 John male
John A. Todd British geneticist 0000-0003-2740-8148 John male
Jonathan Clayden British chemist 0000-0001-5080-9535 77513424 Jonathan male
John Quackenbush American bioinformatician 0000-0002-2702-5879 2722564 John male
Judith Armitage British biochemist 0000-0003-4983-9731 Judy female
Kamrun Nahar Bangladeshi soil scientist and environmentalist 0000-0002-2473-6085 female Kamrun Nahar
Kentaro Toyama Computer scientist 0000-0002-9128-2255 Kentarō male
Lawrence Paulson American computer scientist 0000-0003-0288-4279 91459151 Lawrence male
Lawrence Hunter Computational Biology 0000-0003-1455-3370 12403576 Lawrence male
Judit Bar-Ilan professor at the Department of Information Science of Bar-Ilan University 0000-0002-8796-5248 297188651 female
Lorrie Cranor American academic 0000-0003-2125-0124 77241407 Lorrie female
Mark Walport Immunologist 0000-0001-7220-5273 34632373 Mark male
Melvyn A. Goodale Canadian neuroscientist 0000-0001-6748-0561 7615132 male
Michael Hemann American geneticist 0000-0001-6776-2163 Michael male
Michael Ley German computer scientist 0000-0001-7580-4351 University of Trier 305009965 Michael male
Monica Oliphant British-Australian academic and physicist 0000-0001-7694-1622 physics Monica female
Monika Hestad Norwegian industrial designer and researcher 0000-0002-7646-2506 83476074 Monika female
Mike Rossner American activist 0000-0002-8821-1747 Mike male
Norman Breslow American statistician 0000-0002-3906-9932 64101017 Norman male
Nick Lane British biochemist 0000-0002-5433-3973 biochemistry 160279978 Nick male
Patrick Dunleavy British political scientist 0000-0002-2650-6398 54229335 Patrick male
Pedro Mendes Professor of Computational Systems Biology 0000-0001-6507-9168 Pedro male
Peter C. Gøtzsche Danish medical researcher 0000-0002-2108-7016 Nordic Cochrane Centre 304220914 Peter male
Peter J. Barnes British pulmonary scientist, clinician 0000-0002-5122-4018 112914947 Peter male
Peter Gluckman New Zealand biologist 0000-0002-5711-1655 65472679 Peter male
Paul Glendinning British mathematician 0000-0003-1544-9161 69035968 Paul male
Paul Workman Biologist 0000-0003-1659-3034 76485193 Paul male
Pran Nath American physicist 0000-0001-9879-9751 108804842 male
Reza Malekzadeh Iranian medical scientist 0000-0003-1043-3814 Reza male
Roderic D. M. Page evolutionary biologist; Professor of Taxonomy at Glasgow University 0000-0002-7101-9767 49396947 Roderic male 6899544A-A593-43B8-8DA0-2EF919917B52 Roderic D M Page
Sean Eddy American computational biologist 0000-0001-6676-4706 88423816 Sean male
Sepp Hochreiter German computer scientist 0000-0001-7449-2528 Sepp male
Seth Kalichman American psychologist 0000-0002-0912-5112 37070911 Seth male
Sixto González Astronomer; director of the Arecibo Observatory 0000-0001-5544-1426 male
Sophia Frangou Greek psychiatrist 0000-0002-3210-6470 3654148814300445330005 Sofia female
Stephen Faraone American psychiatric geneticist 0000-0002-9217-3982 Stephen male
Stephen Quirke 0000-0003-2059-6246 Stephen male
Stanislav Edward Shmelev Ecological economist 0000-0003-2103-0201 221120282 Stanislav male
Tim Mitchison British biochemist 0000-0001-7781-1897 Tim male
Tilli Tansey Medical historian 0000-0002-0742-5074 164159 female Tilli Tansey
Tim Palmer British meteorologist, Royal Society Research Professor, Clarendon Laboratory, University of Oxford 0000-0002-7121-2196 95372419 Tim
Tom Curran British pathologist 0000-0003-1444-7551 Tom
Tim Birkhead British zoologist and author 0000-0003-2916-4976 94540580 Tim male
Vinod Scaria Indian biochemist 0000-0001-7644-7181 Vinod male
Ōsumi Yoshinori Japanese molecular biologist 0000-0003-2384-2166 molecular biology 252902927 Yoshinori male Yoshinori Ōsumi
Klaus-Jürgen Nagel 0000-0002-7315-9616 27149913 Klaus-Jürgen male
Mercè Durfort i Coll Catalan biologist 0000-0003-3640-9580 87824610 Mercè female
Xavier Estivill i Pallejà Spanish physician 0000-0002-0723-2256 87485795 Xavier male
Dariusz Jemielniak associate professor of management 0000-0002-3745-7931 14487145 Dariusz male Dariusz Jemielniak
Nicholas Harrison British physicist 0000-0001-7498-8144 Nicholas male
Gerard Vilar Spanish university teacher, philosopher and professor 0000-0002-5146-4804 310659149 Gerard male
Jonathan A. Coddington American arachnologist 0000-0001-6004-7730 108561943 Jonathan male BAC5CBE4-2DF5-47DF-BB49-1D527AB4E0E6
Piotr Maloszewski scientist 0000-0001-8019-8317 83487726 Piotr male
Paul Lillrank Finnish professor of quality and service management (Aalto University), columnist 0000-0001-6438-4363 6493766 Paul male
Anna Veiga Lluch Spanish professor 0000-0002-0943-9904 28740989 Anna female
Eva-Mari Aro 0000-0002-2922-1435 27316101 female
Immaculada Socias Batet art historian 0000-0003-1445-8023 71527565 female
Markku Kulmala Finnish professor of aerosol and environmental physics (University of Helsinki, Dept. of Physics), academy professor and academian of science (Academy of Finland) 0000-0003-3464-7825 237236550 Markku male
Daniel Cassany i Comas Spanish philologist and writer 0000-0003-3494-5531 45839338 Daniel male
John-Arne Røttingen Norwegian physician 0000-0002-5587-4296 314900643 male
Кладько Василь Петрович researcher 0000-0002-1531-4219 male
Olavi Kurina Estonian entomologist 0000-0002-4858-4629 Olavi male
Marlon Dumas Honduran computer scientist 0000-0002-9247-7476 4334578 Marlon male
Arturo Casas Galician writer 0000-0003-0353-8415 100952174 Arturo male
Ofelia Rey Castelao Spanish writer 0000-0002-9720-8486 39459228 Ofelia female
Siarhiej Shydlouski Belarusian essayist and historian 0000-0003-3036-8466 210820343 Syarhey male
Jaume Casals Spanish philosopher 0000-0002-5091-3890 8833869 Jaume male
Kathleen Anne Kron biology professor; studies Ericaceae 0000-0003-2209-0222 Kathleen female
David Sankoff Canadian academic 0000-0001-8415-5189 66490474 David male
Jonathan D. G. Jones British geneticist 0000-0002-4953-261X Jonathan male
Pratibha Gai Professor, Department of Physics & Department of Chemistry, Founding Co-Director, The York JEOL Nanocentre, University of York 0000-0003-3837-7148 female
Marc Greenberg Academic, linguist 0000-0001-8419-8779 linguistics 74583150 Marc male
Norman Sartorius Croatian psychiatrist 0000-0001-8708-6289 84159070 Norman male
Kazuhiro Koyasu 0000-0003-0145-1455 258117345 Kazuhiro male
Katrin Amunts German university teacher and neurologist 0000-0001-5828-0867 5223128 Katrin female
J. (Hans) van Leeuwen American academic 0000-0002-0538-1880 73505760 J. male
Dominique Demougin French economist 0000-0002-1744-0390 204264760 Dominique male
Steve Pettifer Computer scientist 0000-0002-1809-5621 268146634404741931615 Steve male Steve Pettifer
Rüdiger Lohlker Austrian arabist 0000-0002-3927-0783 25260224 Rüdiger male Rüdiger Lohlker
Scott William Sloan Laureate Professor of Civil Engineering, University of Newcastle (Australia) 0000-0002-7395-0539 91795656 Scott male
Segun Toyin Dawodu Associate Professor of Pain Medicine 0000-0001-5654-737X male
Jeremy Farrar Epidemiologist and director of the Wellcome Trust 0000-0002-2700-623X 309911537 Jeremy male
Austin Tate British computer scientist 0000-0001-6387-5582 Austin male
Andy Brass Professor 0000-0002-0389-7058 Andy male
Simon Iain Hay Professor of Epidemiology, University of Oxford; 52nd President of the RSTMH; winner of several Zoology and public health awards 0000-0002-0611-7272 49533622 Simon
Jay Shendure American geneticist 0000-0002-1516-1865 Jay male
Timothy John Phillip Hubbard Professor of Bioinformatics at King's College London 0000-0002-1767-9318 33939122 Tim male
Bill Buchanan British computer scientist 0000-0003-0809-3523 102004946 Bill male
Dorte Olesen 0000-0003-3284-9319 DTU Compute Dorte female
Trevor Cox British academic and broadcaster 0000-0002-4075-7564 Trevor male
Isabel Gauthier Canadian neuroscietnist 0000-0002-6249-4769 Isabel female
John Laudun folklorist, essayist, and professor 0000-0002-7555-7562 John male
Kai Kaila Finnish professor of animal physiology (University of Helsinki), academy professor (Academy of Finland) 0000-0003-0668-5955 54313865 Kai male
Ziv Bar-Joseph Israeli biologist 0000-0003-3430-6051 male
Daniel Rojas Pachas Writer, Editor, Chilean Novelist 0000-0002-3819-2357 307457850 Daniel male
Чмир Олена Сергіївна 0000-0002-9376-7344 female
David Gorski American surgeon 0000-0002-9805-6699 David male David Gorski
Chaker Khazaal (author) Canadian writer 0000-0002-3083-2225 male
Julian Parkhill geneticist, working with pathogens 0000-0002-7069-5958 14296894 Julian male
Michelle Simmons British–Australian quantum physicist 0000-0002-6422-5888 Michelle female
Erik van Nimwegen Computational biologist 0000-0001-6338-1312 284834326 Erik male
Manel Ollé i Rodríguez 0000-0003-1970-3227 6624261 Manel male
Tuula Tamminen Finnish professor of child psychiatry (University of Tampere) 0000-0001-5744-9878 Tuula female
Riitta Lahesmaa Finnish professor of immunology and director of Turku Centre for Biotechnology (Univ. of Turku); academy professor (Academy of Finland) 0000-0002-4782-9567 Riitta female
Carol Propper British economist 0000-0002-8257-431X Carol female
D Shina Academic, Researcher and writer 0000-0003-2371-5175 female
James Henderson Naismith Professor of Chemical Biology at the University of St Andrews 0000-0001-6744-5061 Jim male
Michelle Coote Australian polymer chemist 0000-0003-0828-7053 Michelle female
Richard G. Whitman Academic 0000-0002-9105-4180 Richard male
Brian Kennett Brian Kennett FRS, Professor of Seismology 0000-0003-2206-5350 109607507 Brian
Hendrik H. Segers Zoologist 0000-0001-5399-3657 49474179 Hendrik male
Isidro Moreno Sánchez Spanish professor 0000-0001-5820-8523 Isidro male
Nuria Oliver Spanish computer scientist 0000-0001-5985-691X computer science
artificial intelligence
human–computer interaction
91177728 Núria female
Katherine Flegal American scientist 0000-0002-0838-469X Katherine female
Dominic Abrams Social psychologist 0000-0002-2113-4572 Dominic male
Deanna M. Church American economist 0000-0003-4264-1853 Deanna female
Conrad J. Hoskin Australian herpetologist 0000-0001-8116-6085 Conrad
male EED8012D-6919-4892-9B60-2DA5AA5775FB
Norbert Holstein botanist 0000-0001-9892-0355 Norbert male
Malcolm L. McCallum herpetologist 0000-0002-8708-5136 Malcolm male
Núria Almiron University Professor and Researcher 0000-0002-2482-0666 36281043 Núria female
Javier Otaduy Professor of Canon Law at the University of Navarra 0000-0001-6446-8532 35822939 Javier male Javier Otaduy
Douglas Stephan Professor of Chemistry at the University of Toronoto 0000-0001-8140-8355 304762622 Douglas
Curtis Huttenhower Associate Professor of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics at Harvard University 0000-0002-1110-0096 66303546 Curtis male
Sarah Teichmann Research group leader at the European Bioinformatics Institute and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. 0000-0002-6294-6366 54870541 Sarah female
Nicolas Rouhier French biologist 0000-0002-2036-7884 Nicolas male
James Cuthbert Smith Deputy Chief Executive Officer at the Medical Research Council, since 2014. Director of Research at the Francis Crick Institute, since 2015 0000-0003-2413-9392 James
Pilar Santisteban Spanish molecular biologist and cell biologist 0000-0002-2758-796X Pilar female
Chris Evelo Dutch biologist 0000-0002-5301-3142 Department of Bioinformatics - BiGCaT 292237755 Christoffel
Iolanda Pensa Italian art critic, writer and researcher 0000-0001-5122-7385 289564739 Iolanda female Iolanda Pensa
Sophien Kamoun Tunisian biologist and geneticist 0000-0002-0290-0315 male
Michael Hausser Professor of Neuroscience, based in the Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research at University College London 0000-0002-2673-8957 49521833 Michael male
Stephen Anthony Cusack Head of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) Outstation in Grenoble. 0000-0002-9324-0796 70675711
Stephen male
Félix Duque Spanish writer 0000-0001-6665-6131 27110656 Félix male
Nick Greeves British chemist and educator 0000-0001-7958-7876 250683084 Nick male
Maria L. Gini Italian and American computer scientist in artificial intelligence and robotics 0000-0001-8841-1055 artificial intelligence
intelligent agents
Maria female
Jiayang Li Vice Minister of Agriculture in China and President of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) and Professor and Principal investigator at the Institute of Genetics and Development at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) 0000-0002-0487-6574 male
Lorraine Eden expert in the field of International Transfer Pricing 0000-0002-8002-9959 42976977 Lorraine female Lorraine Eden
Tierney Thys American marine biologist 0000-0002-3019-0808 Tierney female Tierney Thys
Isabelle Vernos biochemist specialized in microtubules 0000-0003-1469-9214 246792457 female
Ionuț Silaghi de Oaș Romanian artist, writer, poet, collector of folk music, engineer, noble, secretary general of Ansamblul Oașul and current head of the Szilágyi-Oaș noble family. 0000-0002-3200-1601 Io-s fecior din șepte sate
Poezii oșenești
Ionuț male Ionuț Silaghi de Oaș
Jean-Bernard Caron researcher 0000-0002-1670-5502 male
Pierangelo Metrangolo 0000-0002-7945-099X Pierangelo male
Nicolas Rasmussen 0000-0002-9498-0921 10002088 Nicolas male
Elly Kleinman American businessman 0000-0003-0721-2017 Elly male Businesspeople
Carsten Oliver Schmidt 0000-0001-5266-9396 Carsten male
Dena Minning American medical doctor and biochemist 0000-0002-4568-0228 Dena female
Colin Snodgrass post-doctoral fellow at MPS 0000-0001-9328-2905 Colin male
Elisabetta Dotto astronomer 0000-0002-9335-1656 188724572 Elisabetta female
Arturo Casadevall American scientist 0000-0002-9402-9167 49555277 Arturo male
Ross Mounce biodiversity informaticist 0000-0002-3520-2046 Ross male
Daniela Balslev researcher 0000-0001-7843-1044 Right Temporoparietal Cortex Activation during Visuo-proprioceptive Conflict 307218827 Daniela female
Jane Menken American sociologist and demographer 0000-0002-0008-0325 161683912 Jane female
Nina Rønsted botanist 0000-0002-2002-5809 Nina female
Gerard de Melo researcher in computer science 0000-0002-2930-2059 artificial intelligence
natural language processing
Gerard male
Nektarios Tavernarakis Greek geneticist and molecular biologist 0000-0002-5253-1466 biology 121098831 male
Anne Trefethen computer scientist 0000-0001-8067-4467 65952273 Anne female
John Francis Xavier Diffley Research scientist at the Francis Crick Institute in London 0000-0001-5184-7680 John male
Richard Anthony Lewis Jones Professor of Physics and the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation at the University of Sheffield 0000-0001-5400-6369 Richard male
Christopher T. Martine botanist; David Burpee Professor at Bucknell University 0000-0001-6546-6491 11853218 Christopher male
David Klenerman Professor of Biophysical Chemistry at the University of Cambridge 0000-0001-7116-6954 David male
Paul Martin Sharp Professor of Genetics at the University of Edinburgh 0000-0001-9771-543X Paul male
Pere Anadón scientist 0000-0002-2423-1837 Pere male
David Ian Stuart X-ray crystallographer 0000-0002-3426-4210 David male
David Headley Green Petrologist 0000-0002-5290-2087 David male
John Aggleton Professor of Psychology, University of Cardiff 0000-0002-5573-1308 John male
Ole Holger Petersen 0000-0002-6998-0380 male
J. Michael Brady medical image analysis researcher 0000-0003-0430-0353 108656977 John male
John Collinge Professor John Collinge CBE FMedSci FRS 0000-0003-2220-7566 John male
Donald L. J. Quicke entomologist working in Thailand 0000-0003-4471-6775 73930948 Donald male
Hanne Søndergaard Birkmose 0000-0001-5711-9502 Hanne female
Katja Schenke-Layland researcher 0000-0001-8066-5157 Katja female
Henrike Scholz German neurobiologist 0000-0001-8619-5328 306140180 Henrike female
Sophie G. Martin researcher 0000-0002-5317-2557 105959970 Sophie female
Sonja-Verena Albers researcher 0000-0003-2459-2226 Sonja female
Riitta Salmelin Finnish professor of imaging language (Department of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering, Aalto University, Espoo, Finland); academy (research) professor (Academy of Finland) 0000-0003-2499-193X 270127759 Riitta female
Eleftheria Zeggini Research group leader at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and an Honorary Professor in the Department of Health Sciences at the University of Leicester in the UK. 0000-0003-4238-659X 279485692 Eleftheria female
Nikolaj Scharff Danish arachnologist 0000-0001-6809-2878 Nikolaj male
Cristiano Lopes-Andrade Brazilian entomologist 0000-0001-9652-1369 289098785 Cristiano male 6A3F4101-8599-44D9-9210-BCD5DD8564E9
G. Espregueira Themudo researcher 0000-0002-5019-9439 Gonçalo male
Jean Mariaux Swiss parasitologist 0000-0002-9601-855X Jean male
Gunilla Ståhls Finnish entomologist 0000-0003-0505-0691 Gunilla female
Richard L. Pyle American ichthyologist 0000-0003-0768-1286 316798801 Richard male
Rodolphe Rougerie Entomologist 0000-0003-0937-2815 Rodolphe male
Angela D. Buscalioni Spanish palaeontologist. 0000-0003-1598-7963 Angela female
Tatiana Galinskaya Russian entomologist 0000-0001-6411-5382 242145910121527022260 Tatiana female
Ralf Jahn German botanist 0000-0001-6749-5544 107655222 Ralf male
Sergei Golovatch Russian zoologist 0000-0001-7159-5484 70590393 Sergei male 71532F45-BDD5-415D-BC54-86256E5D5D4A
Alison Margaret Murray ichthyologist, active in Canada 0000-0001-9648-2902 Alison female
Wilson José Eduardo Moreira da Costa Brazilian ichthyologist 0000-0002-0428-638X Wilson male 2527CC43-7419-4234-982D-AD4100E5AFAC
Pavel Stoev biologist 0000-0002-5702-5677 Pavel male 333ECF33-329C-4BC2-BD6A-8D98F6E340D4
Carles Ribera Spanish arachnologist 0000-0002-7316-1441 Carles male
Jane Melville researcher 0000-0002-9994-6423 Jane female
Ricardo Moratelli Brazilian mammalogist 0000-0003-0942-6633 Ricardo male
Avan Aihie Sayer British physician 0000-0003-1283-6457 female
Huw James Griffiths British biologist and zoologist 0000-0003-1764-223X male
Katrin Linse British zoologist 0000-0003-3477-3047 77042874 Katrin female
Rebecca Goldstein researcher 0000-0001-5195-0602 Rebecca female
Michael W. Ebeling 0000-0001-5806-8815 Michael male
Alain Dejean French entomologist 0000-0002-3561-2248 Alain male
Sabine de la Vaissière 0000-0002-6222-3002 Sabine female
Arcadi Navarro 0000-0003-2162-8246 87242634 male
Pablo Busatto Brazilian chemist 0000-0003-3741-3856 Pablo male
Álvaro Arias 0000-0002-1175-4030 Álvaro male
Christian Hartinger bioinorganic chemist known for his work in metal-based anticancer drugs 0000-0001-9806-0893 Christian male
Jane E. Parker 0000-0002-4700-6480 86120183 Jane female
Juan J. Morrone Argentinean–Mexican evolutionary biologist 0000-0001-5566-1189 9424880 Juan male
Alberto Mantovani Italian Physician 0000-0001-5578-236X 34540740
Alberto male
Frank Köhler German–Australian malacologist 0000-0001-7150-6509 42902377 Frank male 894CAF22-EF95-445C-A6A1-CF34EEF4E1DC
David G. Chapple Australian herpetologist 0000-0002-7720-6280 David male 54BE7150-E18C-4789-83DD-50A2C829E251
Hayato Tanaka researcher 0000-0003-1237-8855 85DF11C9-6ECA-42E5-B55D-FACE65C5D1D3
Mark J. Costello marine zooologist from New Zealand 0000-0003-2362-0328 242467347 Mark male
João Marcos logician 0000-0003-2601-8164 João male
David C. Rubinsztein Wellcome Trust Principal Research Fellow and Professor of Molecular Neurogenetics at the University of Cambridge 0000-0001-5002-5263 David male
Jane Grimwood microbiologist 0000-0002-8356-8325 Jane female
Keith Beven British hydrologist; Distinguished Professor Emeritus in Hydrology at Lancaster University 0000-0001-7465-3934 36978813 Keith male
Tomàs de Montagut i Estragués 0000-0002-4661-7941 9991962 male
Karl Zilles German neurologist 0000-0002-4705-4175 Karl male
Matti Keloharju Finnish professor of finance (Aalto University), academy professor i.e. research professor (Academy of Finland) 0000-0001-6093-8613 8333904 Matti male
Petri Toiviainen Finnish researcher, professor of music (University of Jyväskylä), academy professor (Academy of Finland) 0000-0001-6962-2957 Petri male
Yrjö Helariutta Professor at the University of Cambridge and research group leader at the Sainsbury Laboratory Cambridge University 0000-0002-7287-8459 male
Andrew Childs 0000-0002-9903-837X Andrew male
Marcus Clauss veterinarian 0000-0003-3841-6207 103290734 Q4642 male
Leticia González theoretical chemist 0000-0001-5112-794X 6146332809318731345 Leticia female Leticia González Herrero
Sebastian Rahtz British digital humanities researcher 0000-0001-5186-0738 76350515 Sebastian male
Lian Pin Koh ecologist; academic; champions the use of low-cost autonomous aerial vehicles for ecological research 0000-0001-8152-3871 34265791 male
Neil Burgess Professor of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience at University College London 0000-0003-0646-6584 Neil male
Lucianne Walkowicz American stellar astronomer 0000-0003-2918-8687 86365291 female
Nizar Ibrahim paleontologist 0000-0001-5839-6798 Nizar male
Małgorzata Klimek Polish mathematician, university teacher and mathematical physics 0000-0002-1029-1863 mathematical physics
applied mathematics
161188122 Małgorzata female
Sandrine Thuret neural stem cell researcher 0000-0003-1260-8083 Sandrine female
Xosé Manuel Souto González 0000-0003-1480-327X 60758324 male
Ben Ambridge psychologist; author 0000-0003-2389-8477 Ben male
Genevieve von Petzinger paleoanthropologist and rock art researcher 0000-0003-2442-3975 Genevieve female
Peter Somogyi neurosceintist of Hungarian origin 0000-0001-7650-684X Peter male
Ruth Chiquet-Ehrismann Swiss biochemist and cell biologist working on interactions in the extracellular matrix 0000-0001-8267-2449 Ruth female
Peter D. Karp American Computational Biologist 0000-0002-5876-6418 EcoCyc
BioCyc database collection
Peter male
Francisco Varo Pineda 0000-0003-4347-0662 12635813
Francisco male
Srikanth Iyengar Indian mathematician 0000-0001-7597-7068 166877660 male
Karen Holford Welsh professor 0000-0002-3239-4660 23971919 Karen female
Natalia Restrepo-Escobar ichthyologist 0000-0002-9430-4683 Natalia female
Maria Fitzgerald Professor of Neuroscience at University College London 0000-0003-4188-0123 neuroscience
Maria female
Polina Bayvel Professor of Optical Communications at University College London 0000-0003-4880-3366 optical communication
nonlinear optics
200593670 female
Katharine Venable Cashman Professor of Volcanology at the University of Bristol 0000-0001-9312-8377 65374719 female
Ramanujan Shankar Hegde Group Leader, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, University of Cambridge 0000-0001-8338-852X biochemistry
protein targeting
88425460 male
Richard N. Henson neuroimaging researcher 0000-0002-0712-2639 Richard male
Tal Yarkoni psychoinformatician 0000-0002-6558-5113 Neurosynth male
Sammy De Grave British carcinologist 0000-0002-2437-2445 167616530 Sammy male 2EB1CBFA-2B2B-4740-A177-B9D5290ECE01
Neil A. R. Gow Professor of Microbiology in the Institute of Medical Sciences at the University of Aberdeen 0000-0002-2776-5850 microbiology
cell biology
61644025 Neil male
Anatoly Zayats British physicist 0000-0003-0566-4087 photonics
165442221 Anatoly male
Mercè Lorente i Casafont professor and philologist 0000-0001-9972-345X 56705884 Mercè female
Oriol Mitjà Villar researcher 0000-0002-6469-529X male Oriol Mitja
Javier Perez-Capdevila Distinguished Cuban Scientist 0000-0002-7159-3072 Javier male
Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit virologist 0000-0003-4433-0231 male
Mark E. Bastin researcher 0000-0002-0490-0845 Mark male
Miquel Àngel Serra 0000-0002-8969-0110 6144647638075036998 male
Konstantinos Stampoulis 0000-0002-4669-9668 male Konstantinos Stampoulis
Susanne von Caemmerer Biologist 0000-0002-8366-2071 71567675 female
Clare Palmer US-based philosopher, theologian and scholar of environmental- and religious studies 0000-0001-9098-5330 49401417 female
Rahul Guhathakurta Indian person 0000-0002-6400-6423 3831148947811654950005 male
Elisabeth Isaksson Swedish glaciologist and geologist 0000-0002-7710-6773 210279588 Elisabeth female
Luca Martinelli Italian wikipedian and journalist 0000-0001-7188-3427 Luca male Luca Martinelli
Klaus Kähler Holst researcher 0000-0002-1364-6789 biostatistics Center for Integrated Molecular Brain Imaging Klaus male
Janet Kelso bioinformatician 0000-0002-3618-322X female
Ola Spjuth Swedish chemist 0000-0002-8083-2864 male
Misha Teplitskiy researcher 0000-0002-2839-7228 Harvard University Misha male
Marguerite Evans-Galea Australian geneticist 0000-0003-1867-9667 Marguerite female
Xosé Afonso Álvarez Pérez 0000-0002-4576-5571 male
Andrew Dunning medieval historian 0000-0003-0464-5036 198147118350426342804 Andrew male
Adam Arvidsson researcher 0000-0003-0990-8579 Adam male
Peter Ertl researcher 0000-0001-6496-4448 Peter male
Jordan Randall Smith Conductor in Baltimore, Maryland 0000-0003-3255-3497 Jordan male Jordan Randall Smith
Thomas Bolander 0000-0003-1551-1703 Algorithms, Logic and Graphs section Thomas male
Philip J Wiffen researcher 0000-0001-6085-1307 Philip male
Lelia Duley researcher 0000-0001-6721-5178 female
Carolyn Doree researcher 0000-0001-6955-7497 female
Gareth L. Maslen researcher 0000-0001-7318-3678 Gareth male
Aileen Clarke researcher 0000-0001-8299-3146 female
Catey Bunce researcher 0000-0002-0935-3713 Catey female
Giuseppe Zanotti researcher 0000-0002-0945-6501 male
Michael Sattler researcher 0000-0002-1594-0527 male
Thorsten Rissom physicist 0000-0002-2159-8510 male
Sarah Auburn geneticist and epidemiologist 0000-0002-4638-536X female
Lars Eijssen Researcher at Maastricht University 0000-0002-6473-2839 Department of Bioinformatics - BiGCaT Lars male
Barbara Casadei British Heart Foundation Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at the University of Oxford, based in the Radcliffe Department of Medicine 0000-0002-6801-1617 416145910123227022274 female
Annegret Dahlmann-Noor researcher 0000-0002-7402-4350 female
Udo Heinemann researcher 0000-0002-8191-3850 male
Yon Rojanasakul researcher 0000-0002-8839-6462 male
Matthew Berriman researcher 0000-0002-9581-0377 Matthew male
Lee Harland British scientist/entrepeneur 0000-0003-0461-0028 302187393 Lee male
Zbys Fedorowicz physician 0000-0003-3952-965X male
Nicole Skoetz oncologist 0000-0003-4744-6192 female
Annabelle Varrot researcher 0000-0001-6667-8162 female
Thomas Jaenisch researcher 0000-0001-8252-7444 male
Emad Tajkhorshid researcher 0000-0001-8434-1010 male
Morten Warncke-Wang Norwegian computer scientist 0000-0002-0621-4048 GroupLens Research
Wikimedia Research
Morten male
Andrés Moya biologist 0000-0002-2867-1119 male
Christopher Southan Swedish scientist 0000-0001-9580-0446 male
Edward C. Holmes Professor of Biology and Medicine at the University of Sydney 0000-0001-9596-3552 184898 male
Michel Dumontier scientist working at Maastricht University 0000-0003-4727-9435 Maastricht University
Carleton University
Carlos López-Otín researcher 0000-0001-6964-1904 male
Harlan M. Krumholz researcher 0000-0003-2046-127X male
Gerald Gartlehner researcher 0000-0001-5531-3678 male
Azeem Majeed researcher 0000-0002-2357-9858
Vincent Plagnol researcher 0000-0002-5597-9215 male
Paola Turano researcher 0000-0002-7683-8614 female
Amparo Latorre researcher 0000-0002-9146-7284 male
Olivier Hermine researcher 0000-0003-2574-3874 male
Vsevolod Katritch researcher 0000-0003-3883-4505 male
Herwig Schüler researcher 0000-0003-4059-3501 Herwig male
Howard Riezman researcher 0000-0003-4680-9422 male
Simon Trowitzsch researcher 0000-0001-9143-766X male
Alexandre Gramfort French researcher 0000-0001-9791-4404 Alexandre male
Paul Flicek researcher 0000-0002-3897-7955 male
Vittorio Krogh researcher 0000-0003-0122-8624 male
Gianluca Molla researcher 0000-0003-3688-3397 male
Ken Sexton researcher 0000-0003-4335-1890 Ken male
Vera Kalscheuer researcher 0000-0001-6898-3259 female
Trevor Lithgow researcher 0000-0002-0102-7884 male
Rasmus Troelsgård researcher 0000-0002-4115-4140 Cognitive Systems Rasmus male
Ozren Polasek researcher 0000-0002-5765-1862 male
Caroline Hayward geneticist in Edinburgh 0000-0002-9405-9550 female
Bostjan Kobe researcher 0000-0001-9413-9166 male
A. V. Boiko scientist working on experimental and computational fluid mechanics. 0000-0002-0306-1816 male Andrey Vladislavovich Boiko
Pekka Kohonen Finnish scientist 0000-0002-7845-3611 male
Elke Glasmacher researcher 0000-0003-1265-2543 female
Iseult Lynch scientist working in Birmingham 0000-0003-4250-4584 University of Birmingham female
Anwesha Bohler Indian scientist working in The Netherlands 0000-0001-7073-5852 Department of Bioinformatics - BiGCaT female
Tue Herlau researcher 0000-0001-7288-6953 Cognitive Systems male
Trevor Bedford virologist 0000-0002-4039-5794 male
Tomas Marques-Bonet researcher 0000-0002-5597-3075 male
Ludovic Orlando biologist at Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen 0000-0003-3936-1850 Centre for Geogenetics 66751689 Ludovic male
Robert Oostenveld researcher 0000-0002-1974-1293 Karolinska Institutet Robert male
Daouda Ndiaye researcher 0000-0002-2211-7686 male
Fabiola Moretti researcher 0000-0002-2691-1254 female
Dieter Kressler researcher 0000-0003-4855-3563 male
Colin Batchelor researcher 0000-0001-5985-7429 male
Jessica Polka researcher 0000-0001-6610-9293 female
Gavin Broad researcher 0000-0001-7223-5333 male
Oded Kariti American scientist, researcher, scholar and author of academic publications 0000-0001-7489-7015 electrical engineering Oded male
Carly Strasser researcher 0000-0001-9592-2339 female
Spencer E Bliven researcher 0000-0002-1200-1698 male
Iddo Friedberg researcher 0000-0002-1789-8000 male
Alastair Canaway 0000-0002-4270-6808 male
Eugene Kulesha researcher 0000-0002-4285-6232 male
Florian Raible researcher 0000-0002-4515-6485 male
Filip Ivanović Philosopher, Hellenist and Byzantinist 0000-0002-6590-2676 Byzantine philosophy
Ancient Greek philosophy
medieval philosophy
67639752 Filip male
Magali Ruffier researcher 0000-0002-8386-1580 female
Barbara Trask researcher 0000-0003-3062-6154 female
Erica Sodergren researcher 0000-0003-4843-0483 female
William S. Noble Professor of Genome Sciences, University of Washington 0000-0001-7283-4715 William male
Silvia Carrascal Domínguez 0000-0002-4950-669X 185147266659135480911 Silvia female Silvia Carrascal Domínguez
Mads Nielsen 0000-0003-1535-068X UCPH Department of Computer Science Mads male
Andrea Califano Clyde and Helen Wu Professor of Chemical Systems Biology Chair, Department of Systems Biology Director, JP Sulzberger Columbia Genome Center Associate Director, Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center 0000-0003-4742-3679 male
Cecilia Engel Thomas bioinformatician 0000-0001-6201-6380 Cecilia female
Markus Ankenbrand researcher 0000-0002-6620-807X male
Jens Meiler German biochemist 0000-0001-8945-193X 23051474 Jens male
Francisco Javier López Pellicer 0000-0001-6491-7430 Francisco Javier male
Elvira Mayordomo Cámara 0000-0002-9109-5337 355145601912101320400 Elvira female
Dmytro Oltarzhevskyi 0000-0002-9816-303X male
M Taher A Saif professor of Mechanical Science and Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 0000-0003-2152-5116 male
Kim da Costa Carneiro researcher 0000-0002-0621-5788 Kim male
Isidro F. Aguillo Spanish scientist 0000-0001-8927-4873 304760732 male
Eline D. Lorenzen researcher 0000-0002-6353-2819 Eline female
Norman Meuschke Researcher in Computer and Information Science 0000-0003-4648-8198 male
Rod Smallwood medical engineer 0000-0003-0134-0632 65405316 male
David Webb clinical pharmacologist 0000-0003-0755-1756 David male
Jane Harding neonatologist 0000-0003-2697-1422 Jane female
Corwin Sullivan researcher 0000-0002-5488-6797
Leo-Pekka Lyytikäinen researcher 0000-0002-7200-5455 male
Christa Meisinger researcher 0000-0002-9026-6544 female
Olli-Pekka Kallioniemi Finnish professor of molecular medicine (Karoliska Institutet) and director of SciLifeLab (Sweden); academy professor (Academy of Finland) 0000-0002-3231-0332 3713079 male
Kimmo Alho Finnish professor of psychology (University of Helsinki) 0000-0001-8563-2792 55561832 Kimmo male
Torben Sigsgaard researcher 0000-0002-2043-7571 Torben male
Alison Noble Technikos Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Oxford 0000-0002-3060-3772 female
Oliver Kohlbacher researcher 0000-0003-1739-4598 male
Ryan Miller researcher 0000-0003-3477-7443 Department of Bioinformatics - BiGCaT male
Gane Ka-Shu Wong researcher 0000-0001-6108-5560 male
George Kirov researcher 0000-0002-3427-3950 male
Jennifer Thomas British physicist and professor at University College London 0000-0002-4291-0294 female
Evica Rajcan-Separovic researcher 0000-0002-4528-7135 female
Laurent Excoffier researcher 0000-0002-7507-6494 male
Eva Ramirez-Llodra researcher 0000-0003-0137-1906 female
Shehre-Banoo Malik researcher 0000-0003-0833-0648
Pier Alberto Bertazzi researcher 0000-0003-3475-2449 257124016 male
Anna Samoilenko researcher 0000-0001-5434-5141 Oxford Internet Institute
GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences
Felix Castellano 0000-0001-7546-8618
Daniel Liu 0000-0001-7741-1893
Arne Van Hoeck Belgian scientist 0000-0001-7883-832X male
James Durrant Professor at Imperial College London 0000-0001-8353-7345 male
Primitiva Bueno Ramírez 0000-0001-8958-8928 53580090 female
Steffen Borrmann researcher 0000-0001-9189-4393 male
Volker Tresp researcher 0000-0001-9428-3686 Siemens
Technical University of Munich
Volker male
Johannes Söding researcher 0000-0001-9642-8244 male
Sarven Capadisli Semantic Web researcher 0000-0002-0880-9125 Web science
Semantic Web
information science
human–computer interaction
linked data
David Conway 0000-0002-2752-2752 178403831
Sandra Citi researcher 0000-0002-6537-4818 female
Birte Höcker researcher 0000-0002-8250-9462 female
Vasily Ogryzko researcher 0000-0002-8548-1389 male
Ruben Verborgh Semantic Web researcher 0000-0002-8596-222X Semantic Web Ruben male
Wim Van den Ende researcher 0000-0003-1137-3614 male
Yvonne Pannekoek researcher 0000-0003-1154-652X female
Elia Stupka researcher 0000-0003-3154-4011 female
Houtan Noushmehr researcher 0000-0003-4051-8114
Lawrence Mugisha researcher 0000-0003-4932-3356
Kenneth H. Wolfe Geneticist and Professor of Genomic Evolution at University College Dublin 0000-0003-4992-4979 Kenneth male
Francesca Lepri researcher 0000-0001-5331-0473 female
Teresa Carlomagno researcher 0000-0002-2437-2760 female
Valeria De Antonellis Italian professor of computer science and engineering 0000-0002-3634-0213 77733355 female
Brandy G. Robinson Author, Professor, TEDx Speaker, and former UN Delegate for a NGO 0000-0002-5826-1495 female
Pertti Hakonen Finnish professor of low temperature physics and director of Low Temperature Laboratory (Aalto University, Espoo, Finland) 0000-0002-8247-4108 male
Pilar Galan researcher 0000-0003-1706-3107
Petar Ristoski Semantic Web researcher 0000-0002-1890-1507 Semantic Web
data mining
Petar male
Jaakko Kangasjärvi Finnish professor of plant biology (University of Helsinki) 0000-0002-8959-1809 38803821 Jaakko male
Debra R. Rolison physical chemist at the United States' Naval Research Laboratory 0000-0003-0493-9931 Debra female
Bob L. Sturm researcher 0000-0003-2549-6367 Aalborg University Copenhagen Bob male
Vicky A. Cameron 0000-0003-3147-683X 751146936677313781560 female
Kristoffer Forslund researcher 0000-0003-4285-6993 male
Taneli Raivio researcher 0000-0001-5385-434X
Zoltan Szallasi researcher 0000-0001-5395-7509 male
Terrence S. Furey researcher 0000-0001-5546-9672 male
Yochan Joung South Korean microbiologist 0000-0001-6196-0820 male
Timo Hinrichs researcher 0000-0001-6200-307X
Paolo Bianchini researcher 0000-0001-6457-751X female
Severino G Salmo researcher 0000-0001-6807-4397
Christoph Bleidorn researcher 0000-0001-7295-6616 male
Damien D Hinsinger researcher 0000-0001-7459-7610 male
Tina Shah researcher 0000-0001-7724-7210 female
Oliver Schraidt researcher 0000-0001-8114-3713 male
Irene Pichler researcher 0000-0001-8251-0757 female
Francesca Luca researcher 0000-0001-8252-9052 female
Moritz Ammelburg researcher 0000-0001-8282-6487 male
Stephen M Hewitt researcher 0000-0001-8283-1788 male
Anne M Bowcock researcher 0000-0001-8691-9090 female
Carlos Rodriguez-Penagos researcher 0000-0001-8744-0380 male
Cesare Usai researcher 0000-0001-8863-7759 male
Barbara E Stranger researcher 0000-0001-9021-7331 female
Pascal Brouillard researcher 0000-0001-9548-8229
Muthukrishnan Eaaswarkhanth researcher 0000-0001-9631-8555
Mareike Albert researcher 0000-0001-9855-9344 female
Wenhan Yu researcher 0000-0002-0125-4358
Cene Gostinčar researcher 0000-0002-0149-3674
Jenna M Currier researcher 0000-0002-0513-9592 Jenna female
Lars Kraemer researcher 0000-0002-0586-8357 male
Susan E Evans researcher 0000-0002-0799-4154 female
Anastasia A Lunina researcher 0000-0002-1105-8027
Andrea Novelletto researcher 0000-0002-1146-7680
Sissades Tongsima researcher 0000-0002-1491-1839
Livio Luongo researcher 0000-0002-1949-2039 male
Delphine M Lees researcher 0000-0002-2119-3978
Ivan A Paponov researcher 0000-0002-2138-0722 male
Charles R Haddad researcher 0000-0002-2317-7760 male
Edgar A Otto researcher 0000-0002-2387-9973 male
Roger Tatoud researcher 0000-0002-2394-6435 male
Cesar Victora researcher 0000-0002-2465-2180
Sergi Civit researcher 0000-0002-2511-4579 male
Ajai Vyas researcher 0000-0002-2592-6796
Patricio Artigas researcher 0000-0002-2815-1324 male
Ferric C Fang researcher 0000-0002-3243-110X
Kevin McKernan researcher 0000-0002-3908-1122 male
Martin Hersberger researcher 0000-0002-4472-329X male
Nicolas Ray researcher 0000-0002-4696-5313 male
Suzanne J Hand researcher 0000-0002-4940-3391 female
David Comas researcher 0000-0002-5075-0956 male
Daniel F Gudbjartsson researcher 0000-0002-5222-9857 male
Robert Feil researcher 0000-0002-5671-5860 male
Sonja Scholz researcher 0000-0002-6623-0429 female
Igor V Tetko researcher 0000-0002-6855-0012 male
Massimiliano Pagani researcher 0000-0002-7017-9304 male
Nicholas J Timpson researcher 0000-0002-7141-9189 male
Lars Berglund researcher 0000-0002-7437-9047 male
Andrea Napolitano researcher 0000-0002-7509-1555
Dominique Van Der Straeten researcher 0000-0002-7755-1420
Alga Zuccaro researcher 0000-0002-8026-0114 female
Albert Mihranyan researcher 0000-0002-8105-2317
Myles Brown researcher 0000-0002-8213-1658
Gregor Langen researcher 0000-0002-8321-1756 male
Andreas Schuldt researcher 0000-0002-8761-0025
Martine Migaud researcher 0000-0002-9496-0517 female
Giuseppe Opocher researcher 0000-0002-9845-9623 male
Philip Francis Thomsen researcher 0000-0002-9867-4366 male
Michael Gill researcher 0000-0003-0206-5337 male
Ignasi Roig researcher 0000-0003-0313-3581 male
Jari Haukka researcher 0000-0003-1450-6208 male
Antonio Souto researcher 0000-0003-1692-1958 male
William E Banks researcher 0000-0003-1835-6315 William male
Timo Partonen researcher 0000-0003-1951-2455 male
Marco Galardini researcher 0000-0003-2018-8242 male
Bruce Russell researcher 0000-0003-2333-4348 male
Aoife McLysaght Professor of Genetics at Trinity College Dublin 0000-0003-2552-6220 female
Brian A Counterman researcher 0000-0003-2724-071X male
Chelsea J Little researcher 0000-0003-2803-7465
Caterina Mammina researcher 0000-0003-2881-8018 female
Jan Strugnell researcher 0000-0003-2994-637X male
Rachel A Drysdale researcher 0000-0003-3037-0216 female
Ian Bruce researcher 0000-0003-3047-500X male
Stefano Colella researcher 0000-0003-3139-6055 male
Gabriela Flávia Rodrigues-Luiz researcher 0000-0003-3838-1008 female
Barbara Franke researcher 0000-0003-4375-6572 female
Florian Leitner researcher 0000-0003-4458-504X male
Patrick Varilly researcher 0000-0003-4619-8174 male
Michael C O'Donovan researcher 0000-0001-7073-2379 male
Eric Sijbrands researcher 0000-0001-8857-7389 male
Vladimir Nekrasov researcher 0000-0001-9386-1683 male
Melanie Boly researcher 0000-0001-9584-0907 female
Fernando Z Vaz-de-Mello researcher 0000-0001-9697-320X
Maria João Prata researcher 0000-0002-0583-1028 female
Patricia Maciel researcher 0000-0002-0920-6350 female
Peter J Schüffler researcher 0000-0002-1353-8921 male
Waleed Abu Al-Soud researcher 0000-0002-1488-4826
Roman Klinger researcher 0000-0002-2014-6619
Davide Viggiano researcher 0000-0002-2425-6057 male
Ana Goios researcher 0000-0002-3297-8420 female
Henning Seedorf researcher 0000-0002-5763-0236 male
Petra Kraus researcher 0000-0002-6716-5550 female
Davina Allen researcher 0000-0002-6729-7502
Karsten Melcher researcher 0000-0002-9125-4027 male
Nestor Fernandez 0000-0003-1071-5547
Kari Kuulasmaa researcher 0000-0003-2165-1411
Tullia I Terraneo researcher 0000-0003-2806-4471
Felicity Payne researcher 0000-0003-4228-581X
Tetsuo Kobayashi researcher 0000-0002-4008-454X Tetsuo
Vincent Cantagrel researcher 0000-0002-5180-4848 male
Kenji Matsuura researcher 0000-0002-9099-6694
Diego Gutiérrez Pérez 0000-0002-7503-7022 Diego male
Noel Southall researcher 0000-0003-4500-880X
Carlo Perricone researcher 0000-0003-4771-6981 male
Heikki Kainulainen researcher 0000-0001-5102-4350
Charles E de Bock researcher 0000-0001-5182-8535
Ji-Song Guan researcher 0000-0001-5219-0289
Marian A Ramos researcher 0000-0001-5224-5665 male
Alexander Egner researcher 0000-0001-5248-3858 male
Nicola Robinson researcher 0000-0001-5256-4527
Arumugam Madhumalar researcher 0000-0001-5314-7194
Emily K Don researcher 0000-0001-5371-0135 female
Siavash Mirarab researcher 0000-0001-5410-1518
Robert D Hancock researcher 0000-0001-5465-3814 male
Alison A McBride researcher 0000-0001-5607-5157
Pere-Joan Cardona researcher 0000-0001-5623-7873 male
Steven M Smith researcher 0000-0001-5661-9994 male
Christine Morrow researcher 0000-0001-5686-8747 female
Jérôme Gouzy 0000-0001-5695-4557 male
Balázs Enyedi researcher 0000-0001-5713-3785
Minhajuddin Sirajuddin researcher 0000-0001-5742-2130
Hans H. Dürr researcher 0000-0001-5787-3994 male
Sungsam Gong researcher 0000-0001-5796-4423
Alberto Acerbi researcher 0000-0001-5827-8003 male
Michael K Lee researcher 0000-0001-5865-9682 male
Benjamin Lang researcher 0000-0001-6358-8380 male
Peter Swoboda researcher 0000-0001-6416-8572 male
Dagmar Galter researcher 0000-0001-6485-6244 female
Lazaro Lorenzo researcher 0000-0001-6648-8684 male
Alison Dunning researcher 0000-0001-6651-7166
Davide Mei researcher 0000-0001-6790-6251 male
Philip J Schluter researcher 0000-0001-6799-6779 male
Thomas G Dahlgren researcher 0000-0001-6854-2031 male
Guojie Zhang researcher 0000-0001-6860-1521
Kristen Holbrook researcher 0000-0001-6923-3580 female
David H McDermott researcher 0000-0001-6978-0867 male
Eric Vivier researcher 0000-0001-7022-8287 male
Norman E Sharpless researcher 0000-0001-7078-9455 male
Peter S Hill researcher 0000-0001-7091-5108
Tobias Moser researcher 0000-0001-7145-0533 male
Christopher J Creevey researcher 0000-0001-7183-1555 male
Florian Maumus researcher 0000-0001-7325-0527 male
Robin van der Lee researcher 0000-0001-7391-9438
Glenn Randall researcher 0000-0001-7417-3615 male
Irmgard Tegeder researcher 0000-0001-7524-8025 female
Rafael Villafuerte researcher 0000-0001-7582-4299 male
Ludmila Osipova researcher 0000-0001-7602-1156 female
Yann Surget-Groba researcher 0000-0001-7612-4892 male
Martin S Taylor researcher 0000-0001-7656-330X male
Heather Richardson researcher 0000-0001-7659-1212 female
Andreas Heger researcher 0000-0001-7720-0447 male
David J Waxman researcher 0000-0001-7982-9206 male
Steven P Wilder researcher 0000-0001-8049-2559 male
James Gilbert researcher 0000-0001-8079-3159 male
Pei-Jen Lee Shaner researcher 0000-0001-8112-4299
Stanislav S Zakharenko researcher 0000-0001-8115-202X male
Haofu Hu researcher 0000-0001-8145-3009
Grigori N Enikolopov researcher 0000-0001-8178-8917 male
William E Browne researcher 0000-0001-8200-6489 William male
Alison Cameron researcher 0000-0001-8236-7954
Oliver Richters researcher 0000-0001-8253-4716
Bart A Pannebakker researcher 0000-0001-8503-3896 male
Jeffrey J Coleman researcher 0000-0001-8579-1996 male
Francesco Cali researcher 0000-0001-8667-8223 male
Kevin M Esvelt researcher 0000-0001-8797-3945 male
Zuogang Peng researcher 0000-0001-8810-2025
Carlos Torroja researcher 0000-0001-8914-3400 male
Michael J Jowers researcher 0000-0001-8935-5913
David E. Graham researcher 0000-0001-8968-7344 male
Nigel Metcalfe researcher 0000-0001-9034-4402
Sean D McGrath researcher 0000-0001-9064-8449
Aristidis Moustakas researcher 0000-0001-9131-3827 male
Martin Bøgsted researcher 0000-0001-9192-1814 male
Lutz Walter researcher 0000-0001-9408-3131 male
Celine Teplitsky researcher 0000-0001-9458-709X
Radu Iovita researcher 0000-0001-9531-1159
Torsten Schaller researcher 0000-0001-9597-4112
Jeffrey Drazen researcher 0000-0001-9613-3833
Mihai Pop researcher 0000-0001-9617-5304 male
Kristy Deiner researcher 0000-0001-9755-3223
Miguel Carneiro researcher 0000-0001-9882-7775 male
Zoe Brady researcher 0000-0001-9991-757X
Malcolm K Jones researcher 0000-0002-0035-6141 male
Javier Quilez researcher 0000-0002-0108-2672 male
Sacha B Nelson researcher 0000-0002-0108-8599
Martin Kuhlwilm researcher 0000-0002-0115-1797 male
Lars Muckli researcher 0000-0002-0143-4324 male
Christof Neumann researcher 0000-0002-0236-1219 male
Jafri M Abdullah researcher 0000-0002-0258-7410
Thien-Phong Vu Manh researcher 0000-0002-0294-342X
Alexander A Khaustov researcher 0000-0002-0306-112X
David C Duffy researcher 0000-0002-0498-9632 male
Barbara Kline Pope researcher 0000-0002-0575-3605
Scarla J Weeks researcher 0000-0002-0579-7069 female
Scott A Givan researcher 0000-0002-0630-8589 male
Mark Taggart researcher 0000-0002-0649-8490 male
Siying Ye researcher 0000-0002-0882-1642
Dirk J Groenendijk researcher 0000-0002-0967-1375 male
Mauricio Linares researcher 0000-0002-1021-0226 male
Markus Landthaler researcher 0000-0002-1075-8734 male
John A Whitlock researcher 0000-0002-1118-2925 John male
A. M. Zagoskin researcher 0000-0002-1189-5116
Leonard H Rome researcher 0000-0002-1236-2063 male
David Stuckler researcher 0000-0002-1288-8401 male
Lewis C Cantley researcher 0000-0002-1298-7653 male
Ankush Sharma researcher 0000-0002-1399-7503
Fabio Marroni researcher 0000-0002-1556-5907 male
Peter Timms researcher 0000-0002-1682-0025
Geraldine Butler researcher 0000-0002-1770-5301 female
Angelo F Bernardino researcher 0000-0002-1838-4597 male
Ann M Tarrant researcher 0000-0002-1909-7899 female
Jamal Tazi researcher 0000-0002-1949-8748
Joachim C Burbiel researcher 0000-0002-2005-7093
Michael Maes researcher 0000-0002-2012-871X male
Isheng J Tsai researcher 0000-0002-2123-5058
Daniel Lang researcher 0000-0002-2166-0716 male
Shitij Kapur researcher 0000-0002-2231-2924
Bruce D Patterson researcher 0000-0002-2249-7260 male
Adriano R Tonelli researcher 0000-0002-2321-9545
Antonio Salas researcher 0000-0002-2336-702X male
Matthew D MacManes researcher 0000-0002-2368-6960 male
Nuno Ferrand researcher 0000-0002-2408-4195
Bianca Habermann researcher 0000-0002-2457-7504 female
Michael Siegel researcher 0000-0002-2573-9616 male
Emily J Rayfield researcher 0000-0002-2618-750X female
Kathryn J Jeffery researcher 0000-0002-2632-0008 female
Tanja N Hartmann researcher 0000-0002-2633-7301 female
Andreas Dahl researcher 0000-0002-2668-8371 male
Bodo D Wilts researcher 0000-0002-2727-7128 male
Joanna Cobb researcher 0000-0002-2760-3114 female
Jarosław Bryk researcher 0000-0002-2791-9709 male
Reuven Agami researcher 0000-0002-2848-2473 male
Gary Lewin researcher 0000-0002-2890-6352 male
Scott A Gerber researcher 0000-0002-2964-5051 male
Christian C Abnet researcher 0000-0002-3008-7843 male
Alejandro Lucia researcher 0000-0002-3025-2060
Edward Buckler researcher 0000-0002-3100-371X
Richard G Hunter researcher 0000-0002-3130-0941 male
Jean Hausser researcher 0000-0002-3321-7199
Richard E Glor researcher 0000-0002-3359-1631 male
Mazen J Hamadeh researcher 0000-0002-3511-4345
Oleg Simakov researcher 0000-0002-3585-4511 male
Javier Torréns researcher 0000-0002-3608-132X
Kasper Hoebe researcher 0000-0002-3626-8098 male
Cheong Xin Chan researcher 0000-0002-3729-8176
Ian M Campbell researcher 0000-0002-3749-2884 male
Alistair C Darby researcher 0000-0002-3786-6209 male
Ilias Cholis researcher 0000-0002-3805-6478
Ghazi O Tadmouri researcher 0000-0002-3895-5609
Livia S Carvalho researcher 0000-0002-3909-5778 female
Ruy M Ribeiro researcher 0000-0002-3988-8241
Michael C Schatz researcher 0000-0002-4118-4446 male
Adriana Vallesi researcher 0000-0002-4127-090X female
Pankaj Agarwal researcher 0000-0002-4165-9990
Janine A Higgins researcher 0000-0002-4273-194X
Martin Lohr researcher 0000-0002-4335-9887 male
Markus Hafner researcher 0000-0002-4336-6518 male
Buck S Samuel researcher 0000-0002-4347-3997
Giuseppe Palmieri researcher 0000-0002-4350-2276 male
Yu-Chieh Liao researcher 0000-0002-4360-7932
Ramy K Aziz researcher 0000-0002-4448-7100
Michael M. Hoffman researcher 0000-0002-4517-1562 male
Daniel Globisch researcher 0000-0002-4526-5788 male
Thomas Euler researcher 0000-0002-4567-6966 male
James W Tsung researcher 0000-0002-4718-8325 male
Rex R Malmstrom researcher 0000-0002-4758-7369 male
Changbong Hyeon researcher 0000-0002-4844-7237
David J. Currie researcher 0000-0002-4906-2363 male
Menno Poot researcher 0000-0002-5047-8497
Daniel Goldreich researcher 0000-0002-5104-2185 male
Vladimir Potemkin researcher 0000-0002-5244-8718 male
Steven Phillips researcher 0000-0002-5694-0670 male
James D Brenton researcher 0000-0002-5738-6683 male
Rustam I Aminov researcher 0000-0002-5811-8322 male
Sergi Castellano researcher 0000-0002-5819-4210 male
Antonio Rosas researcher 0000-0002-5829-9952 male
Maru Mormina researcher 0000-0002-5836-8989
Anton J Enright researcher 0000-0002-6090-3100 male
Daniel A Wagenaar researcher 0000-0002-6222-761X male
Margherita Cirillo Silengo researcher 0000-0002-6255-1532 female
Bonnie Bartel researcher 0000-0002-6367-346X
Marcus Leinweber researcher 0000-0002-6583-7739 male
Aaron M Neiman researcher 0000-0002-6600-6996 male
Hyun-Young Park researcher 0000-0002-6698-7368
Winfried Barchet researcher 0000-0002-6745-6606 male
Bank Beszteri researcher 0000-0002-6852-1588
Andrew M Kropinski researcher 0000-0002-6871-6799 male
Carlton A Evans researcher 0000-0002-6873-5447
Paul J Kersey researcher 0000-0002-7054-800X male
Lynette A Hart researcher 0000-0002-7133-6535 female
Michael Thon researcher 0000-0002-7225-7003 male
Rui Gardner researcher 0000-0002-7270-5136
Oliver Kurzai researcher 0000-0002-7277-2646 male
Laurence Livermore researcher 0000-0002-7341-1842
Raquel Mendes researcher 0000-0002-7375-0369 female
Noemi Procopio researcher 0000-0002-7461-7586 female
Kevin B Read researcher 0000-0002-7511-9036 male
Kevin R Coombes researcher 0000-0002-7630-2123 male
Jean-Laurent Casanova researcher 0000-0002-7782-4169 166539589 Jean male
Jacob E Corn researcher 0000-0002-7798-5309 male
Richard O'Kearney researcher 0000-0002-7839-7920 male
Embong Zunaina researcher 0000-0002-7901-6069
Michael S. Milgram researcher 0000-0002-7987-0820
Lucas D Ward researcher 0000-0002-8017-809X male
Ashril Yusof researcher 0000-0002-8117-6440
Robert J Nibbs researcher 0000-0002-8150-0044 male
Bradly G Wouters researcher 0000-0002-8187-592X
Rui Figueira researcher 0000-0002-8351-4028
Bruce E Strober researcher 0000-0002-8394-2057 male
Weiguo Fang researcher 0000-0002-8431-8256
Sébastien Pfeffer researcher 0000-0002-8458-348X male
Maris Laan researcher 0000-0002-8519-243X
Christian Gytz Ammitzbøll researcher 0000-0002-8535-1613 male
Jungmin Lee researcher 0000-0002-8660-9444
Gavin C Conant researcher 0000-0002-8677-4933 male
Ritu Jaiswal researcher 0000-0002-8691-1352
Simone Carradori researcher 0000-0002-8698-9440
Phillip C Wright researcher 0000-0002-8834-0426 male
Heiko U Wittmer researcher 0000-0002-8861-188X
Ronel Pienaar researcher 0000-0002-9096-0237
Sandra Heras researcher 0000-0002-9142-8760
Adam Kuspa researcher 0000-0002-9156-149X male
Maurice R Elphick researcher 0000-0002-9169-0048 male
Matteo Ferro researcher 0000-0002-9250-7858
Camrin D Braun researcher 0000-0002-9317-9489
Kathryn E Fitzsimmons researcher 0000-0002-9337-0793
Philipp Schindler researcher 0000-0002-9461-9650
Brona Brejova researcher 0000-0002-9483-1766 female
Boris N Kholodenko researcher 0000-0002-9483-4975 male
Zoltán Botta-Dukát researcher 0000-0002-9544-3474 male
Toemme Noesselt researcher 0000-0002-9611-9713
Hao Wang researcher 0000-0002-9634-8778
Christof Holliger researcher 0000-0002-9645-3834 male
Dhirendra K Simanshu researcher 0000-0002-9717-4618
Bart Devreese researcher 0000-0002-9764-2581 male
Carlos A Navas researcher 0000-0002-9859-0568 male
Jose A Blanco-Aguiar researcher 0000-0003-0041-1996 male
Ben F Koop researcher 0000-0003-0045-5200 male
Domenico Formica researcher 0000-0003-0240-1265 male
Bo Wen researcher 0000-0003-0394-7366
Shivam Shrotriya researcher 0000-0003-0420-5815
Rui M Costa researcher 0000-0003-0495-8374
Georgi Radoslavov researcher 0000-0003-0550-3291
Romain A Studer researcher 0000-0003-0687-9848 male
Franco Muggia researcher 0000-0003-0703-9146
Shahlo Turdikulova researcher 0000-0003-0764-2332
Michiel van der Vaart researcher 0000-0003-0828-7088 male
Michael J Barnes researcher 0000-0003-0846-3352 male
James C Stroud researcher 0000-0003-0850-4812 male
Miguel Torres researcher 0000-0003-0906-4767 male
Ricardo Guerrero researcher 0000-0003-0925-9476 male
Neeraja M Krishnan researcher 0000-0003-0982-4367
Alex Bortvin researcher 0000-0003-0987-1905
Anthony Herrel researcher 0000-0003-0991-4434 male
Jonathan Mill researcher 0000-0003-1115-3224 male
Andrey Ptitsyn researcher 0000-0003-1196-8757
Andrew J Gall researcher 0000-0003-1258-0658 male
Alistair J P Brown researcher 0000-0003-1406-4251 male
Hovhannes Sahakyan researcher 0000-0003-1596-2838 male
Aaron B Wong researcher 0000-0003-1650-2710 male
Serge-Étienne Parent researcher 0000-0003-1679-2287 male
Ian B Stewart researcher 0000-0003-1741-718X
Paul Mathews researcher 0000-0003-1742-7687 male
Nicholas Rhind researcher 0000-0003-1758-7736 male
Laurent Magy researcher 0000-0003-1784-2901 male
D. B. Tanner researcher 0000-0003-1940-4710
Pedro Madrigal researcher 0000-0003-1959-8199 male
Yifei Tang researcher 0000-0003-1979-9070
Jessica Vamathevan researcher 0000-0003-2016-9754 female
Simon S Cross researcher 0000-0003-2044-1754 male
Maurizio Biondi researcher 0000-0003-2190-7376 male
Shannon Morath researcher 0000-0003-2220-463X
Claudine Chaouiya researcher 0000-0003-2350-0756
Julie Donohue researcher 0000-0003-2418-6017 female
Annelieke Ecab Willemsen researcher 0000-0003-2433-1915
Anne Puel researcher 0000-0003-2603-0323 female
Mary Bebawy researcher 0000-0003-2606-921X female
Stacey L Lance researcher 0000-0003-2686-1733
Lisa M Hamm researcher 0000-0003-2777-7146 female
Andrea Tanzer researcher 0000-0003-2873-4236
Michael Schuster researcher 0000-0003-2975-8969 male
Michael McManus researcher 0000-0003-3013-6569 male
Lukas Vrba researcher 0000-0003-3042-6275 male
Andrea Galimberti researcher 0000-0003-3140-3024
Erich M Schwarz researcher 0000-0003-3151-4381 male
Laura Fejerman researcher 0000-0003-3179-1151 female
Wei Chen researcher 0000-0003-3263-1627
Walter Sanseverino researcher 0000-0003-3324-5912 male
Trygve E Bakken researcher 0000-0003-3373-7386
Claire M Wade researcher 0000-0003-3413-4771 female
Trevor Williams researcher 0000-0003-3414-3440 male
Pauline Maillard researcher 0000-0003-3516-6345 female
James C Carrington researcher 0000-0003-3572-129X male
Georgia Mandolesi researcher 0000-0003-3612-6820 female
Liang-Hu Qu researcher 0000-0003-3657-2863
Rodney Colina researcher 0000-0003-3731-5383
Thomas L Dawson researcher 0000-0003-3878-1722 male
Vladimir G Tumanyan researcher 0000-0003-4035-3559
Michael Niederweis researcher 0000-0003-4068-8092 male
Ross C Hardison researcher 0000-0003-4084-7516 male
Ingmar Weber researcher 0000-0003-4169-2579
Robert M Waterhouse researcher 0000-0003-4199-9052 male
Pedro Serra researcher 0000-0003-4229-6906
Marco De Spirito researcher 0000-0003-4260-5107 male
Rohan A Davis researcher 0000-0003-4291-7573
Myriam V Thoma researcher 0000-0003-4316-522X female
Andrea Ventura researcher 0000-0003-4320-9907
Arturo H Ariño researcher 0000-0003-4620-6445 male
Karine Crozat researcher 0000-0003-4761-3675 female
Piotr W Dabrowski researcher 0000-0003-4893-805X male
Syed Mustafa Ghanadian 0000-0001-6446-4734
Rafael A. Arce-Nazario 0000-0001-8036-6536
Consol Garcia Gómez 0000-0001-8085-0088 Consol
Jeanmarie Verchot-Lubicz 0000-0001-8789-3144 male
Bolívar R Garcete-Barrett 0000-0002-4463-8749
Cédric Annweiler 0000-0002-7199-8109 male
R. Barbieri 0000-0002-7945-005X
B. Gendre 0000-0002-9077-2025
Kiran Kumar Bali 0000-0002-9503-1402
Luís Reino 0000-0002-9768-1097
René H Medema 0000-0002-6754-0381 male
Yvette Halley 0000-0002-5159-6137 female
Katrina Gwinn-Hardy 0000-0002-8277-651X female
平山健二郎 0000-0002-7767-4199 257621523
Ramon Rosselló-Mora 0000-0001-8253-3107
Solenn Stoeckel 0000-0001-6064-5941
Frank Kirchhoff 0000-0002-2324-2761 male
Melaku Gedil 0000-0002-6258-6014
M. Arfan Ikram 0000-0003-0372-8585
Suzi Kerr 0000-0002-4730-8761 11073144 female
John Whittaker 0000-0002-3529-2379 John male
Lawrence Rajendran 0000-0002-6390-1821
Corey S Davis 0000-0003-4362-0659
Timothée Poisot 0000-0002-0735-5184
Paul F Morris 0000-0002-2989-041X
Hans Zauner 0000-0001-6119-6113
Suzanne M McDermott 0000-0003-2158-1695
Zohar Livnat Israeli linguist and professor 0000-0001-6689-6709 Bar-Ilan University 21463370 Zohar female
John E McCormack 0000-0002-0912-1461 John
Kathryn Uhrich American chemist 0000-0001-7273-7528 polymer chemistry Kathryn female
Ada Yonath Israeli crystallographer 0000-0002-1856-6964 crystallography 84144783000047395692 Ada female Ada E. Yonath
Uta Frith developmental psychologist 0000-0002-9063-4466 psychology Center of Functionally Integrative Neuroscience
Interacting Minds Centre
100283259 Uta female Uta Frith
Sabina Jeschke 0000-0003-2326-8264 3539790 Sabina female
Carolyn R. Bertozzi American chemist 0000-0003-4482-2754 chemistry 12522617 Carolyn female Carolyn Bertozzi
Susan Landau American mathematician and engineer 0000-0003-4826-6134 76552183 Susan female
Jeannette Wing American computer scientist 0000-0002-1013-1990 27925822 Jeannette female
Ursula Martin 0000-0002-1908-5927 71858813 Ursula female
Walter Block Austrian School economist and prominent anarcho-capitalist 0000-0003-2215-4791 110030376 Walter male Walter Block
Robert Costanza American economist 0000-0001-6348-8734 68998667 Robert male Robert Costanza
Joseph H. Silverman American mathematician 0000-0003-3887-3248 number theory 32062058 Joseph male
Ernst Hairer Austrian mathematician 0000-0001-5057-2654 49301635 Ernst male
Eric Schmidt Software engineer, businessman 0000-0001-6595-1219 181632109 Eric male Eric E. Schmidt
Ludwig Huber Austrian biologist 0000-0002-0217-136X 149427854 Ludwig male
Gerald Teschl Austrian mathematician 0000-0002-1036-9173 Mathematical and theoretical biology 66646027 Gerald male
Martin Hairer Austrian mathematician working in the field of stochastic analysis 0000-0002-2141-6561 probability theory 315944142 Martin male Martin Hairer
Helmut Satzinger Austrian egyptologist 0000-0002-2560-9950 68974060 Helmut male
Reinhard Wilhelm German computer scientist 0000-0002-5599-7560 79109798 Reinhard male
Bertrand Meyer French computer scientist 0000-0002-5985-7434 computer science 51714577 Bertrand male Bertrand Meyer
Philippe Kruchten Canadian software engineer 0000-0003-1359-4867 92399916 Philippe male
Ottmar Edenhofer German economist 0000-0001-6029-5208 55228386 Ottmar male Ottmar Edenhofer
Uwe Meierhenrich German chemist 0000-0001-6422-3930 166905408 Uwe male
Thomas Carell German biochemist 0000-0001-7898-2831 35151413 Thomas male Thomas Carell
Donal Bradley British physicist 0000-0001-8713-5060 28849207 Donal male
Axel Meyer German zoologist 0000-0002-0888-8193 80308029 Axel male Axel Meyer
Matthias Hentze German biologist 0000-0002-4023-7876 311579326 Matthias male
Wolfgang Kundt German astrophysicist 0000-0002-6555-1570 122375949 Wolfgang male
Reinhard Meinel German physicist 0000-0002-6555-4149 101074798 Reinhard male
Siegmar Döpp German classical philologist 0000-0002-7300-3929 49316334 Siegmar male
Michael Fritsch German economist 0000-0003-0337-4182 88126757 Michael male
Jack Szostak American biologist 0000-0003-4131-1203 cytogenetics 78877987 Jack male Jack W. Szostak
Rolf Reber Swiss psychologist 0000-0002-6669-7109 311578759 Rolf male
Borwin Bandelow German psychiatrist 0000-0003-2511-3768 71634834 male
Ehud Gazit Israeli biochemist 0000-0001-5764-1720 36377574 male
James R. Heath American chemist 0000-0001-5356-4385 78240793 James male
Charles Higham British archaeologist 0000-0002-1082-6215 33184022 Charles male
Andrey Korotayev Russian anthropologist, economic historian, comparative political scientist, and sociologist 0000-0003-3014-2037 macroeconomics 76454650 Andrej male
Roderick MacKinnon American neuroscientist 0000-0001-7605-4679 biochemistry 3713108 Roderick male Roderick MacKinnon
James Charles Phillips American physicist 0000-0002-3812-9665 9931695 James male
Eric Maskin American Nobel laureate in economics 0000-0002-2849-0983 economist 85299589 Eric male Eric Maskin
Pascale Cossart French bacteriologist 0000-0001-8871-6780 167225654 Pascale female Pascale Cossart
Peter Fonagy British psychoanalyst & psychologist 0000-0003-0229-0091 108675304 Peter male Peter Fonagy
Elliott Sober American philosopher 0000-0003-3130-1263 71466464 Elliott male
Matthias Storme academic, lawyer, philosopher 0000-0003-3461-9007 167023524 Matthias male Matthias Storme
Vladimir Voevodsky Russian mathematician 0000-0001-7823-4454 algebraic geometry
Galois theory
51996397 Wladimir
male Vladimir Voevodsky
Per Alström evolutionary biologist and ornithologist 0000-0001-7182-2763 2755261 Per male
Steven Girvin American physicist 0000-0002-6470-5494 73929759 Steven male
Adrian Peter Bird Geneticist and Professor at the University of Edinburgh 0000-0002-8600-0372 genetics Adrian male
Fred Karlsson Finnish linguist 0000-0001-7536-3744 59207081 Fred male
David J. C. MacKay Regius Professor of Engineering at the University of Cambridge 0000-0002-8631-6000 72445077 David
Harold P. Boas American mathematician 0000-0002-5031-3414 mathematical analysis 19904825 Harold male
Quentin Skinner British historian 0000-0003-3516-2539 39393791 Quentin male
Andreas Fleischmann German botanist 0000-0002-4917-4736 278869149 Andreas male
André Reis German geneticist 0000-0002-6301-6363 40038313 André male
Lene Gammelgaard Nielsen Danish author, keynote speaker, motivational speaker, lawyer, journalist, psychological counselor, mountaineer and expedition leader. 0000-0002-3728-3011 44474195 Lene female
Juan Martín Maldacena Argentine physicist 0000-0002-9127-1687 theoretical physics 32314462 Juan male
Arjun Appadurai social-cultural anthropologist 0000-0003-0929-7157 cultural anthropology 108525192 male
Anthony Thirlwall Economist 0000-0002-1661-2218 41856374 Anthony male
Michael Benton British palaeontologist 0000-0002-4323-1824 7452159 Michael male
Jeff Hearn Sociologist 0000-0002-9808-1413 108717159 Jeff male
Kees Schouhamer Immink Dutch electrical engineer 0000-0001-6747-9261 70561555 Kees male
Uzi Even Israeli professor and former politician 0000-0001-8581-4449 male
Bertrand Halperin American mathematician and physicist 0000-0002-6999-1039 149356246 Bertrand male Bertrand Halperin
Dean Karlan American economist 0000-0003-0164-1398 62685009 Dean male
Richard Noll American psychologist 0000-0001-8771-9920 112442568 Richard male
Axel Schmidt German priest and theologian 0000-0002-1109-2954 358144783041080391819 Axel male
Barry Eichengreen Economist 0000-0002-1683-4486 4987979 Barry male
Bernd Manuwald German classical philologist 0000-0003-0124-515X 73900197 Bernd male
Barry Smith British ontologist 0000-0003-1384-116X 100233463 Barry male
Bernhard Nauck German sociologist 0000-0003-3156-328X 51817243 Bernhard male
Bill S. Hansson Swedish scientist 0000-0002-4811-1223 56775400 Bill male Bill S. Hansson
Thomas R. Insel American neuroscientist 0000-0001-5031-0160 119937273 Thomas male Thomas R. Insel
Eudald Carbonell Spanish archeologist 0000-0001-6306-3621 54204638 Eudald male
Fereidoun Biglari Iranian archaeologist 0000-0001-7086-3037 96783015 male Fereidoun Biglari
Ralph Pedersen American archaeologist 0000-0002-6320-6458 Ralph male
Grzegorz Marek Michalski Economist 0000-0002-8211-4057 102127885 Grzegorz male
Valentín Fuster Carulla Spanish cardiologist 0000-0002-9043-9986 166218304 Valentin male Valentin Fuster
Jiří Pospíšil Czech politician 0000-0003-0087-2987 84242685 Jiří male Jiří Pospíšil
Chaim I. Waxman American sociologist 0000-0002-4539-0271 64178342 Chaim male
Nicholas A. Christakis American physician and sociologist 0000-0001-5547-1086 41172641 Nicholas male
Charles R. Alcock New Zealander astronomer 0000-0002-7892-3636 28585599 Charles male Charles R. Alcock
Giovanni Gallavotti Italian physicist 0000-0001-8835-4118 78711 Giovanni male
David B. Kaplan American particle physicist and longtime faculty at the University of Washington 0000-0001-5141-8245 103786954 David male
Danny Quah Academic 0000-0002-0397-1617 5091186 Danny male
Daniel H. Janzen American biologist 0000-0002-7335-5107 1199077 Daniel male 4491369A-CFA6-4614-AC09-1137CCD06F9A
David de Kretser medical researcher and Governor of Victoria 0000-0003-3187-7537 36985879 David male David de Kretser
József Nemes-Nagy Hungarian university teacher and geographer 0000-0001-8838-3752 József male
Detlef Lohse Dutch academic 0000-0003-4138-2255 290423020 Detlef male
Dieter Bauer German physicist 0000-0003-4680-5560 77050627 Dieter male
Dmitri Zakharine German social scientist 0000-0001-6294-0602 44589162 Dmitri male
Martin Beyer German physicist 0000-0001-9373-9266 238128522 Martin male
Dirk Lange German historian 0000-0002-3547-0438 88093606 Dirk male
Douglas Gough British astronomer 0000-0002-6086-2636 93248204 Douglas
Dimitris Karagiannis 0000-0003-2162-9740 42139306 Dimitris male
Reinhold Kliegl German psychologist 0000-0002-0180-8488 69082874 Reinhold male
Karl Unterkofler Austrian mathematician 0000-0002-1078-9645 Karl male
Eberhard Hilf German physicist 0000-0002-5910-3819 35075358 Eberhard male
Patrick Dehornoy French mathematician 0000-0003-4024-2728 14853411 Patrick male
Sabine Ladstätter Austrian classical archaeologist 0000-0002-0131-5640 5153853 Sabine female
Erik Gawel German economist 0000-0003-3634-9717 62214288 Erik male
Peter Weingart German sociologist 0000-0002-8275-525X 264178258 Peter male
Mike Thelwall researcher 0000-0001-6065-205X 49502649 Mike male
Greg Steinke American composer and music educator 0000-0002-1863-2917 13879343 Greg male
Peter Constantin Romanian mathematician 0000-0002-3934-7146 109294673 Peter male
Herbert Altrichter Austrian educationist and psychologist 0000-0002-5331-4199 56902957 Herbert male
Gavin Schmidt climatologist 0000-0002-2258-0486 61018866 Gavin male
Mary Fulbrook British historian 0000-0002-7029-8506 54162915 Mary
Gil Stein American archaeologist 0000-0001-5175-5372 7714401 Gil male
Gunter Saake German computer scientist 0000-0001-9576-8474 116897412 Gunter male
Martina Pohl German biochemist 0000-0001-9935-5183 221092823 Martina female
Jan Philip Solovej French mathematician and physicist 0000-0002-0244-1497 39655991 Jan male
Giovanni Federico Italian economic historian 0000-0002-2683-683X 29625068 Giovanni male
Robert Rumely American mathematician 0000-0002-5104-7656 Adleman–Pomerance–Rumely primality test 10509115 Robert male
Roger Dean British biologist and musician 0000-0002-8859-8902 32083929 Roger male
Günter Krampen German psychologist 0000-0003-0399-5798 9940392 Günter male
Harald Schuh German geodesist 0000-0001-5443-0370 76955435 Harald male
Hanspeter Mössenböck Austrian computer scientist 0000-0001-7706-7308 77205300 Hanspeter male
Henry Kapteyn American physicist 0000-0001-8386-6317 36080329 Henry male
Henning Melber German political scientist 0000-0001-8439-8148 69054629 Henning male
Helmut Rechberger Austrian engineer 0000-0002-7723-0635 40251769 Helmut male
Herbert Waldmann German chemist 0000-0002-9606-7247 41995511 Herbert male Herbert Waldmann
Hirosi Ooguri japanese physicist 0000-0001-6021-3778 295357934 Hiroshi male
Horst Kessler German chemist 0000-0002-7292-9789 Horst male
Joachim Wagner German economist 0000-0001-6058-4536 22144814275170426515 Joachim male
Joachim Möller German economist 0000-0002-3095-0192 100382537 Joachim male
Marcia McNutt American geophysicist 0000-0003-0117-7716 51281237 Marcia female Marcia McNutt
James C. Kaufman creativity research 0000-0003-0595-2820 7662707 James male
Ian Rutherford British philologist 0000-0003-2103-0711 116458677 Ian male
Jürgen Margraf German psychotherapist and psychologist 0000-0001-5207-7016 54370957 Jürgen male
Jürgen Martens German chemist and author 0000-0001-5327-007X Jürgen male Jürgen Martens
Kevin Buzzard British mathematician 0000-0002-7187-5109 number theory 29062916 Kevin male
Karlheinz Gröchenig Austrian mathematician 0000-0003-1461-0654 32223173 Karlheinz male Karlheinz Gröchenig
James Moran American astrophysicist 0000-0002-3882-4414 71457820 James male
Charles M. Lieber American chemist 0000-0002-6660-2456 33569665 Charles male
Michael Nielsen Australian and Canadian physicist and writer (b.1974) 0000-0002-6188-5389 7636054 Michael male
Michael Ashburner biologist and emeritus Professor in the Department of Genetics at University of Cambridge 0000-0002-6962-2807 34518173 Michael male
Nick Anstead Lecturer 0000-0002-1090-5271 Nick male
Doron Aurbach 0000-0002-1151-546X 1760450
male Doron Aurbach
Noel B. Salazar socio-cultural anthropologist 0000-0002-8346-2977 122023866 Noel male
Nir Friedman Bioinformatician 0000-0002-9678-3550 46445444 male
Peter Taylor-Gooby British academic 0000-0002-4825-1250 Peter male
Piers Forster British scientist 0000-0002-6078-0171 Piers male
Prabhakar Raghavan Businessperson 0000-0001-9853-7604 41077677 male
R. Graham Cooks American chemist 0000-0002-9581-9603 91304888 Robert male
Richard Alley American geologist, author, and academic 0000-0003-1833-0115 102041461 Richard male Richard Alley
Samy Azer Australian medical educator 0000-0001-5638-3256 92416899 Samy male
Russell Morris Professor of Structural and Materials Chemistry 0000-0001-7809-0315 Russell
Robert David Stevens Professor of Bio-Health Informatics 0000-0002-6038-9025 160296674 Robert male
Robert E. Kraut American social psychologist 0000-0002-8554-2137 198624445 Robert male Robert E. Kraut
Ron Johnston British geographer 0000-0003-3031-8573 27086854 Ron male
Samson Abramsky Computer scientist 0000-0003-3921-6637 109321899 Samson male Samson Abramsky
Stuart Cull-Candy British neuroscientist 0000-0002-0831-8326 121097665 Stuart male
Steve Reeves Computer scientist 0000-0002-3840-6060 45916853 Steve male
Søren Brunak Danish bioinformatics professor, scientist 0000-0003-0316-5866 Brunak Group
72074195 Søren male
Stephen O'Rahilly Irish physician, pathologist and research scientist 0000-0003-2199-4449 63557256 Stephen male Stephen O'Rahilly
Stephen Oliver Professor of Systems Biology at the University of Cambridge 0000-0003-3410-6439 73931070 Stephen male
Toni Sant Academic and broadcaster 0000-0001-6393-0502 68610914 Toni male Toni Sant
Torben Jørgensen Danish historian 0000-0001-9453-2830 248422026 Torben male
Ulrike Sattler Computer Scientist 0000-0003-4103-3389 197806482 Ulrike female
Vassilis Angelopoulos Greek physicist 0000-0001-7024-1561 265304958 male
Veronica van Heyningen Geneticist who specialises in the etiology of anophthalmia 0000-0003-0359-0141 63540226 Veronica female
Walter Bodmer German-born British human geneticist 0000-0001-6244-9792 97686522 Walter male
Walter Boron American academic 0000-0003-4741-7287 165663738 Walter male
Mike Taylor British computer programmer and paleontologist 0000-0002-1003-5675 Mike male
Áurea Lima 0000-0002-9779-0584 female
Carlos Alberto Scolari 0000-0002-7792-0345 55377853 Carlos male Carlos Alberto Scolari
Ana Sofia Reboleira Portuguese biologist, spelologist 0000-0002-4756-7034 306468907 Ana female
Jean-Marie Basset French chemist 0000-0003-3166-8882 Jean-Marie male
Hideyuki Okano physiologist 0000-0001-7482-5935 Hideyuki male
Narcís Garolera i Carbonell Catalan philologist, professor and literary historian 0000-0001-8503-8291 279788593 Narcís male
Sirpa Jalkanen A Finnish scientist, working in the field of biomedical and clinical medicine, academian of science 0000-0002-1922-9732 Sirpa female
Tuija Pulkkinen Finnish professor of space science and technology and vice president for research and innovation at Aalto University in Espoo, Finland 0000-0002-6317-381X 224861782 Tuija female
Cynthia M. Grund American philosopher and educator 0000-0002-9232-5886 philosophy Cynthia female Cynthia M. Grund
John J. Wiens U.S. herpetologist 0000-0003-4243-1127 John male
Harald W. Krenn Austrian biologist 0000-0003-4323-5099 80806939 Harald male Harald W. Krenn
Gerard Meijssen Dutch Wikimedian, founder of OmegaWiki 0000-0001-7005-7596 Gerard male Gerard Meijssen
Agustín Estrada-Peña researcher 0000-0001-7483-046X male
Phoebe Ayers academic librarian 0000-0003-0068-533X 73326107 Phoebe female Phoebe Ayers
Cameron Neylon Australian biophysicist, technologist and open access advocate 0000-0002-0068-716X biophysics
open access
Panton Principles
Altmetrics: A manifesto
Initiative for Open Citations
Cameron male Cameron Neylon
Kyle Cranmer American physicist and professor 0000-0002-5769-7094 Kyler male
Stylianos Chatzimanolis American biologist 0000-0001-9008-0611 Stylianos male
Julie Ahringer American geneticist 0000-0002-7074-4051 71146284370615331631 Julie female
Andreas Griewank German mathematician 0000-0001-9839-1473 92128088 Andreas male
Sarah Bridle Astrophysicist and Professor of Extragalatic Astronomy at the University of Manchester 0000-0002-0128-1006 Sarah female
Doreen Cantrell British immunologist 0000-0001-7525-3350 Doreen female
C. Lee Giles American computer scientist 0000-0002-1931-585X 215588547 Clyde male
Jun Wang researcher 0000-0002-2113-5874 genomics male
Elizabeth Simpson British scientist 0000-0002-2118-3139 Elizabeth female
Janet Hemingway British parasitologist 0000-0002-3200-7173 malaria Janet female
Steven T. Bramwell British scientist 0000-0002-4097-5465 Steven male
Jonathan Tennyson British physicist 0000-0002-4994-5238 48721548 Jonathan male
John Shepherd British Earth system scientist 0000-0002-5230-4781 178405985 John male
Ingemar J. Cox British academic 0000-0002-6662-417X Digital watermarking DABAI
UCPH Department of Computer Science
Ingemar male
Gordon Dougan English microbiologist, Principal Research Scientist at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and a Fellow of Wolfson College, Cambridge 0000-0003-0022-965X 410145857084822921929 Gordon male
Jaume Bertranpetit researcher 0000-0003-0100-0590 233631794 Jaume male
Nick Jennings Scientific adviser to the UK government on national security; Regius Professor of Computer Science at the University of Southampton 0000-0003-0166-248X 17393325 Nick male
Julian Hibberd Professor of Photosynthesis at the University of Cambridge, UK 0000-0003-0662-7958 botany
C4 carbon fixation
C3 carbon fixation
Daniel Wolpert British neuroscientist 0000-0003-2011-2790 Daniel male
Rosie Woodroffe British ecologist 0000-0003-2104-3133 12488025 Rosie female
Helly Luv Kurdish singer, actress and model 0000-0002-0760-3846 female Helly Luv
Cathrine Hasse Danish anthropologist 0000-0002-2622-8607 Cathrine female
Miles J. Padgett Professor of Optics 0000-0001-6643-0618 17507163 Miles male
Jack Cooper American composer, arranger, orchestrator, multireedist, and music educator. 0000-0003-4587-2104 261472160 Jack male
Alfonso Valencia Spanish biologist 0000-0002-8937-6789 73341874 Alfonso male
Anne Imberty French biochemist, molecular biologist and chemist 0000-0001-6825-9527 222776193 Anne female
Robert Gaskins Software entrepreneur 0000-0002-8237-4764 53273404 Robert male
Beth Coleman American composer 0000-0003-2821-8645 7129238 Beth female
Isabel Schnabel German economist 0000-0002-8062-4803 35396728 Isabel female
Dorothy Bishop British psychologist 0000-0002-2448-4033 66576637 Dorothy female
Sarah Byford 0000-0001-7084-1495 Sarah female
Guillem López Casasnovas 0000-0001-8020-9987 24768485 Guillem male
Arne H. Krumsvik Norwegian scholar, media entrepreneur, and aviator 0000-0002-5699-9795 229159893 Arne male
Anders Goksøyr Norwegian biologist and professor 0000-0003-4054-9842 305059627 Anders male
Gareth A. Morris British scientist 0000-0002-4859-6259 29212218 Gareth
Kathleen de la Peña McCook American librarian 0000-0003-1087-6834 279447626 Kathleen female
Diego Pol Argentinian paleontologist 0000-0002-9690-7517 Diego male
Jane Millar Professor of Social Policy 0000-0002-9903-7975 Jane female
David Charlton British scientist 0000-0003-0211-2041 David male
George Siber medical researcher and vaccine expert 0000-0003-2116-5448 32329193 George male
Timothy Leighton Professor of Ultrasonics and Underwater Acoustics at the University of Southampton 0000-0002-1649-8750 14859013 Timothy male
Rajesh Thakker Professor Rajesh Thakker FMedSci FRS May Professor of Medicine, Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Oxford 0000-0002-1438-3220 31488166 Rajesh male
Zita Martins Portuguese Astrobiologist 0000-0002-5420-1081 Zita female
Kenneth Lacovara Paleontologist 0000-0003-3127-7099 Kenneth male
Randy Read British crystallographer 0000-0001-8273-0047 40643108 Randy male
Richard Zach Canadian logician and philosopher 0000-0003-1633-8324 58556015 Richard male
Wolfgang Kautek Austrian chemist 0000-0003-2772-2049 chemistry 62125901 Wolfgang male
Christine Foyer Professor of Plant Science 0000-0001-5989-6989 51861185 Christine female
Antonio Checa Godoy Spanish historian 0000-0002-3468-8232 Spanish transition to democracy 265662128 Antonio male
Håvard Jostein Haugen Norwegian professor 0000-0002-6690-7233 Håvard male
Àlex Hinojo Sánchez Spanish cultural activist 0000-0002-9645-0860 87396132 male Àlex Hinojo
Stéphane Boyer ecologist 0000-0002-0750-4864 Unitec Institute of Technology Stéphane male
Patrick Rabbitt British psychologist 0000-0003-3511-9426 64160562 Patrick male
Jane A. McKeating British virologist 0000-0002-7229-5886 Jane female
Peter T. Fox neuroimaging researcher, neurologist, and professor 0000-0002-0465-2028 Peter male
Stefan Bengtson Swedish paleontologist 0000-0003-0206-5791 93220669 Stefan male
Alberto Castaldini Italian anthropologist and historian 0000-0003-2068-5492 61651788 Alberto male
Lars Feld German economist 0000-0002-6858-9136 25452383 Lars male
Manfred Buchroithner Austrian geologist 0000-0002-6051-2249 56832536 Manfred male Manfred Buchroithner
Ludmil Katzarkov Bulgarian mathematician 0000-0003-1093-1004 162137774 male Ludmil Katzarkov
Mark J. Ablowitz Mathematician 0000-0001-5755-9217 233196161 Mark male
Matthias Bartelmann German physicist and astronomer 0000-0001-6951-3582 121837454 Matthias male
Michael Dillon American botanist 0000-0002-7263-5537 123582478 Michael male
Marc Henneaux physicist, professor 0000-0002-8912-6384 34534162 Marc male
Mike S. Schäfer German sociologist 0000-0002-0847-7503 208837843 Mike male
James Mallet British academic 0000-0002-3370-0367 6505709 James male
Daan Frenkel Dutch physicist 0000-0002-6362-2021 55344806 Daan male
Renger Witkamp Dutch biologist 0000-0002-7935-8261 male
Nicholas B. Suntzeff American astronomer and cosmologist 0000-0002-8102-181X 31772274 Nicholas male
Henny van der Windt Dutch biologist 0000-0003-0472-5773 49463832 Hendrik male
Jonathan Eisen US evolutionary biologist 0000-0002-0159-2197 36377751 Jonathan male
John Wilbanks American entrepreneur; runs the Consent to Research Project. 0000-0002-4510-0385 John male John Wilbanks
Peter Carmeliet physician, professor 0000-0001-7961-1821 306175848 Peter male
Reinhard Bachmann German economist 0000-0002-8904-9227 51837929 Reinhard male
Reinhard Brückner German chemist 0000-0002-9028-8436 44381948 Reinhard male
Robert Karl Hanson Canadian psychologist 0000-0002-0920-884X 39478292 Robert male
Willy Fischler Belgian physicist 0000-0002-9075-015X Willy male
Richard James Burgess English studio drummer, music-computer programmer, recording artist, record producer, composer, author, manager, marketer and inventor 0000-0003-3498-9833 200775366 Richard male
Stefan Groh Austrian archaeologist 0000-0001-6457-1396 64261804 Stefan male
Michael S. Engel American scientist 0000-0003-3067-077X entomology 92989124 Michael male 3714A7FF-E19E-495A-AAF9-98D2F597B757
Tom Sanders British mathematician 0000-0003-1809-8248 Tom male
Juha Janhunen Finnish linguist, professor in East Asian Studies, Univ of Helsinki 0000-0003-1242-8808 34594089 Juha male
Wolfgang C. Müller Austrian political scientist 0000-0001-9085-9465 68998343 Wolfgang male
Andrew D. Hamilton Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford 0000-0002-9709-233X 46021828 Andrew male
Carlo La Vecchia Italian epidemiologist 0000-0003-1441-897X Carlo male
Alastair Culham English botanist 0000-0002-7440-0133 Alastair male
Jean-Louis Vincent physician 0000-0001-6011-6951 Jean-Louis male
Jean-Luc Brédas chemist, professor 0000-0001-7278-4471 Jean-Luc male
Lionel Monod Swiss scorpionologist 0000-0002-0839-760X Lionel male
Mark Burry New Zealand architect 0000-0001-7743-7719 172804451 Mark male
Marco Dorigo Italian scientist 0000-0002-3971-0507 9999046 Marco male Marco Dorigo
Vicenç Navarro Spanish sociologist 0000-0003-3731-9827 139038
Vicenç male Vicenç Navarro i López
Robert Plomin American psychologist 0000-0002-0756-3629 108525799
Robert male
Susan D. Gillespie American academic anthropologist and archaeologist; Mesoamericanist 0000-0002-6697-4268 22189017
Susan female
Stuart J. Russell English-American computer scientist 0000-0001-5252-4306 81856176 Stuart male
Guido Barbujani Italian geneticist 0000-0001-7854-6669 36157398 Guido male Guido Barbujani
Jeremy Miller American arachnologist 0000-0001-8918-9775 252845712 Jeremy male 3B8D159E-8574-4D10-8C2D-716487D5B4D8
Patrizia Caraveo Italian astrophysicist 0000-0003-2478-8018 Patrizia female
Nancy Reid Canadian statistician 0000-0003-3802-6110 34518529 Nancy female
Jean-Luc Margot Belgian-born astronomer and a UCLA professor who specializes in planetary sciences 0000-0001-9798-1797 34379923 Jean-Luc male
Pavel Georgiev Director, Institute of Gene Biology RAS, Moscow, Russia 0000-0002-6509-3194 molecular biology Pavel male
Galina Kurlyandskaya Russian physicist 0000-0002-3712-1637 Galina female
Nadezhda Yakovleva 0000-0001-6001-4234 pedagogy female
Agnes Binagwaho Minister of Health of Rwanda 0000-0002-6779-3151 Harvard Medical School
Geisel School of Medicine
University of Global Health Equity
Agnes female Agnes Binagwaho
Alastair Buchan British neurologist and researcher in stroke medicine 0000-0002-2918-5200 71099012 Alastair male
Alexandre Christoyannopoulos French-Greek writer and academic 0000-0001-5133-3268 Christian anarchism
Leo Tolstoy
100733283 Alexandre male Alexandre Christoyannopoulos
Ali Khademhosseini Iranian scientist 0000-0001-6322-8852 9377802 Ali male
Andrea Alù scientist 0000-0002-4297-5274 265333045 Andrea male
Amos Bairoch Swiss bioinformatician 0000-0003-2826-6444 55371403 Amos male
Valerie Beral Australian-born British epidemiologist 0000-0002-3581-9361 94088397 Valerie female
Deborah Charlesworth British evolutionary biologist 0000-0002-3939-9122 61763925 Deborah female
Bengt Nordén Scientist, Chemist 0000-0002-7946-200X 112657605 Bengt male
Bryan Gaensler Australian astronomer 0000-0002-3382-9558 76559231 Bryan male
Dan J. Stein South African psychiatrist 0000-0001-7218-7810 39468370 Dan male
David A. Hodell American geologist 0000-0001-8537-1588 David male
Dan Graur American scientist 0000-0002-6743-2022 111791689 Dan male
David Sinclair Australian biologist, geneticist 0000-0002-9936-436X 101558867 David male
Daniel Apai hungarian astronomer 0000-0003-3714-5855 100655587 Daniel male
Douglas Kell biochemist from the United Kingdom 0000-0001-5838-7963 Douglas male
Fernando Quesada Sanz Spanish professor and archaeologist 0000-0001-8664-0989 46797077 Fernando male
Martti Nissinen 0000-0002-1265-3936 2529788 Martti male
Fulvio Melia American physicist 0000-0002-8014-0593 86131557 Fulvio male
Geraint Rees neurologist 0000-0002-9623-7007 268023 male
Gary E. Martin Spectroscopist and businessperson 0000-0003-0750-3041 Gary male
Gerhard Ecker Austrian medicinal chemist and Professor 0000-0003-4209-6883 University of Vienna, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Althanstrasse 14, 1090 Vienna, Austria Gerhard male
Guy M. Goodwin British psychiatrist 0000-0002-1426-2816 Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford Guy male
Lars Bäckman 0000-0002-4312-7357 79385376 Lars male
Guy Lloyd-Jones British academic 0000-0003-2128-6864 Guy male
Henkjan Honing Dutch musician 0000-0001-7046-7923 61116056 male
Heng Li Bioinformatician 0000-0003-4874-2874 male
John Hughes Swedish computer scientist 0000-0001-8042-0969 programming language 26222851 John male
Ian R. Horrocks Professor of Computer Science at the University of Oxford 0000-0002-2685-7462 61840632 Ian male
Bernhard Mehlig 0000-0002-3672-6538 200226212 Bernhard male
Oluf Dimitri Røe Greek/Norwegian medical doctor and folk musician 0000-0002-4870-5822 Oluf male
José Manuel Touriñán López 0000-0002-7553-4483 José
José Manuel
María de los Ángeles Fernández Casado Spanish botanist 0000-0002-7972-927X María female
Janet Rossant Biologist 0000-0002-3731-5466 56670191 Janet female
James Berger American statistician 0000-0002-6413-2876 41912704 James male Jim Berger (statistician)
Jan Mandel American mathematician 0000-0002-8489-5766 43452739 Jan male
John Burn British geneticist 0000-0002-9823-2322 John male
Joan E. Strassmann Evolutionary biologist 0000-0003-0638-8440 Joan female
Jonathan Zittrain American law professor 0000-0002-3122-0298 85301453 Jonathan male
Jonathan Gruber American health economist 0000-0002-9877-3065 121908123 Jonathan male
Jonathan M. Gregory British climate modeller; Professor at the National Centre for Atmospheric Science in the University of Reading 0000-0003-1296-8644 61068726 Jonathan male
Joshua Greenberg academic working in sociology of scientific knowledge. 0000-0003-3531-6550 46719067 Joshua male
Kathleen Fitzpatrick American scholar of digital humanities 0000-0002-5251-0307 90594803 Kathleen female
Ken Goldberg American artist, writer, inventor, and researcher in the field of robotics and automation 0000-0001-6747-9499 96534443 Ken male
Linda Partridge British biogerontologist 0000-0001-9615-0094 32057708 Linda female
Luis Oro Professor of Chemistry at the University of Zaragoza 0000-0001-7154-7239 76402486 Luis male
M. Anwar Hossain Bangladeshi plant scientist 0000-0001-9777-0332 M. male
Marcetta Y. Darensbourg American inorganic chemist and professor 0000-0002-0070-2075 109657501 female
Marlene Behrmann American psychologist 0000-0002-3814-1015 15050368 Marlene female
Marco Rito-Palomares Mexican biochemist 0000-0002-5321-1763 Marco male
Mark Pepys Head of Medicine at the Hampstead Campus and the Royal Free Hospital 0000-0003-2614-3248 14838877 Mark male
Michale Fee American neuroscientist 0000-0001-7539-1745 male
Dorthe Dahl-Jensen Danish geophysicist and glaciologist 0000-0002-1474-1948 Dorthe female
Bruce John Harold Mckellar 0000-0001-8064-9632 Bruce male
David Scanlon chemist 0000-0001-9174-8601 David male
Thierry Bourgoin researcher 0000-0001-9277-2478 Thierry male
Elizabeth A. Fenn American historian 0000-0002-0899-2927 203893123 Elizabeth female
Benjamin M. Good bioinformatician 0000-0002-7334-7852 Scripps Research Institute Benjamin male
Susan Coort Dutch biologist 0000-0003-1224-9690 Department of Bioinformatics - BiGCaT Susan female
Mercouri Kanatzidis chemist 0000-0003-2037-4168 31053747 male
Henry Snaith Professor of Physics in the Clarendon Laboratory at the University of Oxford. 0000-0001-8511-790X Henry male
Alice Cibois French ornithologist 0000-0002-3668-071X 193954629 Alice female
Annette Dolphin Professor of Pharmacology in the Department of Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology at University College London. 0000-0003-4626-4856 Annette female
Frank Uhlmann Group leader at the Francis Crick Institute, London 0000-0002-3527-6619 25338334 Frank male
Niklaus Grunwald researcher 0000-0003-1656-7602 Niklaus male
Kate E. Jones Chair in Ecology and Biodiversity at University College London and the Zoological Society of London 0000-0001-5231-3293 21653958 Kate female
Raymond E. Goldstein Schlumberger Professor of Complex Physical Systems in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP) at the University of Cambridge 0000-0003-2645-0598 12135094 Raymond male
Ronit Baras 0000-0002-2544-5829 Ronit female
Lacey Knowles American ecologist and evolutionary biologist 0000-0002-6567-4853 Lacey female
Jane Lomax researcher 0000-0001-8865-4321 Jane female
Werner Ceusters researcher 0000-0002-2676-8689 Werner male
Alexandra Przyrembel German historian 0000-0002-6996-433X 44622809 Alexandra female
Lars Eilebrecht German software engineer, solutions architect, IT security expert, and Open Source evangelist. 0000-0002-9122-9016 43144814249239043148 Lars male
Michael Niedermayer 0000-0003-0947-0175 Michael male
Sonia Fornasier astronomer 0000-0001-7678-3310 192754417 Sonia female
Michael Hanna British neurologist 0000-0003-0825-4075 Michael male
Claus Svarer researcher 0000-0001-7811-1825 Neurobiology Research Unit
Center for Integrated Molecular Brain Imaging
Claus male
Nicolas Le Novère computational biologist 0000-0002-6309-7327 Nicolas male
Stephen Simpson Australian scientist 0000-0003-0256-7687 Stephen male
Lars Kai Hansen researcher 0000-0003-0442-5877 machine learning
Neural network ensembles Cognitive Systems
Center for Integrated Molecular Brain Imaging
203085387 Lars male
Steen G. Hasselbalch researcher 0000-0003-4750-4911 Steen male
Rudolf Amann 0000-0002-0846-7372 233031227 Rudolf male
Marcus R. Munafò researcher 0000-0002-4049-993X Q4642 male
John R. Geddes researcher 0000-0002-5281-5960 Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford John male
Godfrey D. Pearlson Professor of Psychiatry and of Neurobiology 0000-0002-7525-5185 Godfrey male
Steven C. R. Williams researcher and professor 0000-0003-4299-1941 Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience Steven male
Ole Kæseler Andersen researcher 0000-0001-6307-8786 Ole male
Peter John Hunter Professor of Engineering Science and Director of the Bioengineering Institute at the University of Auckland 0000-0001-9665-4145 Peter male
Jeremy Mark Hutson 0000-0002-4344-6622 Jeremy male
Stephen P. Long British plant physiologist 0000-0002-8501-7164 16120670 Stephen male
Richard Dean Wood Scientist 0000-0002-9495-6892 Richard male
Johanna Ivaska Finnish molecular cell biologist and professor (University of Turku), academy professor (Academy of Finland) 0000-0002-6295-6556 Johanna female
Rolf G. Beutel German entomologist 0000-0002-0433-7626 Rolf male D2493B8A-21B6-4135-922E-135AAB2F63D4
Anja Amtoft researcher 0000-0002-6013-9456 Anja female
Karen Siu-Ting researcher 0000-0003-3698-1755 Karen female
Ana Maria Leal-Zanchet helminthologist 0000-0003-3927-5629 Ana female
Marta Kolanowska botanist 0000-0001-5347-5403 250102999 Marta female
Frank-Thorsten Krell researcher 0000-0001-6065-0812 Frank male
Mario Alejandro Marín researcher 0000-0001-6276-7029 Mario male
Serdar Makbul Turkish botanist 0000-0001-8798-0926 305759583 Serdar male
Francesca Benzoni zoologist 0000-0001-8906-1309 Francesca female
Anne B. Newman American research scientist focusing on Geriatrics, Gerontology and Epidemiology 0000-0002-0106-1150 302586446 Anne female
Gitte Petersen Danish botanist 0000-0002-2325-0059 Gitte female
Barna Páll-Gergely Hungarian biologist 0000-0002-6167-7221 male 31E196E9-5A51-4295-9A36-D5DA689502B7 Barna Páll-Gergely
Francesca De Luca Italian parasitologist 0000-0002-6646-8066 Francesca female
Milton Tan American ichthyologist 0000-0002-9803-0827 Milton male 6F37A007-9E9A-497D-A233-081DD6890260
Wonchoel Lee South Korean acarologist and ostracodologist 0000-0002-9873-1033
Masashi Yoshimura Japanese entomologist 0000-0003-1468-5541 male BD548EFC-8703-43D2-BD89-8249E411BBCC
Manuel Ruedi Swiss mammalogist 0000-0003-3283-7764 Manuel male
Francisco Hita Garcia American entomologist 0000-0003-4709-3083 Francisco male 66822D49-8E4D-4AD3-A2CF-B49B2BE17C7F
Jan Pawlowski researcher 0000-0003-2421-388X male
Dario Taraborelli Italian researcher 0000-0002-0082-8508 social computing
cognitive science
Altmetrics: A manifesto
Initiative for Open Citations
Wikimedia Foundation
Wikimedia Research
172784775 Dario male Dario Taraborelli
Han Xu Chinese botanist (born 22 July 1981) 0000-0002-1085-3344 male
Christine Orengo Professor of Bioinformatics at University College London (UCL) known for her work on protein structure, particularly the CATH database 0000-0002-7141-8936 61786456 Christine female
Paul Groth American computer scientist 0000-0003-0183-6910 Semantic Web
Web science
Altmetrics: A manifesto Paul male
Heather Piwowar bioinformatician and open data advocate 0000-0003-1613-5981 altmetrics
open data
Heather female
Oscar R. Gómez Writer, Psychoanalyst, Researcher 0000-0003-4469-8298 Oscar male
Brian Nosek American social psychologist 0000-0001-6797-5476 9620426 Brian male
Mostafa Mesgari researcher 0000-0001-6162-3525 male
Arto Lanamäki researcher and author 0000-0003-3355-802X Arto male
Hans Ellegren Swedish geneticist and evolutionary biologist 0000-0002-5035-1736 147996000 Hans male
Annalisa Buffa Italian mathematician, specializing in numerical analysis and PDEs 0000-0003-0384-0876 female
Christopher Manning computer scientist 0000-0001-6155-649X natural language processing 64179615 Christopher male
Rasmus Larsen Danish professor 0000-0001-8507-0523 DTU Compute Rasmus male
Hannu Häkkinen Finnish professor of computational nanoscience (University of Jyväskylä), academy professor (Academy of Finland) 0000-0002-8558-5436 Hannu male
Samuel Kaski Finnish professor of computer science (Aalto University), academy professor (Academy of Finland) 0000-0003-1925-9154 26396370 Samuel male
Pertti J. Neuvonen clinical pharmacologist, professor emeritus (Univ. of Helsinki, Finland) 0000-0003-3631-9411 68468835 male
Simon Berrow marine biologist; studying the basking shark. 0000-0001-9226-6567 Simon male
Max Little applied mathematician 0000-0002-1507-3822 Max male
Martin Hanczyc chemist; explores the path between living and nonliving systems 0000-0002-5453-2139 Martin male
Hannah Fry complexity theorist 0000-0003-0601-9100 314908506 Hannah female
Inmaculada Alva 0000-0003-0826-5372 history of the Philippines 88375017 female
Carol Christian American astronomer 0000-0002-2179-3308 88101056 Carol female
Peter Doolittle educational psychology professor; Peter Doolittle is striving to understand the processes of human learning. 0000-0002-4988-7074 Peter male
Eugenio Simón 0000-0002-4844-2575 30816674 Eugenio male
Ruth Lehmann a developmental and cell biologist 0000-0002-8454-5651 Ruth female
Christl Ann Donnelly Professor of Statistical Epidemiology at Imperial College London 0000-0002-0195-2463 female
Edna Judith Marquez Fernandez ichthyologist 0000-0003-0760-3747 female
Bharat B. Biswal researcher 0000-0002-3710-3500 male
Antony Giuseppe Galione Professor of Pharmacology and Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator, Department Of Pharmacology, University of Oxford 0000-0002-4132-7646 male
Aomawa Shields astronomer 0000-0002-7086-9516 178145541827596600620 female
Adrian Clive Hayday Professor and Chair in the Department of Immunobiology at King's College London and group leader at the Francis Crick Institute in the UK 0000-0002-9495-5793 Adrian male
James I. Prosser Professor in Environmental Microbiology at the University of Aberdeen 0000-0003-1757-5102 James
Ian A. Graham Professor of Biochemical Genetics in the Centre for Novel Agricultural Products at the University of York where he is also Head of the Department of Biology 0000-0003-4007-1770 metabolic process
James B. Rowe researcher 0000-0001-7216-8679 James male
Sonja A. Rasmussen pediatrician and medical geneticist 0000-0002-0574-4928 Sonja female
Nikolaus A. Adams 0000-0001-5048-8639 100732121 male
Max Lu Chinese–Australian chemical engineer and nanotechnologist 0000-0002-5223-1674 10137968 Max male
Charles F. Geier Assistant Professor of Human Development and Family Studies 0000-0001-5013-9543 Charles male
Hammy Havoc British electronic musician 0000-0002-8124-7456 Louis
Pascal Belin researcher 0000-0002-7578-6365 Pascal male
Yu-Feng Zang State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning, Beijing Normal University 0000-0003-1833-8010 male
Stefan Pollmann researcher 0000-0001-5840-5658 University of Magdeburg
Leipzig University
Stefan male
Adam J. Brunke entomologist 0000-0003-1158-936X 317172139 Adam male 8AEFAA65-7FA7-422C-86ED-5CD4FE611985
Neus Torbisco 0000-0003-4061-4560 19204847 female
Sarah Faulwetter researcher 0000-0003-4892-4440 biodiversity
X-ray microtomography
University of Patras Sarah female
Giuseppe Zibordi Italian scientist 0000-0002-2253-1828 316800212 Giuseppe male
R. Chris Miall British researcher 0000-0003-3002-1251 Chris male
Alexandre Hocquet French historian of science 0000-0001-6361-5780 Alexandre male
Vincent Calvez French mathematician 0000-0002-3674-1965 198892493 male
Barbara Weber professor at DTU 0000-0002-6004-4860 Software Engineering section Barbara female
Basil Arif virologist 0000-0002-7421-1842 male
Daniel S. Margulies researcher 0000-0002-8880-9204 Daniel male
Ian J. Goodfellow computer scientist 0000-0003-3937-2322 deep learning Google Research 1036146936607413780403 Ian male
Lars Juhl Jensen Danish computational biologist 0000-0001-7885-715X Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research Lars male
Tobias Andersen researcher 0000-0002-0263-1354 Cognitive Systems Tobias male
B V Babu 0000-0002-6281-3117 male
Nina Jeliazkova Bulgarian chemist 0000-0002-4322-6179 female
Jesús Tramullas Researcher 0000-0002-5374-9993 Q18416989
free software
Information behavior
enterprise content management
information science
73572343 Jesús male
Klaas Enno Stephan researcher 0000-0002-8594-9092 University of Zurich
ETH Zurich
50167919 Klaas male
Nathan W. Churchill researcher 0000-0001-8481-2505 Cognitive Systems
St. Michael's Hospital
Nathan male
Emily Rice Emily Rice 0000-0002-3252-5886 Emily female
Alejandra González-Beltrán researcher 0000-0003-3499-8262 Alejandra female
Hartmut Stöcker scientist 0000-0001-8038-0979 Extreme Biomimetics: Formation of Zirconium Dioxide Nanophase Using Chitinous Scaffolds under Hydrothermal Conditions male
Paul Cumming researcher 0000-0002-0257-9621 Paul male
Martina Summer-Kutmon Austrian bioinformatician, network biologist, developer 0000-0002-7699-8191 Department of Bioinformatics - BiGCaT Martina female
Ermelindo Portela Silva 0000-0002-8559-966X 94668027 male
Peter Tugwell researcher 0000-0001-5062-0556 male
Vilmundur Gudnason researcher 0000-0001-5696-0084 male
Joan B. Broderick professor of chemistry and biochemistry at Montana State University 0000-0001-7057-9124 Joan female
Wladek Minor structural biologist 0000-0001-7075-7090 male
Jørn Wetterslev researcher 0000-0001-7778-1771 male
Panos Deloukas researcher 0000-0001-9251-070X male
Fernando Rivadeneira researcher 0000-0001-9435-9441 male
Christian Grefkes researcher 0000-0002-1656-720X Christian male
Marjo-Riitta Jarvelin researcher 0000-0002-2149-0630 female
Jan Steyaert researcher 0000-0002-3825-874X male
Antonio Torroni researcher 0000-0002-4163-4478 Antonio male
Eloise Mastrangelo researcher 0000-0002-5968-8386 female
Maryann E. Martone researcher 0000-0002-8406-3871 neuroinformatics Maryann female
Caroline A Crowther obstetrician and gynecologist 0000-0002-9079-4451 obstetrics
Laurence Florens researcher 0000-0002-9310-6650 female
Hreinn Stefansson researcher 0000-0002-9331-6666 male
Ivan Solà researcher 0000-0003-0078-3706 male
Abigail Ripstra American design researcher 0000-0003-2224-5095 Wikimedia Research female
Alex Pollock researcher 0000-0003-4941-7985
Tom Brown 0000-0002-6538-3036 male
Pim Cuijpers researcher 0000-0001-5497-2743 male
Sam Griffiths-Jones researcher 0000-0001-6043-807X male
Kostas Tokatlidis researcher 0000-0001-6295-8183 male
Lari Lehtiö researcher 0000-0001-7250-832X
Laura Cendron researcher 0000-0002-0125-0461 female
Bertrand Séraphin researcher 0000-0002-5168-1921 Bertrand male
Bernhard Schermer researcher 0000-0002-5194-9000 male
Iosief Abraha researcher 0000-0002-5440-775X male
John Volckens researcher 0000-0002-7563-9525 John male
Marco Bellinzoni researcher 0000-0002-8887-6917 male
Igor B. Dawid biochemist 0000-0003-0579-5693 molecular genetics
developmental biology
232728904 male
Stefania Ferrari researcher 0000-0003-1149-5953 female
Jean Dubuisson researcher 0000-0003-1626-7693 male
Leighton Coates researcher 0000-0003-2342-049X male
Cecilia Pozzi researcher 0000-0003-2574-3911 Cecilia female
Anne Zeleniuch-Jacquotte researcher 0000-0001-9350-1303 female
Peter Macheroux researcher 0000-0002-0242-454X male
Alessandro Achilli researcher 0000-0001-6871-3451 male
Søren Hauberg Danish machine learning researcher 0000-0001-7223-877X Cognitive Systems
Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems
UCPH Department of Computer Science
Søren male
Subhashish Panigrahi Wikimedian, author 0000-0002-3665-8184 male Subhashish Panigrahi at Wikimania 2016
Rolf Boelens researcher 0000-0002-6939-8913 male
Katleen De Preter researcher 0000-0002-7726-5096 female
Gert Bange researcher 0000-0002-7826-0932 male
Mait Metspalu researcher 0000-0003-3099-9161 male
Alison Gail Smith Professor of Plant Biochemistry in the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Cambridge, UK. 0000-0001-6511-5704 female
Antonia F. de C. Hamilton researcher 0000-0001-8000-0219 Antonia female
Paul C. Knox researcher 0000-0002-2578-7335 Paul male
Elisabete Weiderpass researcher 0000-0003-2237-0128 female
Moheen Reeyad Bangladeshi poet, author, editor, publisher, and internet activist. 0000-0001-9275-486X Bengali poetry
Bengali Literature
Abhiyatree Tin Gantabya Ek
University of Chittagong
Wikimedia Bangladesh‎
6289149619420604010009 male Moheen Reeyad
John C. Moore Brittish glaciologist and paleoclimatologist, professor of climate change (Arctic Centre, University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland) and visiting chief scientist (Beijing Normal University, China) 0000-0001-8271-5787 John male
Walter Leitner 0000-0001-6100-9656 311482337 male
José Manuel González González 0000-0002-0383-2721 El arquitecto Ignacio Mª de Michelena y la influencia vasca en la casa consistorial de Cáceres 63413342 José Manuel male
Cristian R Munteanu scientist working in Spain 0000-0002-5628-2268 Department of Bioinformatics - BiGCaT male
Anne-Mieke Vandamme researcher 0000-0002-6594-2766 female
Anna-Sapfo Malaspinas researcher 0000-0003-1001-7511 female
Pernilla Wittung-Stafshede Swedish biophysical chemist 0000-0003-1058-1964 145666700 Pernilla female
Larry Peiperl researcher 0000-0003-1237-4846 Larry male
Núria López-Bigas Researcher on computational cancer genomics 0000-0003-4925-8988 169494244 female
David Zeitlyn British anthropologist 0000-0001-5853-7351 22235364 male
Dorothy Yeboah-Manu researcher 0000-0002-1663-6287 female
Sylvain Brisse researcher 0000-0002-2516-2108 male
Pontus Skoglund Swedish population geneticist 0000-0002-3021-5913 Pontus male
Consuelo Mata Parreño Valencian archaeologist 0000-0002-4260-4748 17397802 Consuelo female Consuelo Mata Parreño
Michael Dannemann researcher 0000-0002-7076-8731 male
Bettina Böttcher researcher 0000-0002-7962-4849 female
Irene Gallego Romero researcher 0000-0003-1613-8998 female
Arlene Chan researcher 0000-0003-2135-2286 female
Régis Tournebize researcher 0000-0003-3000-6801 male
Claudia Schurmann researcher 0000-0003-4158-9192 female
Jonas Kristoffer Lindeløv researcher 0000-0003-4565-0595 Jonas male
Andreas Trier Poulsen researcher 0000-0001-7177-786X machine learning Cognitive Systems Andreas male
Robert Hoehndorf researcher 0000-0001-8149-5890 male
Ben Schöttker researcher 0000-0002-1217-4521 male
Geoffrey R. Hutchison researcher 0000-0002-1757-1980 Geoffrey male
Gerard Manning bioinformatician 0000-0002-5087-9151 Gerard male
Hermann Brenner researcher 0000-0002-6129-1572 male
Andreas Thom 0000-0002-7245-2861 42783376 male
Richard Wilding British academic and business professional specialising in logistics, transport and supply chain management 0000-0002-8547-6133 304366447 Richard male
Gaetano T. Montelione Distinguished Professor (Molecular Biology and Biochemistry), Rutgers University 0000-0002-9440-3059 male
Jesper Løve Hinrich researcher 0000-0003-0258-7151 Cognitive Systems Jesper male
Chris Hartgerink Dutch scientist at Tilburg University 0000-0003-1050-6809 Tilburg University male
David Remsen researcher 0000-0003-1289-0840 male
Jelte M Wicherts researcher 0000-0003-2415-2933 Jelte male
Francis Quétier researcher 0000-0003-4388-9287 male
Ingo Braasch researcher 0000-0003-4766-611X male
Bradley Miller 0000-0003-3663-5473
Michael Szell researcher 0000-0003-3022-2483 Central European University male
Sander van Noort 0000-0003-2763-6642
Eduardo Mena Nieto 0000-0002-7462-0080 48731375 Eduardo male
Mikel Luján Royal Society University Research Fellow in the School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester 0000-0002-0842-1083 male
Edwin Hancock 0000-0003-4496-2028 male
Pierre Rustin researcher 0000-0002-5500-7280 206083244 male
Steve Sturdy Principal Investigator of the Making Genomic Medicine Project at the University of Edinburgh; Professor of the Sociology of Medical Knowledge 0000-0002-3273-1727 311365764
Steve male
Doris Zallen Professor of Science and Technology Studies at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia 0000-0002-5688-5640 40708094 Doris female
Andy Ness Professor of Epidemiology 0000-0003-3548-9523 Andy male
Bruce Fischl neuroscientist 0000-0002-2413-1115 Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging male
Núria Queralt Rosinach chemist, bioinformatician 0000-0003-0169-8159 Scripps Research Institute 305881449 Nuria female
Nick Black health services researcher 0000-0003-4771-3481 78799804 Nick male
Jodi Schneider information science researcher 0000-0002-5098-5667 Jodi female
Heli Nevanlinna researcher 0000-0002-0916-2976
Gavin Sherlock researcher 0000-0002-1692-4983 male
Aarno Palotie Finnish professor and director of Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM; Univ. of Helsinki); visiting professor of Broad Institute (MIT & Havard, Boston, USA); senior investigator of Sanger institute (Wellcome Trust, UK) 0000-0002-2527-5874 Aarno male
Jaakko Kaprio researcher 0000-0002-3716-2455
Bo-Christer Björk researcher 0000-0003-1545-9642 male
Philippe Archambault Canadian marine biologist 0000-0001-5986-6149 316974398 male
Mikko Sams Finnish professor of cognitive neuroscience (Aalto University), academy professor (Academy of Finland) 0000-0002-1992-484X 6510557 male
Arie Zaban Israeli chemist 0000-0002-2315-6134 98512467 Arie male Arie Zaban
Maria Helena Braga 0000-0003-4577-2154
Ulrich Güldener researcher 0000-0001-5052-8610 male
Albert Jeltsch researcher 0000-0001-6113-9290 male
Jonathan M. Dugan American researcher and open science advocate 0000-0001-8525-6221 science
Open Culture
Initiative for Open Citations
Jonathan male
Carmela Gissi researcher 0000-0002-2269-079X female
Merete Fredholm researcher 0000-0002-3563-7648 female
Romy Lauche researcher 0000-0002-4171-7935 female
Yemisi Takwoingi researcher 0000-0002-5828-9746
Sunita Vohra researcher 0000-0002-6210-7933
Dagmar Wilhelm researcher 0000-0002-7757-4075 female
Francesco Forastiere researcher 0000-0002-9162-5684 male
Jean-Charles Lambert researcher 0000-0003-0829-7817 male
Inga Prokopenko 0000-0003-1624-7457 female
Sergios-Orestis Kolokotronis researcher 0000-0003-3309-8465 male
Gustavo Nino-Vega researcher 0000-0003-3760-5620 male
Roger L. Williams Structural biologist and group leader, Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology at the University of Cambridge 0000-0001-7754-4207 Roger male
Hubert Schorle researcher 0000-0001-8272-0076 male
Petra Van Damme researcher 0000-0001-9090-027X female
Maria Pala researcher 0000-0001-9202-8331 female
Vincent Giguère researcher 0000-0001-9567-3694 male
Francisco Javier Nogueras Iso 0000-0002-1279-0367 Francisco Javier male
Christophe Dessimoz researcher 0000-0002-2170-853X 14145602348201360908
Christophe male
Gavin Salam theoretical particle physicist at CERN 0000-0002-2655-4373 Gavin male
Thor Aspelund researcher 0000-0002-7998-5433 male
Jacco Wallinga researcher 0000-0003-1725-5627 male
Niel Hens researcher 0000-0003-1881-0637 male
Ans van Kemenade 0000-0003-3209-8316 female
Enrico Girardi researcher 0000-0003-3508-2723 male
Frank Baas researcher 0000-0003-3912-5428 male
Domenico De Berardis researcher 0000-0003-4415-5058 male
Nabila Bouatia-Naji researcher 0000-0001-5424-2134 female
Lothar Gremer researcher 0000-0001-7065-5027 male
Enrico Schleiff researcher 0000-0002-0518-3489 male
Pertti Panula Finnish professor of biomedicine (University of Helsinki) 0000-0002-1189-5132 236219195 male
Volkhard Helms researcher 0000-0002-2180-9154 male
Kalle Saksela researcher 0000-0003-0827-122X male
Kaarle Hämeri Finnish professor of aerosol physics (University of Helsinki, 2003-), chancellor (University of Helsinki, 2017-) 0000-0003-2667-2174 Kaarle male
Jaina Mistry researcher 0000-0003-2479-5322 Jane female
James Taylor researcher 0000-0001-5079-840X male
Habil Zare researcher 0000-0001-5902-6238
William M McLaren researcher 0000-0001-6218-1116 William male
Matti Karp researcher 0000-0001-6686-4416 Matti male
Ulrich Bodenhofer researcher 0000-0001-6859-8828 male
Pal Pacher researcher 0000-0001-7036-8108
Juan E. Echevarría researcher 0000-0001-7522-850X male
Elizabeth T Cirulli researcher 0000-0001-7808-2809 female
Luis Herrera-Estrella researcher 0000-0001-7936-3856 Luis male
Heidemarie Haller researcher 0000-0001-7973-4071 female
Thomas G Kaye researcher 0000-0001-7996-618X male
Antonio Ceriello researcher 0000-0001-8122-3203 male
Claire E Wainwright researcher 0000-0001-8389-3809 female
Marcel Dicke researcher 0000-0001-8565-8896 male
Edmundo C Grisard researcher 0000-0001-8916-8296 male
Francesca Gandini researcher 0000-0001-8930-8295 female
Sergio Schenkman researcher 0000-0001-9353-8480 male
Brian McKinstry researcher 0000-0001-9581-0468 male
Matteo Brilli researcher 0000-0001-9891-4617 male
Alan R Shuldiner researcher 0000-0001-9921-4305 male
Atsushi Kurabayashi researcher 0000-0002-0381-5219
Eduardo Puelles researcher 0000-0002-0560-9240 male
Per Sunnerhagen researcher 0000-0002-0967-8729 male
Sonia Vázquez-Morón researcher 0000-0002-0977-741X female
Bouke C de Jong researcher 0000-0002-1017-4675
Nicola Segata researcher 0000-0002-1583-5794
Gianni Liti researcher 0000-0002-2318-0775
Margaret L Bauman researcher 0000-0002-3229-0458 female
Paul A Sigala researcher 0000-0002-3464-3042 male
Paolo Tieri researcher 0000-0002-3635-7664 female
Holger Cramer researcher 0000-0002-3640-8046 male
Silvia Parolo researcher 0000-0002-3671-5353 female
Delphine Magis researcher 0000-0002-4392-9413 female
Eric A Miska researcher 0000-0002-4450-576X male
Orla Sheils researcher 0000-0002-4493-9496
Samantha A Brooks researcher 0000-0002-4500-2689 female
Stefano Giuliani researcher 0000-0002-4555-3093 male
Beate St Pourcain researcher 0000-0002-4680-3517 female
Cecilia M Lindgren researcher 0000-0002-4903-9374 Cecilia female
Pui-Yan Kwok researcher 0000-0002-5087-3059
M Thomas P Gilbert researcher 0000-0002-5805-7195
Natalie J Prescott researcher 0000-0002-5901-7371 female
Eder Zucconi researcher 0000-0002-5904-4564 male
Stephen D Auger researcher 0000-0002-5911-7049 male
Antonella Cormio researcher 0000-0002-6029-1722 female
Brian D Metscher researcher 0000-0002-6514-4406 male
Marco A Romano-Silva researcher 0000-0002-6558-4639 male
Gos Micklem researcher 0000-0002-6883-6168
Andrew A Farke researcher 0000-0002-6930-2002 male
Kylie J Boyce researcher 0000-0002-7167-5414 female
Jakob Skou Pedersen researcher 0000-0002-7236-4001 male
Rob M van Dam researcher 0000-0002-7354-8734 male
Yurii S Aulchenko researcher 0000-0002-7899-1575 male
Qiong Lin researcher 0000-0002-7964-6191
Jennifer A Flegg researcher 0000-0002-8809-726X female
Gernot Glöckner researcher 0000-0002-9061-1061 male
Mara H Hutz researcher 0000-0002-9146-1229 female
Nicola J Nadeau researcher 0000-0002-9319-921X
Anna Rita Bonfigli researcher 0000-0002-9619-0181 female
Gwenael Piganeau researcher 0000-0002-9992-4187
Jon Bråte researcher 0000-0003-0490-1175 male
Claude Murat researcher 0000-0003-0685-7307
Arnd Kieser researcher 0000-0003-0783-1950
Yuan-Ping Pang researcher 0000-0003-0838-2560
Janet Piñero researcher 0000-0003-1244-7654 female
Aaron Hanukoglu researcher 0000-0003-1486-6641 male
Olaf Thalmann researcher 0000-0003-1700-0130 male
Robin Mesnage researcher 0000-0003-1732-4741
Colin A Semple researcher 0000-0003-1765-4118
W. Richard McCombie researcher 0000-0003-1899-0682 male
Albert V Smith researcher 0000-0003-1942-5845 male
Christine Gross researcher 0000-0003-2643-5849
Marco Gerlinger researcher 0000-0003-2719-299X male
Klaus Huse researcher 0000-0003-3854-1884 male
Rose Iszati Ismet researcher 0000-0003-3996-8708 female
Alexei J Drummond researcher 0000-0003-4454-2576 male
David Mitchell researcher 0000-0003-4830-5332 male
Armin Ehrenreich researcher 0000-0001-9580-3620 male
Christine Schmucker researcher 0000-0002-1188-3158 female
Andreas Wanninger researcher 0000-0002-3266-5838 male
Eric Maris researcher 0000-0001-5166-1800 male
Seesandra V Rajagopala researcher 0000-0001-7176-5770
Christoph M Friedrich researcher 0000-0001-7906-0038 male
Damian Richard Krompiec researcher 0000-0001-8387-574X male
Graeme Black researcher 0000-0001-8727-6592
Enrico Bertini researcher 0000-0001-9276-4590 male
Bauke Ylstra researcher 0000-0001-9479-3010
Javier Jiménez researcher 0000-0002-0402-4427 male
Lars Clemmensen researcher 0000-0002-1750-4649 male
Peter Redder researcher 0000-0002-3619-632X male
Joshua Pepper researcher 0000-0002-3827-8417
Qunxin She researcher 0000-0002-4448-6669
José Luis Sanz researcher 0000-0002-5214-5725
Evangelos Evangelou researcher 0000-0002-5488-2999 male
William B Dobyns researcher 0000-0002-7681-2844 William male
Steve Majerus researcher 0000-0002-8206-8097 male
Lesley Fallowfield 0000-0003-0577-4518
Caterina Morigi researcher 0000-0003-1340-9932 female
Mauricio Sergio Zacarias researcher 0000-0003-2597-7566
Arnim Jenett researcher 0000-0003-3039-2060 male
Speranza Masala researcher 0000-0003-4943-9164
Jeffrey D Nusbaum researcher 0000-0001-5024-8256 male
Juan J Calvete researcher 0000-0001-5026-3122 male
Anuradhani Kasturiratne researcher 0000-0001-5260-2394
Alexander M Naseka researcher 0000-0001-5308-7224
Michael H Herzog researcher 0000-0001-5433-1030
Daniel Cifuentes researcher 0000-0001-5442-4843 male
Peter Penzes researcher 0000-0001-5449-1640 male
Kessy Abarenkov researcher 0000-0001-5526-4845
Elena Angulo researcher 0000-0001-5545-4032 female
Patrick M Nolan researcher 0000-0001-5550-0334 male
Valerio Scarani researcher 0000-0001-5594-5616
Alexander M Walter researcher 0000-0001-5646-4750 male
Kyle S Van Houtan researcher 0000-0001-5725-1773
Armen Y Mulkidjanian researcher 0000-0001-5844-3064
Wei J Chen researcher 0000-0001-5899-5870
Franz Hölker researcher 0000-0001-5932-266X male
Wen-Chung Wang researcher 0000-0001-6022-1567
Cheryl-lynn Y Ong researcher 0000-0001-6036-6889 female
Duccio Medini researcher 0000-0001-6041-2603 male
Christopher Granade researcher 0000-0001-6233-3132
Todd P Michael researcher 0000-0001-6272-2875 male
Genta Ito researcher 0000-0001-6370-1099
Laura Rossini researcher 0000-0001-6509-9177 female
Rui Faria researcher 0000-0001-6635-685X
Marc Girondot researcher 0000-0001-6645-8530 male
Myeong Soo Lee researcher 0000-0001-6651-7641
Wirulda Pootakham researcher 0000-0001-6721-6453
Ethan P White researcher 0000-0001-6728-7745 male
Haitao Li researcher 0000-0001-6741-293X
Barbara Michiels researcher 0000-0001-6904-9919 female
Lisa Jones-Engel researcher 0000-0001-6912-494X female
Lear Brace researcher 0000-0001-6961-9758
Dennis W Dickson researcher 0000-0001-7189-7917 male
Reg Watson researcher 0000-0001-7201-8865
Daniel G Bradley researcher 0000-0001-7335-7092 male
Naveen Kumar researcher 0000-0001-7364-6601
Elisabetta Visalberghi researcher 0000-0001-7407-5468 female
Ryan J Hartmaier researcher 0000-0001-7416-6036
Hong-Ye Li researcher 0000-0001-7427-0706
David L Corcoran researcher 0000-0001-7460-9247 male
Cai Li researcher 0000-0001-7843-2151
Hang Xie researcher 0000-0001-7849-7422
Juan C Opazo researcher 0000-0001-7938-4083 male
Guy Cochrane researcher 0000-0001-7954-7057
Bruno Lemaitre researcher 0000-0001-7970-1667 male
Michael B Bennett researcher 0000-0001-8051-0040 male
Gustavo Glusman researcher 0000-0001-8060-5955 male
Pedro Beja researcher 0000-0001-8164-0760 male
Cristian Del Fabbro researcher 0000-0001-8189-6192 male
Bence Rethi researcher 0000-0001-8220-5015
Philip W Ingham researcher 0000-0001-8224-9958 male
Haruhiko Koseki researcher 0000-0001-8424-5854
Hans A De Raedt researcher 0000-0001-8461-4015 male
Oskar Hansson researcher 0000-0001-8467-7286 male
Gáspár Jékely researcher 0000-0001-8496-9836 male
Jakob Krieger researcher 0000-0001-8546-3319 male
Tom Johnstone researcher 0000-0001-8635-8158 male
Barbara J Ruef researcher 0000-0001-8690-979X female
Gordon Luikart researcher 0000-0001-8697-0582 male
You Sook Cho researcher 0000-0001-8767-2667
Veronique Kiermer researcher 0000-0001-8771-7239 female
You-Me Kim researcher 0000-0001-8780-704X
Chunlei Liu researcher 0000-0001-8816-4832
Eric M Fèvre researcher 0000-0001-8931-4986 male
Ping Sheng researcher 0000-0001-9000-6366
Mircea A Schoenfeld researcher 0000-0001-9003-4092
Xavier Bonfils researcher 0000-0001-9003-8894 male
Johannes Girstmair researcher 0000-0001-9029-3625 male
John D Mathews researcher 0000-0001-9029-7140 John male
Thomas R Gingeras researcher 0000-0001-9106-3573 male
Olivier Glaizot researcher 0000-0001-9116-3355
Martin Kircher researcher 0000-0001-9278-5471 male
Daniel Gerlach researcher 0000-0001-9338-3765 male
Cyril Branciard researcher 0000-0001-9460-825X
Aline Alves Oliveira researcher 0000-0001-9605-6276 female
Christina D Moon researcher 0000-0001-9692-9559 female
Pierre Cardol researcher 0000-0001-9799-0546 male
Gerhard Steiner researcher 0000-0001-9845-1026 male
Stefan Uttenthaler researcher 0000-0002-0055-3815 male
Ben J Mans researcher 0000-0002-0177-0029 male
Michael E Habicht researcher 0000-0002-0193-9672
Nicola Saino researcher 0000-0002-0230-3967
Stacey S Cherny researcher 0000-0002-0269-3352 female
Keith T Jones researcher 0000-0002-0294-0851 male
Amitabha Bandyopadhyay researcher 0000-0002-0429-438X
Griselda Pulido-Flores researcher 0000-0002-0454-8466
Jacquelyn S Fetrow researcher 0000-0002-0528-2049 female
Sanne Lemcke researcher 0000-0002-0542-713X
Christopher J Lengner researcher 0000-0002-0574-5189 male
Roman H Khonsari researcher 0000-0002-0649-1432 male
Sarah J Lindsay researcher 0000-0002-0965-3070 female
Alexandre Alcais researcher 0000-0002-1012-2226 male
Heather Flewelling researcher 0000-0002-1050-4056
Juan Carlos Espín researcher 0000-0002-1068-8692 male
Nicholas B Allen researcher 0000-0002-1086-6639 male
Martin Messerle researcher 0000-0002-1227-3933 male
Thomas D Otto researcher 0000-0002-1246-7404 male
Nicholas Putnam researcher 0000-0002-1315-782X
Josephine A Reinhardt researcher 0000-0002-1345-2976 female
Ewart W Kuijk researcher 0000-0002-1385-6516 male
Ellen E Freeman researcher 0000-0002-1403-8427
Susana Guix researcher 0000-0002-1588-3198 female
Albano Beja-Pereira researcher 0000-0002-1607-7382 male
Christian Becker researcher 0000-0002-1716-7208 male
Henri-Jacques Delecluse researcher 0000-0002-1744-6274 male
Daniel J Field researcher 0000-0002-1786-0352 male
Adam D Gordon researcher 0000-0002-1807-4644 male
Edwina McGlinn researcher 0000-0002-1829-986X female
Matthew R Krause researcher 0000-0002-1837-687X male
Andrew J Pask researcher 0000-0002-1900-2263 male
Svetlana V Dentovskaya researcher 0000-0002-1996-8949 female
Elena Nassonova researcher 0000-0002-2013-0748 female
Bette Korber researcher 0000-0002-2026-5757
John D Bullough researcher 0000-0002-2054-0130 John male
Giuseppe Maulucci researcher 0000-0002-2154-319X male
Vanessa L Bailey researcher 0000-0002-2248-8890 female
Adriana Sandoval-Comte researcher 0000-0002-2265-465X
Stefan Johansson researcher 0000-0002-2298-7008 male
Russell S Thomas researcher 0000-0002-2340-0301
Xiaohua Douglas Zhang researcher 0000-0002-2486-7931
Timothy R Sampson researcher 0000-0002-2486-8766 male
Stephen A Duncan researcher 0000-0002-2507-7827 male
Alexandra Vaisman researcher 0000-0002-2521-1467 female
Catherine Chojenta researcher 0000-0002-2541-4491
Greg Fegan researcher 0000-0002-2663-2765
Luca Jovine researcher 0000-0002-2679-6946
Douglas L Theobald researcher 0000-0002-2695-8343 male
Erika Salvi researcher 0000-0002-2724-2291 female
Li-Jun Ma researcher 0000-0002-2733-3708
Miguel Monteiro researcher 0000-0002-2804-4166 male
Markus C Wahl researcher 0000-0002-2811-5307 male
Valina L Dawson researcher 0000-0002-2915-3970 female
Chih-Wei Huang researcher 0000-0002-2921-4294
Matthias Rupp researcher 0000-0002-2934-2958 male
Giorgio Grasselli researcher 0000-0002-2942-9615 male
Bronwen Aken researcher 0000-0002-3032-4095
Stephen L Macknik researcher 0000-0002-3143-9230
Javier Buesa researcher 0000-0002-3328-3428 male
Richard Sandstrom researcher 0000-0002-3356-1547 male
Ulrika Aasa researcher 0000-0002-3383-0540
Diego Pedro Vázquez researcher 0000-0002-3449-5748
Isla S Mackenzie researcher 0000-0002-3680-7127
Paloma Mas researcher 0000-0002-3780-8041
John D Helmann researcher 0000-0002-3832-3249 John male
Jason A Hodgson researcher 0000-0002-3849-2245 male
Joseph P Mizgerd researcher 0000-0002-4042-3169 male
Marc Thilo Figge researcher 0000-0002-4044-9166 male
David J Bearss researcher 0000-0002-4280-5670 male
Teresa H Jones researcher 0000-0002-4357-689X
Paola D'Alessandro researcher 0000-0002-4481-9152 female
Luke V Rasmussen researcher 0000-0002-4497-8049
Irena Sailer researcher 0000-0002-4537-7624 female
Gaetano Bertino researcher 0000-0002-4557-2649 male
Anna Muszewska researcher 0000-0002-4578-844X female
Robert Baertsch researcher 0000-0002-4733-2649 male
Eveline C Verhulst researcher 0000-0002-4781-535X female
Bruno M Vieira researcher 0000-0002-4878-6431 male
Bernd Fritzsch researcher 0000-0002-4882-8398 male
Susan L Forsburg researcher 0000-0002-4895-8598 female
Jason H Moore researcher 0000-0002-5015-1099 male
Arndt Büssing researcher 0000-0002-5025-7950
Marta Coimbra Marques researcher 0000-0002-5093-5918 female
Ross Thompson researcher 0000-0002-5287-2455 male
Stav Kemeny researcher 0000-0002-5292-215X
Daniel Parker researcher 0000-0002-5352-7338 male
Takeshi Kon researcher 0000-0002-5430-3213
Justin Moat researcher 0000-0002-5513-3615 male
Eray Tuzun researcher 0000-0002-5550-7816
Jarosław Króliczewski researcher 0000-0002-5895-5104 male
Joshua O Island researcher 0000-0002-6074-9414 male
Liborio Stuppia researcher 0000-0002-6232-0996
Ino Agrafioti researcher 0000-0002-6374-2322
Graeme T Attwood researcher 0000-0002-6443-8760
Sriram Narayanan researcher 0000-0002-6484-2800
François Petit researcher 0000-0002-6506-8060 male
Seralynne D Vann researcher 0000-0002-6709-8773
John R Hutchinson researcher 0000-0002-6767-7038 John male
Lyn Griffiths researcher 0000-0002-6774-5475
Richard J Stanton researcher 0000-0002-6799-1182 male
Lucy S Tusting researcher 0000-0002-6897-8625 female
John K Colbourne researcher 0000-0002-6966-2972 John male
Letizia Gnetti researcher 0000-0002-6982-5188
Erik E Cordes researcher 0000-0002-6989-2348 male
Lars Ellgaard researcher 0000-0002-7018-0137 male
Sofia Marques da Silva researcher 0000-0002-7054-6645 female
Xuhui Huang researcher 0000-0002-7119-9358
Steve Baeyen researcher 0000-0002-7192-2403
Ola Hansson researcher 0000-0002-7394-7639
Michael J Pazin researcher 0000-0002-7561-3640 male
B. Tomé researcher 0000-0002-7564-8392
Rohan A Elliott researcher 0000-0002-7750-9724
Jason Gross researcher 0000-0002-7771-2757
Lawrence O Ticknor researcher 0000-0002-7967-7908
Jan A Witkowski researcher 0000-0002-8159-2874 male
Benedikt M Kessler researcher 0000-0002-8160-2446
Eleftherios Bonos researcher 0000-0002-8166-564X male
Paolo Franchini researcher 0000-0002-8184-1463 female
Devin R Scannell researcher 0000-0002-8188-5992
Kathryn Patterson Sutherland researcher 0000-0002-8192-1500 female
Derek L Stemple researcher 0000-0002-8296-9928 male
Nitish Narula researcher 0000-0002-8309-8642
Sarah E Hunt researcher 0000-0002-8350-1235 female
Teresa Rito researcher 0000-0002-8374-6347 female
Carl J Schmidt researcher 0000-0002-8386-4781 male
Shin-Da Lee researcher 0000-0002-8393-8349
Andrew Wilber researcher 0000-0002-8457-599X male
Gregory J Cost researcher 0000-0002-8509-4653 male
Hans J Jansen researcher 0000-0002-8563-4146 male
Giorgio Manzi researcher 0000-0002-8611-1371 male
Gerald R Smith researcher 0000-0002-8747-1352 male
Mihaela Zavolan researcher 0000-0002-8832-2041 female
Alexander Suh researcher 0000-0002-8979-9992 male
Su-Ting T Li researcher 0000-0002-9104-912X
Hendrik Veelken researcher 0000-0002-9108-3125 male
Patricia L Thibodeau researcher 0000-0002-9162-813X
Buzz Baum researcher 0000-0002-9201-6186
Michael J Wood researcher 0000-0002-9277-1878
Saul Purton researcher 0000-0002-9342-1773
Eric Garnier researcher 0000-0002-9392-5154 male
Joshua S Rest researcher 0000-0002-9582-1041 male
Jeffrey M Kidd researcher 0000-0002-9631-1465 male
Vivek Kapur researcher 0000-0002-9648-0138 male
Tsvi Tlusty researcher 0000-0002-9662-3725
Benjamin Lamp researcher 0000-0002-9668-1896
Michael Baudis researcher 0000-0002-9903-4248 male
Tudor Barbu researcher 0000-0002-9919-7776 Tudor male
Pasi K Korhonen researcher 0000-0002-9957-4674
P. Abreu researcher 0000-0002-9973-7314
Neelanjan Mukherjee researcher 0000-0003-0017-1400
Paola Lombardo researcher 0000-0003-0058-7692
Sanjeev Krishna researcher 0000-0003-0066-0634
Markus Jokela researcher 0000-0003-0117-0012 male
Rachel Isaksson Vogel researcher 0000-0003-0149-8464 female
Mark A Bellgrove researcher 0000-0003-0186-8349 male
Jordi Viñas researcher 0000-0003-0193-1141
Albino Bacolla researcher 0000-0003-0206-8423
Angelo Bisazza researcher 0000-0003-0209-7638 male
Andrew P Allen researcher 0000-0003-0304-7544 male
Francesca M Buffa researcher 0000-0003-0409-406X
Steven Bates researcher 0000-0003-0489-5705 male
Barak A Pearlmutter researcher 0000-0003-0521-4553
Silvio Peroni Italian computer scientist 0000-0003-0530-4305 OpenCitations
Initiative for Open Citations
Silvio male
Cory S Sheffield researcher 0000-0003-0603-7333
Katherine R Bull researcher 0000-0003-0656-0917 female
Luca Topazio researcher 0000-0003-0712-1510
Giuseppe Legname researcher 0000-0003-0716-4393 male
Carol A Munro researcher 0000-0003-0761-1755 female
David W Kennedy researcher 0000-0003-0763-501X male
Igor I. Baskin researcher 0000-0003-0874-1148 male
Jianlin Gong researcher 0000-0003-0910-014X
Patrick R Benusiglio researcher 0000-0003-1003-1997 male
Cheng-Cheng Liu researcher 0000-0003-1028-2454
Jeff R Powell researcher 0000-0003-1091-2452 male
Dae-Kyun Ro researcher 0000-0003-1288-5347
Jens Bangsbo researcher 0000-0003-1305-9274 male
Martin Fenner German researcher and open science advocate 0000-0003-1419-2405 ORCID iD
Initiative for Open Citations
Martin male
Hailiang Huang researcher 0000-0003-1461-5762
Steven Ball researcher 0000-0003-1629-1650 male
Jonas Margot researcher 0000-0003-1673-8993 male
James Holland Jones researcher 0000-0003-1680-6757 male
Stephen W Attwood researcher 0000-0003-1717-1677 male
Kazumasa Wakamatsu researcher 0000-0003-1748-9001
Ann C Vossen researcher 0000-0003-1750-2843 female
Andrew J Millar researcher 0000-0003-1756-3654 male
Andrea De Simone researcher 0000-0003-1887-0410
Andrew C Allan researcher 0000-0003-1944-7067 male
Augustine I Doronila researcher 0000-0003-1987-1976
Kipom Kim researcher 0000-0003-2005-958X
Jacob Hanna researcher 0000-0003-2042-9974 male
Pierre Andreoletti researcher 0000-0003-2118-7858
Rebecca A Mosher researcher 0000-0003-2195-0825 female
Angel Pizarro researcher 0000-0003-2263-2255 female
John Wiseman researcher 0000-0003-2276-5517 John male
Cynthia B Whitchurch researcher 0000-0003-2296-3791 female
Denis Music researcher 0000-0003-2303-3676
Hilary Ranson researcher 0000-0003-2332-8247 female
Mikkel Schubert researcher 0000-0003-2401-9921 male
Adeel Safdar researcher 0000-0003-2469-0467 male
Kim Zarse researcher 0000-0003-2542-6123
Oliver Delgado researcher 0000-0003-2547-5857 male
Kai Kaarniranta researcher 0000-0003-2600-8679
Alexander Stark researcher 0000-0003-2611-0841 male
Luca Comai researcher 0000-0003-2642-6619
Adolfo G Navarro-Sigüenza researcher 0000-0003-2652-7719
Krishna Das researcher 0000-0003-2689-3348
Miguel Xavier researcher 0000-0003-2698-1284 male
Tim J Peters researcher 0000-0003-2881-4180 male
Cassandra G Extavour researcher 0000-0003-2922-5855 female
Jeremy D Murray researcher 0000-0003-3000-9199 male
Patrick Park researcher 0000-0003-3075-4519 male
Balázs Papp researcher 0000-0003-3093-8852
Jonathan V Sweedler researcher 0000-0003-3107-9922 male
Lisbeth Flores-García researcher 0000-0003-3120-0059 female
Xin Liu researcher 0000-0003-3256-2940
Devi Stuart-Fox researcher 0000-0003-3362-1412
Alexander Dobrovic researcher 0000-0003-3414-112X male
James E Bron researcher 0000-0003-3544-0519 male
David B Allison researcher 0000-0003-3566-9399 male
Michael N. Romanov researcher 0000-0003-3584-4644 male
Estelle Proux-Wéra researcher 0000-0003-3752-1806 female
Tomas Vinar researcher 0000-0003-3898-3447 male
Dirk Lang researcher 0000-0003-3901-2079 male
Cicely Kerr researcher 0000-0003-3921-0841
Kristina Aldridge researcher 0000-0003-3924-761X female
Martin J. Lercher researcher 0000-0003-3940-1621 male
Animesh Datta researcher 0000-0003-4021-4655
Armaz Aschrafi researcher 0000-0003-4089-0960
James J Cimino researcher 0000-0003-4101-1622 male
Fadia Ceccarelli researcher 0000-0003-4117-7366
Kazutaka Katoh researcher 0000-0003-4133-8393
Abhishek Kumar researcher 0000-0003-4172-4059
Jeremy Austin researcher 0000-0003-4244-2942 male
Inês Santos Martins researcher 0000-0003-4328-7286 female
Peggy Farnham researcher 0000-0003-4469-7914 female
Geoffrey W Abbott researcher 0000-0003-4552-496X male
Erika Sallet researcher 0000-0003-4637-473X female
David Lawrence researcher 0000-0003-4700-1425 male
Weng-Onn Lui researcher 0000-0003-4717-4473
Enrique Macpherson researcher 0000-0003-4849-4532
Andrea Kübler researcher 0000-0003-4876-0415
Giancarlo Pesce researcher 0000-0003-4925-6325 male
Libia Sanz researcher 0000-0003-4991-9598 female
Gudmundur A Thorisson researcher 0000-0001-5635-1860
Gildas Merceron researcher 0000-0001-5777-7126
Miguel A. Peinado researcher 0000-0002-4090-793X male
Grant Searchfield 0000-0001-7303-2159 male
Ilan Dinstein 0000-0001-8106-5209
Richard Harding 0000-0001-9653-8689 male
Catalina Betancur 0000-0002-3327-4804 female
Giacomo Caio 0000-0002-4244-4529
Marco A. Pierotti 0000-0002-7431-8332 male
Claire Thorne 0000-0003-0389-1956
Umberto Volta 0000-0003-3405-3808
R. Marques 0000-0001-6239-5456
R. Prix 0000-0002-3789-6424
A. Tricomi 0000-0002-5071-5501
Fernando Pistón 0000-0002-5496-0205
P. Mantsch 0000-0002-8382-7745
Andrea K Kress 0000-0002-8568-9526
Stéphane Hué 0000-0002-8580-6905
M. J. Tannenbaum 0000-0002-8840-5314
J. P. A. M. de André 0000-0002-8905-1351
Ignacio Rego-Pérez 0000-0003-1754-1164
Teodoro S. Kaufman 0000-0003-3173-2178
Weijia Wen 0000-0003-3784-7494
Pablo J. López-González 0000-0002-7348-6270
Ulises Cortés researcher 0000-0003-0192-3096 artificial intelligence
machine learning
Ulises male
Borja Figueirido 0000-0003-2542-3977
Keith R. Briffa 0000-0003-3323-3639
Laura R Botigué 0000-0001-7114-5168 female
D Jasper G Rees 0000-0003-3321-1325
平沢敬 0000-0002-5183-2953
秋山隆彦 0000-0003-4709-4107
Akira F. Peters 0000-0001-5332-199X
Karen Hilburn 0000-0001-7928-7216 female
Howard Ratner Executive Director of CHOR, Inc. 0000-0002-2123-6317 Howard male
Balint Z Kacsoh 0000-0001-9171-0611
Markus P Kummer 0000-0002-0993-2918 male
Ole A. Andreassen 0000-0002-4461-3568 male
Ed Pentz 0000-0002-5993-8592 Ed male
Cathryn M. Lewis 0000-0002-8249-8476 female
Kevin J Woollard 0000-0002-9839-5463
Laura Herrero 0000-0003-4244-4673 female
Jiri Pikula 0000-0001-8747-9365
Julie K Young 0000-0003-4522-0157 female
Ana Rosa Viguera 0000-0002-7688-8099
Stefan Schandelmaier 0000-0002-8429-0337
Margaret Palmer 0000-0003-1468-7993
Takehiko Itoh researcher 0000-0002-6113-557X male
Philippe Christe 0000-0002-8605-7002
Cathal Seoighe Professor of Bioinformatics at the National University of Ireland, Galway 0000-0003-0496-4029 male
Martin Hájek 0000-0001-9213-6404
Markus Rampp 0000-0001-8177-8698
S. G. Aller researcher at the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Alabama at Birmingham 0000-0003-0379-5534
Tim Berners-Lee British computer scientist 0000-0003-1279-3709 information technology
computer science
World Wide Web 85312226 Tim
male Tim Berners-Lee
Kathleen C. Taylor American chemist, developed the catalytic converter for cars. 0000-0001-9841-4508 Kathleen female
Samuel Jacob Klein American physicist, programmer, speaker, technologist and knowledge curator 0000-0002-1626-4444 Samuel male Samuel Klein
Gilles-Éric Séralini French professor of molecular biology 0000-0002-4428-5592 105027350 Gilles male
Boris Sket Slovene zoologist 0000-0002-7398-5483 250636237 Boris male Boris Sket
Frances A. Rosamond Australian computer scientist 0000-0002-5097-9929 48943244 Frances female
Sue Black British computer scientist 0000-0002-9315-9517 Sue female
Carol Greider molecular biologist 0000-0002-5494-8126 molecular biology 14925598 Carolyn female Carol Greider
David Hanna British physicist 0000-0002-1985-9865 109825571 David male
Robert W. Field American chemist 0000-0002-7609-4205 14842908 Robert male
Klaus Kubinger Austrian psychologist 0000-0001-5236-5114 55713409 Klaus male
Wolfgang Gratzer österreichischer Musikwissenschaftler 0000-0001-6619-6956 73929507 Wolfgang male
Wolfgang Feist German physicist 0000-0001-7225-5190 62370034 Wolfgang male
Anna Frebel Astronomer 0000-0002-2139-7145 9666385 Anna female
Johan Håstad Swedish computer scientist 0000-0002-5379-345X 94133224 Johan male
Bernhard Thalheim German computer scientist 0000-0002-7909-7786 62164507 Bernhard male
Wolfgang Cramer German geographer 0000-0002-9205-5812 30758630 Wolfgang male
Boris Kerner German physicist 0000-0003-0513-0982 72476877 Boris male
Joachim Kaiser German music critic 0000-0003-0815-2706 37768504 Joachim male Joachim Kaiser
Michael Ristow German physician 0000-0003-2109-2453 207366663 Michael male
Antje Boetius German biologist 0000-0003-2117-4176 232314642 Antje female
Wietse Venema Dutch computer scientist 0000-0003-4127-7519 289619820 male
Pierre Gros French archaeologist 0000-0001-6809-7126 70045446 Pierre male
Reinhold Leinfelder German paleontologist 0000-0002-4107-2161 22230998 Reinhold male
Werner Greuter Swiss botanist 0000-0002-8677-7544 44388294 Werner male
Susumu Tonegawa Japanese biologist 0000-0003-2839-8228 molecular biology 16309697 Susumu male Susumu Tonegawa
Andre Gingrich Austrian anthropologist 0000-0003-2922-0552 56638136 Andre male
Václav Hampl Czech director of Czech rectors conference, senator of Czech Parliament, university educator and sciecist 0000-0001-5776-4624 84841635 Václav male Václav Hampl
Paul Alivisatos American scientists specialising in chemistry 0000-0001-6895-9048 192837313 Paul male
Harry Atwater Howard Hughes Professor/Professor of Applied Physics/Materials Science/California Institute of Technology 0000-0001-9435-0201 Harry male
Brian Schmidt American-Australian astrophysicist and Nobel laureate 0000-0002-8538-9195 astrophysics 51463743 Brian male Brian Schmidt
Steven Pinker psychologist, linguist, author 0000-0002-2319-4085 experimental psychology 108149508 Steven male Steven Pinker
Luciano Floridi Italian philosopher 0000-0002-5444-2280 64109500 Luciano male
Andreas Küttel Ski jumper 0000-0003-0235-3590 211868388 Andreas male Andreas Küttel
Avshalom Elitzur Israeli academic 0000-0002-4578-5986 17510363 male
Peter C. Doherty Australian veterinary surgeon 0000-0002-5028-3489 immunology 57773644 Peter male
George Lakoff American linguist 0000-0002-8972-2856 17225145 George male George Lakoff
Semir Zeki Neuroscientist 0000-0003-3812-6824 99231 Semir male
Jung Mo Sung Brazilian theologian 0000-0001-7089-1185 310527259 male
Curtis Callan American physicist 0000-0001-9937-6160 theoretical physics 62145304926978610146 Curtis male
Conor Kostick Irish writer and historian 0000-0002-4767-7380 Epic 7528409 Conor male
John Jonas Canadian metallurgist 0000-0001-7291-6673 John male
Ian Tattersall American paleoanthropologist 0000-0002-0640-8248 232547475 Ian male
Daniel Schacter American psychologist 0000-0002-2460-6061 Daniel male
Andreu Mas-Colell Catalan economist and politician from Spain 0000-0003-0312-4730 267020411 Andreu male Andreu Mas-Colell
Fraser Stoddart Scottish chemist and Nobel Laureate in 2016 for the design and synthesis of molecular machines 0000-0003-3161-3697 supramolecular chemistry mechanically interlocked molecular architectures 66526866 James male Fraser Stoddart
Kevin Warwick British robotics and cybernetics researcher 0000-0003-3722-9960 14846212 Kevin male Kevin Warwick
Eleanor Robson British academic 0000-0002-9060-3985 32169986 Eleanor female
Philip J. Davis American mathematician 0000-0003-3209-5182 74662771 Philip male
Linda A. Morabito American astronomer 0000-0002-9531-9107 Linda female
Daniel Gilbert American psychologist 0000-0002-9865-4445 Stumbling on Happiness 119253193 Daniel
Takao Kobayashi Japanese amateur astronomer 0000-0003-0387-8030 Takao male
David B. Wake American evolutionary biologist 0000-0003-4835-2497 evolutionary biology
28315602 David male
Andres Jäschke German chemist and professor 0000-0002-4625-2655 253415721 Andres male Andres Jäschke
Andreas Diekmann German sociologist 0000-0002-7344-5591 267371714 Andreas male
Andreas Exner Austrian opinion journalist and ecologist 0000-0002-7464-5851 70039000 Andreas male
Andreas Čap Austrian mathematician 0000-0002-7745-3708 83475688 Andreas male
Shrinivas Kulkarni American astronomer 0000-0001-5390-8563 12488158 male
Colin Groves Australian anthropologist 0000-0002-7630-9683 91624143 Colin male
Steve Keen Australian economist 0000-0002-0439-1809 122247186 Steve male
Frances Kirwan British mathematician 0000-0002-7669-3304 algebraic geometry 87201 Frances
Philippe Sansonetti French microbiologist 0000-0001-7542-4527 107288442 Philippe male Philippe Sansonetti
Ronald Inglehart American political scientist 0000-0002-5620-3363 sociology 9894275 Ronald male
Randy Schekman American cell biologist 0000-0001-8615-6409 109837854 Randy male Randy Schekman
Richard Jozsa Australian academic 0000-0001-5055-9513 Richard male
Richard Tol professor of economics 0000-0002-8012-3988 116493754 Richard male
Richard Blundell British economist 0000-0003-1588-2299 147685 Richard male
Björn Brembs German university teacher 0000-0001-7824-7650 77195701 Björn male
Boris Zilber British mathematician 0000-0001-8007-316X 33657794 Boris male
Krzysztof Matyjaszewski Polish-American chemist 0000-0003-1960-3402 polymer chemistry 94907803 Krzysztof male Krzysztof Matyjaszewski
Peter Murray-Rust English chemist and open knowledge activist 0000-0003-3386-3972 crystallography
46015339 Peter male Peter Murray-Rust
Jonathan Mestel English chess player and mathematician 0000-0001-8858-0086 284205607 Jonathan male Jonathan Mestel
Gustavo Bueno Spanish philosopher 0000-0001-7863-233X 76329292 Gustavo male
Andres Metspalu Estonian geneticist 0000-0002-3718-796X 314818901 Andres male Andres Metspalu
Timothy Williamson British philosopher 0000-0002-4659-8672 22271620 Timothy male
Victor Ambros American developmental biologist 0000-0002-5562-5345 molecular biology 86279367 Victor male Victor Ambros
Gustavo Perednik Israeli philosopher 0000-0001-6354-2390 59133391 Gustavo male
Carlo Rovelli Italian physicist 0000-0003-1724-9737 Seven Brief Lessons on Physics 24860754 Carlo male Carlo Rovelli
Christine Silberhorn German physicist 0000-0002-2349-5443 3412265 Christine female
Christoph Kaserer Italian economist 0000-0002-5877-7758 67145838 Christoph male
Chris Frith British psychologist 0000-0002-8665-0690 Center of Functionally Integrative Neuroscience
Interacting Minds Centre
44379796 Chris male
Jörg Vogel Biologist 0000-0003-2220-1404 15648652 Jörg male
Corrado de Concini Mathematician 0000-0002-8257-4766 53266010 Corrado male
David Aldous British-American mathematician 0000-0001-7793-2357 probability theory 9910728 David male David Aldous
Danny Miller Canadian organization theorist 0000-0001-8428-7640 29617646 Danny male
Gerald Schneider Swiss political scientist 0000-0002-0091-6217 19846298 Gerald male
Davison Soper American physicist 0000-0002-8913-5125 6388562 Davison male
Dietmar Harhoff German economist 0000-0001-7708-292X 32682161 Dietmar male
Dieter Krause German engineer 0000-0002-1253-1699 162979140 Dieter male
Edeltraud Günther German economist 0000-0001-6968-9238 25745043 Edeltraud female
Markus Riederer German botanist 0000-0001-7081-1456 17833809 Markus male
Eckhard Friauf German neurobiologist 0000-0002-1833-1698 291811710 Eckhard male
Eberhard Bodenschatz German physicist 0000-0002-2901-0144 Eberhard male
Michael Savage U.S. radio talk show host, Commentator, and Author 0000-0002-5259-1178 alternative medicine 70755085 Michael male
Nina Uraltseva Russian mathematician 0000-0003-4154-1666 differential equation 75223556 Nina female
Erwin Keeve German engineer 0000-0001-8466-520X 3210421 Erwin male
Hideo Hosono Japanese scientist 0000-0001-9260-6728 11598861 Hideo male
Florentin Smarandache American mathematician 0000-0002-5560-5926 79018104 Florentin male Florentin Smarandache
Michael F. Holick American physician-scientist 0000-0001-6023-9062 85263012 Michael male
Gábor Korchmáros Hungarian mathematician 0000-0002-2776-5754 121472720 Gabor male
Herman Daly American economist 0000-0002-9755-8179 economics 52796840 Herman male
Jordi Galí Spanish economist 0000-0003-4950-7462 42071653 Jordi male
Friederike Range German zoologist 0000-0003-3127-5536 101149115 Friederike female
Kerry-Jayne Wilson New Zealand biologist 0000-0001-7819-0308 275010997 female
Gonçal Mayos Solsona Spanish philosopher 0000-0001-9017-6816 120719513 male
Silvia Braslavsky Argentine chemist 0000-0002-2796-8586 305866749 Silvia female
Gereon Rudolf Fink German neurologist 0000-0002-8230-1856 25234600 Gereon male
Uffe Haagerup Danish mathematician 0000-0002-8419-9445 15437045 Uffe male Uffe Haagerup
Katalin É. Kiss Hungarian linguist 0000-0003-2054-4593 17631618 Katalin female
Alberto Bressan Italian mathematician 0000-0002-2030-842X 85397396 Alberto male
Alois Loidl Austrian physicist 0000-0002-5579-0746 44858319 Alois male
Holger Pfaff German sociologist 0000-0001-9154-6575 20576505 Holger male
Ian Deary British psychologist 0000-0002-1733-263X 66560274 Ian male
Jeffrey Heath American linguist 0000-0002-1918-2137 49277349 Jeffrey male
Jim Stasheff American mathematician 0000-0002-7745-1526 59166553 James male Jim Stasheff
Richard Henderson British biochemist 0000-0003-1444-0528 Richard male
John O'Keefe American British neuroscientist, 2014 Nobel laureate in Physiology or Medicine 0000-0001-5697-4881 neurobiology 22297659 John male John O’Keefe (neuroscientist)
Karl Grammer German ethologist 0000-0001-7801-6131 15558950 Karl male
Kai Arzheimer German professor of Political Science 0000-0001-9073-3205 71691080 Kai male
John P. Grotzinger American geologist 0000-0001-9324-1257 18443067 John male
Justin Gerlach British zoologist 0000-0002-0157-0449 28154373 Justin male