As I'm creating this new account I'm stating my intention, for now, that I am not looking to use this account anymore, other than to link to or terminate other alternate accounts I have. Time will tell if this was a decision that I will consider a good one in the future.

"link to or terminate other alternate accounts I have"

Aspergian Wikimedians

I'm creating this userpage for the purpose of adding my username to Aspergian Wikimedians

I also noticed now that this page will function as a global user page.

Wikidata Events

Wikidata Gadgets I've enabled

  • labelLister(source) help page - might be practical to add labels and descriptions in all languages
  • Preview - if I know more than one language I can quickly see the article with this Gadget for the specific language, also a practical tool to quickly see if links are stubs or have more info
  • enumItems - I looked it up. Will be interesting to try this feature out
  • Main language first - Interested to see how this looks
  • Descriptions - Looks useful
  • KeyShortcuts - Will be useful once I learn them L(edit label), D(edit description), S(quick goto statements), I(quick goto sitelinks), A(Add a new statement, this will be useful for me)
  • Transliteration - might be practical
  • Reasonator - looks useful
  • DraggableSitelinks(source) - here's practical examples of what this script can do: 1 2
  • DuplicateReferences - Found this very practical to copy references to other items within the same Wikidata object
  • EasyQuery - Good to have to get the practical benefits of the tool for most users

Searching for psychiatrists and editing where I can contribute

Thoughts with queries

Other interests

Wikibooks related to Autism/ASD/Asperger's and psychiatry/psychology


  • Method of Loci article on English Wikiversity has content that was copied from English Wikipedia Method of Loci

Wikimedia Commons

  • Ways to go around searching for things in categories and a topic, like in this example: incategory:CC-Zero cat

Work to be done

When a work has been done, mark it with a ✓ unicode character like this "✓ Erroneous CC0 claims"

Erroneous CC0 claims

  • This link shows works of spoken Wikipedia article audio files on Wikimedia Commons which have erroneously been claimed to be CC0 1.0 Universal. That is not legally possible according to this discussion and the fact that Wikipedia articles are licensed as CC BY-SA 3.0(or later?) and derived works of such articles cannot be claimed to be anything else.
    • Work to be done: Remove CC0 categories, CC0 copyright claims and CC0 Structured data from such entries until the link "This link" shows 0 items.


You can reach me here or on my talk page on English Wikibooks, or on Wikidata(which is a special interest of mine. What differentiates a special interest with an interest I don't know, but my interest in Wikidata is continuous over a period of time and intense)