Regarding Wikibooks and WikidataEdit

I'm interested and I've asked a question related to Wikibooks Cookbook and Wikidata on Project chat.

Wikidata EventsEdit

Wikidata Gadgets I've enabledEdit

  • labelLister(source) help page - might be practical to add labels and descriptions in all languages
  • Preview - if I know more than one language I can quickly see the article with this Gadget for the specific language, also a practical tool to quickly see if links are stubs or have more info
  • enumItems - I looked it up. Will be interesting to try this feature out
  • Main language first - Interested to see how this looks
  • Descriptions - Looks useful
  • KeyShortcuts - Will be useful once I learn them L(edit label), D(edit description), S(quick goto statements), I(quick goto sitelinks), A(Add a new statement, this will be useful for me)
  • Transliteration - might be practical
  • Reasonator - looks useful
  • DraggableSitelinks(source) - here's practical examples of what this script can do: 1 2
  • DuplicateReferences - Found this very practical to copy references to other items within the same Wikidata object
  • EasyQuery - Good to have to get the practical benefits of the tool for most users

Searching for psychiatrists and editing where I can contributeEdit

Other interestsEdit