I liked Tim Berners Lee's talk about linked data and so did many grassroots enthusiasts. That does not mean I'm a grassroots enthusiast, I'm merely very interested in linked data and see wikidata as part of a relatively new interest I have and where I can help a lot more compared to when I edited Wikipedia many years ago.

Some things I find interesting(these are queries):

  • Memes (not the same as Internet Memes, because this query only searches for standard memes, not ones replicated through the web/internet)

List of data items that help me to understand various ways to edit wikidata in an improved wayEdit

List of faulty editsEdit

  • State of the Onion is obviously not about "media.ccc.de - State of the Onion". It's about a book. Thinking first, editing later...noted.
  • On Son of Lassie I made an edit in error(I later reverted). This is the edit I wanted to make
  • This was not an edit, but I clicked on "mark as autopatrolled" on this edit and I wanted to check if I could mark that as undone but it seems I was unsuccessful. I don't know if that edit ever got unmarked and I still don't know how to unmark it.


Merge processEdit

  1. I go to Q12899682 and I hover with my mouse pointer over "More" and I select "Merge with..."
  2. In the Merge with: field I enter Q14189121
  3. Press on "Merge"
  4. Anyway this is the standard process that one can use when one merges an item with another that you think is proper. In this case there was an actual problem with the merge so for now this guide ends here. nevermind

Light-on-dark color theme or "dark theme"Edit

User:Dbfyinginfo/vector.css is now modified and my theme is at least partly a Light letters on a dark background sort of theme. Anybody else want a dark theme on wikidata? This is the best I could find! If you want it improved I do accept requests. The more interest the more motivation. Thanks

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