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is-0 Þessi notandi talar ekki íslensku (á erfitt með að skilja hana eða kýs að tala hana ekki).
fo-0 Hesin brúkarin hevur onga vitan um føroyskt (ella skilur tað eitt sindur við stórum trupulleikum).
se-0 Dát geavaheaddji máhttá davvisámegiela hui veaháš dahje ii máhte dan ollege.
ru-0 Этот участник не владеет русским языком (или понимает его с трудом).
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Jeblad (John Erling Blad) or the dude no:Jeblad.

As long as I write with this nick I do not express anything except my own thoughts. If somebody states that something I say is not official, then its probably right. ;)

My official account during my work for Wikimedia Germany was John Erling Blad (WMDE).

For the moment I am messing around with natural language generation (NLG) in a context of semantic data (only semantic web exist, but that page is about semantically tagged and human readable content), but without to much success. The problem is usually underspecified predicates, or in Wikidata predicates with only a verbal description. That leads to ambiguous use inside Wikidata and a lot of problems when you later on tries to reuse the data.

The Apple Logo in Unicode
Wikibase at Gerrit



  • Take a look on extent and how to encode it. That is length, width and height. Note that length is an dimension. How does depth relates? Also the derived dimensions area and volum.
  • Try to make some sense of Wikidata:Glossary, it is difficult to use now.