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Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
ISO 3166-2 codeP300External identifierISO 3166-2: identifier for a country subdivision per ISO 3166-2 (include country code)Alabama <ISO 3166-2 code> US-AL-
category's main topicP301ItemWikimedia article page and Wikimedia category: primary topic of the subject Wikimedia categoryCategory:Porto <category's main topic> Portotopic's main category
EE breed numberP303External identifierEE-List of the breedsof fancy pigeons: breed identification number per the EE list of the breeds of fancy pigeons (ELFP)Aachen Lacquer Shield Owl <EE breed number> 0705-
page(s)P304Stringpage: page number of source referenced for statement. Note "column(s)" (P3903) and "folio(s)" (P7416) for other numbering systemsCharacteristics of noise exposure during solitary trumpet playing: immediate impact on distortion-product otoacoustic emissions and long-term implications for hearing <page(s)> 543-553-
IETF language tagP305External identifierIETF language tag: identifier for language or languoid per the Internet Engineering Task Force; can include a primary language subtag, subtags for script, region, variant, extension, or private-use. Format: 2 or 3 letters, followed by "-" if subtags presentArmenian <IETF language tag> hy-
operating systemP306Itemoperating system: operating system (OS) on which a software works or the OS installed on hardwareCivilization V <operating system> Microsoft Windows-
director of photographyP344Itemcinematographer: person responsible for the framing, lighting, and filtration of the subject workChuck <director of photography> Buzz Feitshans IV-
IMDb IDP345External identifierInternet Movie Database: identifier for the IMDb [with prefix 'tt', 'nm', 'co', 'ev', 'ch' or 'ni']Larry Sanger <IMDb ID> nm2942095-
Joconde work IDP347External identifierJoconde: identifier in the Joconde database of the French Ministry of CultureTriptych of the Sedano family <Joconde work ID> 00000081345-
software version identifierP348Stringsoftware version and version number: numeric or nominal identifier of a version of a software program or file format, current or pastPHP <software version identifier> 5.4.14-
NDL Authority IDP349External identifierWeb NDL Authorities: identifier for authority control per the National Diet Library of JapanInternet <NDL Authority ID> 00841024-
RKDimages IDP350External identifierRKDimages: identifier per RKDimages of the Netherlands Institute for Art HistoryThe Night Watch <RKDimages ID> 3063-
Entrez Gene IDP351External identifierNCBI Gene: identifier for a gene per the NCBI Entrez databaseAdenosine deaminase <Entrez Gene ID> 100-
UniProt protein IDP352External identifierUniProt: identifier for a protein per the UniProt databaseCyclin dependent kinase 2 <UniProt protein ID> P24941-
HGNC gene symbolP353External identifierHUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee: The official gene symbol approved by the HGNC, which is typically a short form of the gene name.Cyclin dependent kinase 3 <HGNC gene symbol> CDK3-
HGNC IDP354External identifierHUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee: A unique ID provided by the HGNC for each gene with an approved symbol. HGNC IDs remain stable even if a name or symbol changes.RELN <HGNC ID> 9957-
has subsidiaryP355Itemsubsidiary: subsidiary of a company or organization; generally a fully owned separate corporation. Compare with "business division" (P199). Opposite of parent organization (P749).US Airways <has subsidiary> Piedmont Airlinesparent organization
DOIP356External identifierdigital object identifier: serial code used to uniquely identify digital objects like academic papers (use upper case letters only)Ecological guild evolution and the discovery of the world's smallest vertebrate <DOI> 10.1371/JOURNAL.PONE.0029797-
discographyP358Itemdiscography: item for list pages with discography of artist or bandLinkin Park <discography> Linkin Park discography-
Rijksmonument IDP359External identifierRijksmonument: identifier for a monument assigned by the Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel ErfgoedSneek railway station <Rijksmonument ID> 514104-
is a list ofP360Itemlist: common element between all listed itemslist of state leaders in 589 <is a list of> personhas list
part ofP361Itempart: object of which the subject is a part (if this subject is already part of object A which is a part of object B, then please only make the subject part of object A). Inverse property of "has part" (P527, see also "has parts of the class" (P2670)).Earth <part of> Solar Systemhas part(s)
original language of film or TV showP364Itemoriginal language: language in which a film or a performance work was originally created. Deprecated for written works and songs; use P407 ("language of work or name") instead.The Intouchables <original language of film or TV show> French-
has useP366Itemuse: main use of the subject (includes current and former usage)Colosseum <has use> tourist attraction-
astronomic symbol imageP367Commons media fileastronomical symbol: image of the symbol that identify a planet or an asteroid of the solar systemMars <astronomic symbol image> Mars symbol.svg-
Sandbox-CommonsMediaFileP368Commons media fileSandbox property for value of type "Commons Media File"Soyuz <Sandbox-CommonsMediaFile> Iss-expedition 13-launch.jpg-
Sandbox-ItemP369Itemsandbox property for value of type "Item"Wikidata Sandbox 2 <Sandbox-Item> Wikidata Sandbox-
Sandbox-StringP370StringWikidata Sandbox: Sandbox property for value of type "String"Wikipedia <Sandbox-String> aidepikiw12, Wik. and hi-
presenterP371Itempresenter: main role in presenting a radio or television program or a performing arts showEurovision Song Contest 2012 <presenter> Leyla Aliyeva-
Commons categoryP373StringCommons category: name of the Wikimedia Commons category containing files related to this item (without the prefix "Category:")death <Commons category> Death-
INSEE municipality codeP374External identifierINSEE code: identifier with 5 digits or letters for a municipality or a municipal arrondissement in France, per the National Institute of Statistics and Economic StudiesCognac <INSEE municipality code> 16102-
space launch vehicleP375Itemlaunch vehicle: type of rocket or other vehicle for launching subject payload into outer spaceEdoardo Amaldi ATV <space launch vehicle> Ariane 5-
located on astronomical bodyP376Itemastronomical body on which features or places are situatedAsia <located on astronomical body> Earth-
SCNP377External identifierSatellite Catalog Number: Satellite Catalog Number, 5-digit-number including leading zeros (e.g. '00266')Hubble Space Telescope <SCN> 20580-
Mérimée IDP380External identifierBase Mérimée: identifier for a monument in the Mérimée database of French cultural heritagePrytanée National Militaire <Mérimée ID> IA2000141-
PCP reference numberP381External identifierclass A Swiss cultural property of national significance and class B Swiss cultural property of regional significance: identifier for cultural properties in SwitzerlandKapellbrücke <PCP reference number> 3729-
CBS municipality codeP382External identifierCBS municipality code and Community Identification Number: identifier for a Dutch municipality as defined by Statistics Netherlands (CBS)Delft <CBS municipality code> 0503-
edition numberP393Stringversion number: number of an edition (first, second, ... as 1, 2, ...) or event1886 Wimbledon Championships <edition number> 10-
licence plate codeP395Stringvehicle registration plate: distinguishing signs or parts of license plate associated with the subject. For countries: international licence plate country code or distinguishing sign of vehiclesQatar <licence plate code> Q-
SBN author IDP396External identifierOPAC SBN: identifier issued by National Library Service (SBN) of ItalyAlessandro Manzoni <SBN author ID> IT\ICCU\CFIV\009079-
parent astronomical bodyP397Itemprimary body: major astronomical body the item belongs torings of Saturn <parent astronomical body> Saturnchild astronomical body
child astronomical bodyP398Itemsecondary body: minor body that belongs to the itemJupiter <child astronomical body> Metisparent astronomical body
companion ofP399Itemtwo or more astronomic bodies of the same type relating to each otherProxima Centauri <companion of> Alpha Centauri Acompanion of