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Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
eBird hotspot IDP5200External identifieridentifier for a nature reserve or other site ("hotspot") in the eBird databaseArmash Important Bird Area <eBird hotspot ID> L4673947-
IMDA ratingP5201ItemIMDA classification system: rating in the Singaporean film and video game rating systemPop Aye <IMDA rating> M18-
adapted byP5202Itemmusic arranger and adaptation: person responsible for the arrangement or adaptation resulting in this version of the original workDe geweren van vrouw Carrar <adapted by> Jef Last-
topographic mapP5203Itemtopographic map: topographic map covering this geographic objectBronchard <topographic map> IGN Top 25 Réunion 4402RT-
date of commercializationP5204Point in timecommercialization: date when a product was first commercializedsmartphone <date of commercialization> -
stroke countP5205Quantitystroke and stroke count: number of strokes in a Chinese, Japanese, Korean or traditional Vietnamese character <stroke count> 1-
has conjugation classP5206Itemconjugation class: conjugation pattern for group of verbs in the language. Use on items for languages. For lexemes, use "conjugation class" (P5186).Latin <has conjugation class> second conjugation impersonal verb, e/i conjugation verb (isolated form), fourth conjugation verb (isolated form) and first conjugation impersonal verb-
BAG public space IDP5207External identifierbasic register addresses and buildings: BAG openbare ruimtecode for Dutch public spaces, notably streets and roads in the Netherlands; format: 16 digitsAambeeldstraat <BAG public space ID> 0363300000002626-
BAG building IDP5208External identifierbasic register addresses and buildings: BAG building ID for Dutch buildings ("panden")Hoofdwacht <BAG building ID> 0392100000036479-
ISO 3950 codeP5209External identifieridentifier for a tooth per ISO 3950right permanent maxillary central incisor <ISO 3950 code> 11-
National Gallery of Armenia work IDP5210External identifieridentifier for an artwork, in the National Gallery of Armenia databaseGlaciers <National Gallery of Armenia work ID> 839-
GONIAT author IDP5211External identifieridentifier for a taxonomic author, in the GONIAT databaseTamio Nishida <GONIAT author ID> aut00000000000000000000000000496-
Armenian National Academy of Sciences IDP5212External identifieridentifier for a member of the Armenian National Academy of SciencesSergey Mergelyan <Armenian National Academy of Sciences ID> 160-
Armenian Parliamentary IDP5213External identifieridentifier for a Member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia, in its official websiteAra Babloyan <Armenian Parliamentary ID> 1159-
GONIAT paper IDP5214External identifieridentifier for a taxonomic paper about Paleozoic ammonoids, in the GONIAT databaseCarboniferous ammonoids from Akiyoshi (molluscan paleontology of the Akiyoshi Limestone Group-IV) <GONIAT paper ID> lit00000000000000000000000001050-
GONIAT place IDP5215External identifieridentifier for a place, in the GONIAT databaseStaffordshire <GONIAT place ID> geo00000000000000000000000001798-
GONIAT taxon IDP5216External identifieridentifier for a taxon, in the GONIAT databaseBisatoceras akiyoshiense <GONIAT taxon ID> tax00000000000000000000000005550-
Spyur IDP5217External identifieridentifier for a company or organisation in Armenia, in the Spyur directoryUcom <Spyur ID> 5887-
Armenian Cinema IDP5218External identifieridentifier for a work or person, in the Armenian Cinema database of the Armenian Association of Film Critics and Cinema JournalistsMen <Armenian Cinema ID> features_and_shorts/257-
BMRB IDP5219External identifieridentifier of a compound in, an NMR spectra databaseethanol <BMRB ID> bmse000297-
ICSC IDP5220External identifierInternational Chemical Safety Card: identifier of a compound in the International Chemical Safety Card databaseethanol <ICSC ID> 0044-
Tree of Life Web Project IDP5221External identifieridentifier in the Tree of Life Web ProjectCentrolenidae <Tree of Life Web Project ID> 16952-
National Women's Soccer League player IDP5222External identifierNational Women's Soccer League: identifier for a National Women's Soccer League player at nwslsoccer.comRumi Utsugi <National Women's Soccer League player ID> rumi-utsugi-
Information Center for Israeli Art artwork IDP5223External identifieridentifier assigned to an artwork by the Information Center for Israeli ArtKafka Machine <Information Center for Israeli Art artwork ID> 465272-
OlimpBase Women's Chess Olympiad player IDP5224External identifieridentifier for a player at who took part in the Women's Chess OlympiadSvetlana Prudnikova <OlimpBase Women's Chess Olympiad player ID> l9x93l3k-
Argentine biography deputy IDP5225External identifiermember of the Argentine Chamber of Deputies: biography of an Argentine deputy from the Chamber of Deputies' websitePablo Sebastián López <Argentine biography deputy ID> 6826-
BRAHMS artist IDP5226External identifieridentifier for a composer in the B.R.A.H.M.S. database, by the IRCAMDanielle Arrigoni <BRAHMS artist ID> danielle-arrigoni-
Carnegie Hall event IDP5227External identifieridentifier for an event in the Carnegie Hall Linked Open Data (LOD) databaseThe Governor's Vrouw <Carnegie Hall event ID> 54598-
Carnegie Hall work IDP5229External identifieridentifier for a work in the Carnegie Hall Linked Open Data (LOD) databaseThe Governor's Vrouw <Carnegie Hall work ID> 96674-
chromosome countP5230Quantitychromosome number: karyological information on the number of chromosomes typical for a speciesHomo sapiens <chromosome count> 46-
Chromosome numbers of the Flora of Germany database IDP5231External identifiernumerical identifier in the "Chromosome numbers of the Flora of Germany" databaseIsatis tinctoria <Chromosome numbers of the Flora of Germany database ID> 7095-
D&B Hoovers company profileP5232External identifieridentifier for a company in the D&B Hoovers database IDVivaldi Technologies <D&B Hoovers company profile> vivaldi_technologies_as.18ac03cf0e462bdb117de18313b20f57-
Filmow IDP5233External identifieridentifier at the Filmow database of films and TV shows13 Reasons Why, season 2 <Filmow ID> t233906-
SpectraBase compound IDP5234External identifieridentifier of a compound in, a database with spectraethanol <SpectraBase compound ID> Kn46yonbI3b-
Cité de la Musique-Philharmonie de Paris work IDP5235External identifieridentifier for a musical work in the Cité de la Musique-Philharmonie de Paris databaseBoléro <Cité de la Musique-Philharmonie de Paris work ID> 0824129-
prime factorP5236Itemprime factor: one of the prime numbers that can be multiplied to give this number2334 <prime factor> 2, 389 and 3-
pronunciation varietyP5237Itemqualifier for IPA transcription (P898), pronunciation audio (P443) or spoken text audio (P989) to indicate the associated spoken language variantdog <pronunciation variety> Received Pronunciation-
combines lexemesP5238Lexemecompounding, compound and contraction: lexemes combined in this lexemeL9838 <combines lexemes> L4589 and L3817-
Artists in Canada record numberP5239External identifierauthority control maintained by National Gallery of Canada Library listing biographical data for artists who were born in Canada or worked in CanadaChip Zdarsky <Artists in Canada record number> 57414-
RollDaBeats artist IDP5240External identifieridentifier for a musical artist on the RollDaBeats websiteCalibre <RollDaBeats artist ID> calibre-
Songfacts song IDP5241External identifieridentifier for a song on the Songfacts websiteDreams <Songfacts song ID> the-cranberries/dreams-
ARWU university IDP5242External identifierShanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities: identifier for a university on Shanghai-Rankings websiteFederal University of Rio de Janeiro <ARWU university ID> Federal-University-of-Rio-de-Janeiro-
Canal-U person IDP5243External identifieridentifier of a person on Canal-UMartin Motte <Canal-U person ID> motte-martin-072428945-
reading pattern of Han characterP5244ItemChinese character: no descriptionProperty talk:P5244-
myschool IDP5245External identifieridentifier of a school in Australia, in the site, a government source of compiled dataHaberfield Public School <myschool ID> 41022-
Pornhub star IDP5246External identifieridentifier for a porn performer in the database of the Pornhub websiteStormy Daniels <Pornhub star ID> stormy-daniels-
Giant Bomb IDP5247External identifieridentifier at the Giant Bomb database of video games, fictional characters and voice actorsHalo 2 <Giant Bomb ID> 3030-7110-
medical evacuation toP5248Itemmedical evacuation: site to which those injured are evacuated immediately after a catastrophic event or a battleFlorida International University pedestrian bridge collapse <medical evacuation to> Kendall Regional Medical Center-
sports competition competed atP5249Itemsports competition: edition of sports competitions at which the club or team that played a season competed at. Use this to link items for team seasons to items for specific seasons of competitions.Sample: 2012–13 FC Barcelona season → 2012–13 UEFA Champions League2012–13 FC Bayern Munich season <sports competition competed at> 2012–13 UEFA Champions League, 2012–13 Fußball-Bundesliga and 2012–13 DFB-Pokal-
IAB codeP5250External identifiercode for an Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) Quality Assurance Guidelines (QAG) segmentatheism <IAB code> 457-
Corago opera IDP5251External identifieridentifier for an opera on the Corago websiteCarmen <Corago opera ID> Z000001339-
winter viewP5252Commons media filewinter view: image of the subject in winter, preferably with snowAbramtsevo <winter view> Abramtsevo Estate in Jan2013 img11.jpg- movie IDP5253External identifieridentifier for a movie at FilmTv.itCops and Robbers < movie ID> 3303- person IDP5254External identifieridentifier for a person at FilmTv.itMarilyn Monroe < person ID> 230- TV series IDP5255External identifieridentifier for a TV serie at FilmTv.itGrey's Anatomy < TV series ID> 125752-
OpenCorporates corporate groupingP5256External identifiercompanies grouped together at OpenCorporatesJio <OpenCorporates corporate grouping> Reliance Jio-
BirdLife taxon IDP5257External identifieridentifier for an avian taxon, in the BirdLife factsheet databaseChalk-browed Mockingbird <BirdLife taxon ID> 22711035-
Czech Geomorphological Unit CodeP5258External identifieridentifier assigned to geomorphological units (regions) in CzechiaBohemian Massif <Czech Geomorphological Unit Code> 1-
Swedish Gravestone IDP5259External identifierregister of +348 000 Swedish gravestones for +759,000 Swedish people and cemeteriesIngrid Bergman <Swedish Gravestone ID> 281603-
App Store developer IDP5260External identifieridentifier for an iOS app developer on App StoreGoogle <App Store developer ID> 281956209-
Les Enfoirés participant IDP5261External identifieridentifier for a participating celebrity in the Enfoiréthèque, the database of Les Enfoirés websiteTina Arena <Les Enfoirés participant ID> tina-arena-
Les Enfoirés song IDP5262External identifieridentifier for a song in the Enfoiréthèque, the database of Les Enfoirés websiteAlors on danse <Les Enfoirés song ID> 998-
Czech NDOP taxon IDP5263External identifieridentifier for a taxon in the Conservancy Species Occurrence Finding Database, managed by the Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech RepublicHyacinthoides hispanica <Czech NDOP taxon ID> 106154-
Relationship Science person IDP5264External identifieridentifier for a person in the Relationship Science databaseJon Stephenson von Tetzchner <Relationship Science person ID> jon-s-von-tetzchner-3372135-
Dordrechts Museum artwork IDP5265External identifieridentifier for an artwork or other object on the Dordrechts Museum websiteAsparagus, Gooseberries and Strawberries on a Stone Ledge <Dordrechts Museum artwork ID> 4514-
Finnish national bibliography corporate name IDP5266External identifierFinnish national bibliography corporate names database covers the recommended forms of corporate and creator names that the National Library of Finland has produced in the process of tagging the national bibliography.Kone <Finnish national bibliography corporate name ID> 38203A-
YouPorn performer IDP5267External identifieridentifier for a porn performer in the database of the YouPorn websiteJames Deen <YouPorn performer ID> 4532-
MNAV work IDP5268External identifieridentifier assigned to an artwork by the National Museum of Visual Arts of UruguayQ54006414 <MNAV work ID> 77-
Web umenia work IDP5269External identifieridentifier for an artwork or other object on the Web umenia websiteMadonka s oslom <Web umenia work ID> SVK:OGD.O_95-
Mondo IDP5270External identifieridentifier for an entity in the Mondo Disease Ontologymultiple sclerosis <Mondo ID> MONDO_0005301-
Saint Louis Art Museum person IDP5271External identifieridentifier for a person on the Saint Louis Art Museum websitePaul Delvaux <Saint Louis Art Museum person ID> 832-
CDMC musician IDP5272External identifieridentifier for a musician in the Centre de documentation de la musique contemporaine databaseClaire Renard <CDMC musician ID> renard-claire-1944-
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art person IDP5273External identifieridentifier for a person on the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art websiteDuane Michals <Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art person ID> 11881-
SJP Online IDP5274External identifieridentifier for an entry in the online version of Polish Dictionary (pl Słownik Języka Polskiego)L369 <SJP Online ID> 2474618-
Oxford English Dictionary numeric IDP5275External identifieridentifier for an entry in the online version of Oxford English Dictionary (issued prior to July 2023)heterosexual <Oxford English Dictionary numeric ID> 86515 and L3 <Oxford English Dictionary numeric ID> 112186-
Slavistic Phonetic Alphabet transcriptionP5276StringSlavistic Phonetic Alphabet: transcription in the Slavistic Phonetic AlphabetProperty talk:P5276-
grade of kanjiP5277Itemgrade of kanji: degree of difficulty of kanji <grade of kanji> grade 1 kyōiku kanji-
surname for other genderP5278Itemgender inflection of surnames, masculine family name and feminine family name: gender inflection of surnameBlažek <surname for other gender> Blažková-
hyphenationP5279Stringsyllabification: positions where a word can be hyphenatedL37298 <hyphenation> dåd‧en-
radicalP5280Itemradical: radical of Chinese character <radical> radical 1-
residual stroke countP5281Quantitystroke: (qualifier) number of residual stroke in addition to radical of Chinese character <residual stroke count> 0-
ground level 360 degree view URLP5282URLURL to access a service that allows to visually navigate through images at ground level in the proximity of the itemRotes Schloss <ground level 360 degree view URL> and
Strava ID of a professional sport personP5283External identifierStrava: Wikidata property for authority control for sports peopleNans Peters <Strava ID of a professional sport person> 1662541-
Douban movie celebrity IDP5284External identifieridentifier for a celebrity at the Douban movie websiteJackie Chan <Douban movie celebrity ID> 1054531-
FirmenbuchnummerP5285External identifierAustrian company register IDVerbund <Firmenbuchnummer> 76023z-
Portable Game NotationP5286StringPortable Game Notation: move of a chess game provided as a string in Portable Game NotationImmortal Game <Portable Game Notation> e4 e5-
Songfacts artist IDP5287External identifieridentifier for an artist on the Songfacts websiteNatalie Imbruglia <Songfacts artist ID> natalie-imbruglia-
StadiumDB IDP5288External identifieridentifier for a stadium on StadiumDB.comBislett Stadion <StadiumDB ID> nor/bislett_stadion-
World Stadium Database IDP5289External identifiersportsarenas/stadium databaseOlympic Stadium <World Stadium Database ID> olympic-stadium-stadium-amsterdam-in-holland- IDP5290External identifieridentifier at the database of video gamesSonic the Hedgehog CD < ID> 24557-
Taratata artist IDP5291External identifieridentifier for an artist on the Taratata websiteSandrine Kiberlain <Taratata artist ID> sandrine-kiberlain-
NRJ artist IDP5292External identifieridentifier for an artist on the French NRJ websiteLana Del Rey <NRJ artist ID> lana-del-rey-
Akout IDP5293External identifieridentifier for an artist on the Akout websiteBenoîte Boulard <Akout ID> benoite-boulard-
Church of Norway building IDP5294External identifieridentifier for a church building listed by Church of Norway ("Kirkebyggdatabasen")Vinger Church <Church of Norway building ID> 040200201-
Lafonoteca artist IDP5295External identifieridentifier for an artist on the Lafonoteca websiteGermán Coppini <Lafonoteca artist ID> german-coppini-
Party Number (Taiwan)P5296External identifieridentifier assigned to parties registered in Taiwan by the Ministry of the InteriorKuomintang <Party Number (Taiwan)> 1-
Companies House officer IDP5297External identifieridentifier for an officer (natural person or legal person) of companies registered with Companies House in the United KingdomS. P. Hinduja <Companies House officer ID> eYLVoW310Isw7FXU5jtQw9MF9IM-
Webb-site person IDP5298External identifieridentifier for a person on "Webb-site Who's Who"Jack Ma <Webb-site person ID> 41419-
AntWeb IDP5299External identifieridentifier for a taxon in the AntWeb databaseHaidomyrmex <AntWeb ID> Haidomyrmex-