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User:Malore/Wikidata structure

To DoEdit

  • Create "time interval" datatype;
  • Simplify and accelerate property creation:
    • make it possible to create a property without permission if some requisites are respected (shape expression...)
  • Create item constraints or merge items and properties;
  • Make backwards information visible in items page;
  • Improve Wikidata support for formulas;
  • Add references to Wikidata in Wikidata property pages;
  • Make possible to link to specific item aliases;
  • Protect property pages from vandalism or wrong edits;
  • Protect statements with references:
  • warn when someone changes or delete the values of referenced statements.
  • Automatically calculate some property values from other property values (i.e. "aspect ratio" from "width"/"height", "pixel density" from ("horizontal pixel dimension" * "vertical pixel dimension") / ("width" * "height")
  • Improve mathematics modellization in Wikidata