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„Der Bauer, der zu Lebzeiten ernten will, kann nicht auf die ab-initio-Theorie des Wetters warten. Chemiker, wie Bauern, glauben an Regeln, verstehen aber diese listig nach Bedarf zu deuten.“
H. G. von Schnering

I am a chemist and B.Sc. in molecular biology, currently working towards an M.Sc. I made a wiki account mainly for wikibooks, because the completion of Lehrbuch der Biochemie was something I wanted to try. I now realize the size of such a project and my contribution came to a halt, because I think I would at least need another user to advance this book.

Wikibooks brought me to creating chemical structure formulae in Commons, which brought me to editing chemistry related articles in the german Wikipedia, which brought me to participate in the editorial staff for chemistry.