Carter McCulloch
People who are crazy don't know they're crazy; I know I'm crazy, therefore I am not crazy.
A photo I took of an unidentified flower

About me

Passionate computer geek. Volunteer editor on Wikimedia Foundation projects. Lifelong music fan. Pianist. Reader. Photographer. Ambivert. Professional food eater. Thinker. Typical internetaholic.

My work

I am a wiki-loving student that edits Wikimedia Foundation project as well as wikiHow. You can find me and my work around the web under my real name, Skyllful, Skyllfully, and Hinge.
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Contact me

At any of the below talk pages:

Or you can use the email form at the English Wikipedia (w:en:Special:EmailUser/Skyllfully). Be sure to leave {{ygm}} on my English Wikipedia talk page (w:en:User talk:Skyllfully).

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