Regarding my name appearing in some databases I'm working with, I hereby declare that I am not doing any paid editing on WikiData of any kind and have no other interest than to collaborate honestly to free knowledge.
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I began to know the dark side of the Wikipedia on the Catalan page of Wikipedia. Then discovered WikiData, and don't know whether it is a darker side or a brighter one, but I love it.

I'm working on edit

Wikidata:Wikiproject_Lieder edit

WikiProject to collect all Lieder. Find it here: Wikidata:Wikiproject_Lieder

Wikidata:WikiProject_Sardanes edit

WikiProject to collect all Sardanes and other musical works written for Cobla (Catalan folk music). Find it here: Wikidata:WikiProject_Sardanes

Wikidata:WikiProject Celtic Music edit

New WikiProject to collect Celtic tunes. Find it here: Wikidata:WikiProject Celtic Music

Celtic folk music: https://w.wiki/6C3e

I keep my stuff here.