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The ScorumMEBot creates and provides Wikidata with football statistics (number of wins, losses and draws). This information is displayed on the corresponding Wikipedia pages of football leagues.

Major ScorumMeBot TasksEdit

  • Provides football statistics for Wikidata (other sports are also in development)
  • Visualizes information about the number of wins, loses and draws for certain teams in the league
  • Visualizes information about goals scored and conceded for certain teams in the league

An operator, any Wikipedia user, can manually compose a table with defined parameters.

How ScorumMeBot worksEdit

The bot retrieves the data from the blockchain-powered Scorum statistics center.

Function DetailsEdit

The server addresses the feed, which provides real-time statistics on football matches and by parsing it, sends a request for updating the corresponding Wikidata. All requests limits are met by the bot. The database stores the information about the identifiers of the Wikidata record.


ScorumMeBot is written on node.js and uses Maxlath’s Wikidata Edit and Wikidata SDK libraries.



Templates Featuring Bot-Generated DataEdit

Template2017 J1 League table with WD