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Hello and welcome to my user page. Hopefully this will server as an introduction to me and what I may be able to help with. Overtime I will try to update this page with any other information that seems relevant.

Disclosures edit

This is my personal account, not one linked to any company or group I may be affiliated with in cyber or meat space. See my autobiography section for an overview of my past employers.

Other Accounts edit

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I have no other Wikipedia or Wikimedia accounts at this time.

ToDo List edit

List of things I have started or intend to start soon.

Useful Links edit

Things that I have found useful in relation to Wikidata.

Experimentation edit

When I do some sandboxing, I will link to it from here.

Brief Autobiography edit

I studied Electronic Engineering at The University of Surrey. I have worked for:

  1. a company in the GNSS sector as an electronics engineer
  2. a company in the storage and file serving sector, where I had a focus on SMB protocols and automated testing in my role as a software engineer
  3. a company that deals with network media converters as a software engineer
  4. a company that uses Distributed acoustic sensing to monitor the locations of rail transport traffic

My other interests are basketball, motorcycles, DIY, computer games & data visualization.