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There you can find me eating vegetarian nipo-brazilian food at WikidataLabXVI (in the pre-pandemic era) and suffering from using single-use plastics


I am Tiago, thank you for stopping by.

I have graduated in Biomedical Sciences at the University of São Paulo (2014-2017), and got a MSc in Bioinformatics in the same university (2018-2020). I'm pursuing a PhD on modeling of biomedical concepts related to cell types (grant #19/26284-1, São Paulo Research Foundation) ..

I currently live in Brazil. I am very interested in translating biomedical data into Wikidata format. I have been quite active in the WikiProject COVID-19

You can also find me in twitter and GitHub as @lubianat.

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I currently take care of 3 bot accounts:

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Things that I worked on:Edit
  • TopicTagger: a tool to batch tag scientific articles
  • QuickLit: a tool to suggest Wikidata edits
  • Wikidata Bib:a Wikidata-powered dashboard which shows the stats about what I read for my PhD.
  • ANN: A project to annotate biomedical text with Wikidata IDs.
I have not done any work for the tools below, but they are worth sharing:Edit
Properties proposedEdit
Things that I do not know much about but I plan to check in the future:Edit


  • By adding ?safemode=1 you can load a page without gadgets/common.css/common.js

Gadget & Tool wishlistEdit

  • Foldable statements
  • keybinds for adding "instance of" (q) and subclass of (w)
  • A good topic tagging tool for scholarly literature
  • A Google Slides Add on for embedding Wikidata queries
  • A Gadget that links item to the properties used by instances of it

Work in progressEdit

Ideas for properties:

  • Cell type --> cell type (closest species-neutral term)
  • Medical test/diagnosis method --> Condition it diagnoses
  • coin type --> shape (edge type)


Currently, channels are not linked to their substrates. For example, always incomplete (Q21873886) is not currently linked to sodium sodium (Q658). That makes it impossible to query for channels of a particular compound type. Such queries would be very useful for biology/biomedicine enthusiasts using Wikidata. ~~~~



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