I generally work in Jupyter notebooks, and keep intermediate work. If any of these projects sound interesting, I can likely send relevant Python code.

Sporadic editingEdit

Systematic editingEdit

Most of these describe activities that are at least partially automated, but a few were done by hand really thoroughly.


Partially completedEdit


Not startedEdit

  • Importing data on nuclear tests from official records, and matching to the Wolfram Language codes in Mix-n-Match
  • Giving every public school district in the US an official website, through a mix of Common Core of Data (Q25834722) and manual internet search
  • Scraping the alumni sections of English Wikipedia pages of high schools in Virginia (and possibly beyond, if I can get this to work)
  • Finding a way to extract book titles from Wikipedia articles to make it possible to auto-match with VIAF's "Works" section
  • Scraping journal article citations from either the Wikipedia pages of academics or else finding pages listing publications on their academic webpages and matching things that way
  • Somehow gathering a database of official email addresses of academics (probably offwiki to prevent spam) and linking items for corresponding authors.
  • Get Our Campaigns (Q97064980) data into Mix'n'Match
  • Look for cases where a Library of Congress authority record links to Wikipedia, and check if the Wikidata item has that LCCN on it.
  • Propose a new property for the Royal Society Collections, and then figure out how to mass-import them into articles.
  • US state legislatures pretty much all have giant tables with politican links and their districts. So does Vote Smart (Q7249368). It should be possible to turn those wikitext tables into Wikidata ones, and then use this to mass-link Vote Smart ID (P3344), which currently has poor coverage. Also, when a state has items for individual districts, those can be added as qualifiers.



  • This form for quickly converting a FamilySearch record into

Should be createdEdit

  • The tool described in phab:T249687
  • (If this is possible): A small SPARQL federated service that would bridge SPARQL queries and PagePile lists