instance of

that class of which this subject is a particular example and member

  • is a
  • is an
  • has class
  • has type
  • is a particular
  • is a specific
  • is an individual
  • is a unique
  • is an example of
  • member of
  • unique individual of
  • distinct member of
  • unitary element of class
  • distinct element of
  • distinct individual member of
  • rdf:type
  • type
  • main type
  • is a(n)
  • type of
  • is a type of
  • example of

Data type



Usage instructions in English (English)
(subject typically an individual member with a proper name label); different from P279; using this property as a qualifier is deprecated—use P2868 or P3831 instead (English)
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以下のヘルプを参照してください (Japanese)
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Инструкции по использованию на русском языке (Russian)
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Eigenschaften die Mitgliedschaft oder Teilhabe ausdrücken (German)
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Hướng dẫn sử dụng (Vietnamese)
(đối tượng thường là một thành viên có nhãn tên thích hợp); khác với P279; nhãn này không còn được dùng làm từ khu biệt nữa—hãy dùng P2868 hoặc P3831 (Vietnamese)
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no value
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Use P279 (subclass of) with qualifier P642 ("of"), or use P461 (opposite of) (English)
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for musicians, use P31=Q5 and P106=musician; for groups and bands, use applicable P31 (English)
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Too broad, try finding a more specific subclass (English)
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"musical work" and "musical composition" mean the same thing so we just use "musical work/composition". The reason they are still separate items is because we can't merge them due to some Wikipedias still having articles for each. (English)
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