subclass of

next higher class or type; all instances of these items are instances of those items; this item is a class (subset) of that item. Not to be confused with P31 (instance of)

  • rdfs:subClassOf
  • hyponym of
  • has superclass
  • is also a
  • subtype of
  • is a subtype of
  • subcategory of
  • is a category of
  • is thereby also a
  • is necessarily also a
  • whose instances are among
  • whose instances ⊆ those of
  • is a type of
  • is a class of
  • subset of
  • type of
  • form of
  • sc
  • way of

Data type



undertyp av (Swedish)
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About this property, please read https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Help:Basic_membership_properties (English)
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Class items can be documented using {{Item documentation}} on their talk page and by adding a list of properties in their Talk:Q<id>/class subpage (work in progress) (English)
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Не путать со свойством P31. Краткое описание на https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Help:Basic_membership_properties (Russian)
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关于此属性,请阅读https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Help:Basic_membership_properties (Simplified Chinese)
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以下のヘルプを参照してください (Japanese)
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此項目用於建立描述本分類與母分類之關係,與P31不同。 (Chinese (Taiwan))
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關于此屬性,請閱讀https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Help:Basic_membership_properties (Traditional Chinese)
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no value
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Instances of musical instruments (Q34379) are typically individual specimens and shouldn't be subclasses. If you're working with a proper subclass, try setting P31 = "type of musical instrument" (Q110295396) (English)
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