subject named as

name by which a subject is recorded in a database, mentioned as a contributor of a work, or is referred to in a particular context

  • credited as
  • subject stated as
  • authorized as
  • authorized access point
  • established as
  • authorized form
  • authorized heading
  • established form
  • established heading
  • spelled as
  • entity named as
  • AAP
  • named as
  • stated as

Data type



uvedena jako (Czech)
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mjenowana jako (Upper Sorbian)
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названа як (Ukrainian)
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indicata come (Italian)
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названая як (Belarusian (Taraškievica orthography))
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nomeada como (Portuguese)
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ονομαζόμενη ως (Greek)
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названа в базе (Russian)
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Property should only be used as qualifier or in references. This constraint fails only when the property is used directly on items. (English)
このプロパティは修飾子、または出典としてのみ用いてください。これは、プロパティが項目に対して直接使用されている場合にのみ失敗するという制約です。 (Japanese)
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