applies to name of item

(qualifier) label or alias name to which the claim applies (subject of the statement)

  • applies to name
  • applies to name of subject
  • valid for the name
  • limited to the name
  • involved name
  • for the name

Data type

Monolingual text


This property (as opposed to P8338) should be used to denote the precise name to which a given P138 claim corresponds. If A has been named after B but B can have different names, use this property as a qualifier of P138 to specify the actual name of B which is based on the name of A. (English)
0 references
Graves' disease (English)
グレーブス病 (Japanese)
格里夫氏症 (Chinese)
0 references
Basedow's disease (English)
Morbus Basedow (German)
バセドウ病 (Japanese)
0 references
0 references