applies to name of subject

(qualifier) label or alias name to which the claim applies (subject of the statement). To refer to name of the value, use "applies to name of object" (P8338)

  • applies to name
  • valid for the name
  • limited to the name
  • involved name
  • for the name
  • applies to name of item

Data type

Monolingual text


This property (as opposed to P8338) should be used to denote the precise name to which a given P138 claim corresponds. If A has been named after B but A can bear different names, use this property as a qualifier of P138 to specify the name of A which was formed from a name of B. (English)
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Aquesta propietat (a diferència de P8338) s'ha d'utilitzar per indicar el nom precís al qual correspon una determinada reclamació P138. Si A ha rebut el nom de B però A pot portar noms diferents, utilitzeu aquesta propietat com a qualificador de P138 per especificar el nom d'A que es va formar a partir d'un nom de B. (Catalan)
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(「当てはまる名前 (P5168)」とは対照的に)このプロパティは、「名前の由来 (P138)」の修飾子として適用される名称を示すために使用されます。例えば、AがBにちなんで命名されたが、Aには別の異なる名前がある場合、Bの名前にちなんだAの名前はどれかを指定するために使用します。 (Japanese)
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Graves' disease (English)
グレーブス病 (Japanese)
格里夫氏症 (Chinese)
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Basedow's disease (English)
Morbus Basedow (German)
バセドウ病 (Japanese)
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