series ordinal

position of an item in its parent series (most frequently a 1-based index), generally to be used as a qualifier (different from "rank" defined as a class, and from "ranking" defined as a property for evaluating a quality).

  • sorting order
  • position in series
  • number
  • ordinal number
  • series number
  • sort order
  • section number
  • S/N
  • s/n
  • unit number
  • index
  • #
  • num.
  • rank

Data type



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Pode ser usado para qualquer série lógica; os valores podem incluir, por exemplo, 6; 3,5; 1b; 3-6; C4. Deve ser usado somente para séries em que todos os elementos tenham valor igual ou semelhante; use "classificação" (P1352) para indicar a classificação (valor / importância...) dos elementos que requerem ordenação. (Portuguese)
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Can be used for any logical series; values can include e.g. 6; 3.5; 1b; 3–6; C4. Should be used only for series where all elements have equal or similar value; use "ranking" (P1352) to indicate the rank (value/importance...) of elements requiring gradation. (English)
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可用于任意逻辑序列;值可以包括例如6;3.5;1b;3~6;C4。只应用于所有元素拥有相同或类似值的系列;使用“排名”(P1352)指明要求阶段元素的排序(值/重要度...) (Simplified Chinese)
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