I'm Ian and I live in Aberdeen.

I'm very interested in local history and supporting our local cultural institutions and empowering volunteers to work with them. Since 2019 I've been a WikiMedia UK trainer.

While I am interested in Wikipedia / Wiki Commons(see my Global Account Info or look deeper with Navel Gazer) I am particularly interested in using Wikidata more effectively. So I am always trying to learn more,

Having recently worked on a project on Plaques in Aberdeen I've more recently been working on the Provosts and Lord Provosts of Aberdeen going back to 1272.

I use this page to figure stuff out and keep my notes on projects.

Useful SPARQL resources and tutorials


Here's some links on SPARQL that I find useful and will likely want to reference in the future:

If all else files, request a query .

How to use different colour markers in WikiData Queryservice Maps

Tutorials I've created


Articles I've written about using Wikidata


Most have a strong 'how to' focus.

Talks I've given


Wikidata identifiers I've proposed


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