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Drafting a proposal.

New propertyEdit

We want to propose a new property for mediatype. Currently we have a property with a string datatype to represent this data.

We would like to have a property with the datatype of item to represent this data.

We would like to have this new property so that we can create relationships between the set of new items for these mediatypes themselves.


Advantages include :


Disadvantages include:

  • more complex data structure
  • there will be duplicated data (we won't delete the old property)

The examples provided below are interesting because the mediatype information is already on these items. The difference that this proposal would create would be the data type. Items will be created for all mediatypes. This way we can also create statements about these mediatypes.

Many of the links to IANA are deadlinks.

Migration of existing data consist of:

  1. make Wikidata entries for all used MIME types (906 uses, so limited number of new entries)


Some of this can be retained, obviously not the Data Type (but is above already changed).


Model of itemsEdit

Action: These need to be converted into a ShEX.

A MIME typeEdit

$mime-type ...

Do you have a use in mind for the MIME type (P1163) statement? Would it be redundant?

A RFC documentEdit

$rfc-item ...

+ All field used by title, RfC ID, DOI, author, etc, etc...

Background InformationEdit

At WikiCite 2017 (Q54856362) Silvio Peroni shared this link to his work publishing linked data.

The current property used for mimetypes is MIME type (P1163). Here is a link to talk page for P1163.

Relevant examplesEdit