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L'Ospite Inatteso (talkcontribs)

Hi, sorry, but I don't understand: . What's P7512? Thank you.

Shisma (talkcontribs)
L'Ospite Inatteso (talkcontribs)

Ah, OK. Thank you.

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Trade (talkcontribs)

Should we merge Q78903153 and Q11350257? Q78903157 is the second season but are usually treated as a work seperately from the first two items.

Shisma (talkcontribs)

I am not an expert but it is not uncommon for anime series, that a new season comes with a different marketing like a new title and such. Some databases might treat those as a separate series.

Trade (talkcontribs)

Something wrong?

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Shisma (talkcontribs)

what do you mean?

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Alex Cohn (talkcontribs)
Shisma (talkcontribs)

Makes sense. There are also releases in musicbrainz that represent the game’s media played as an audio cd. In those cases a release propery would be appropriate

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Call for participation in a task-based online experiment

Kholoudsaa (talkcontribs)

Dear Shisma,

I hope you are doing good,

I am Kholoud, a researcher at King's College London, and I work on a project as part of my PhD research, in which I have developed a personalised recommender system that suggests Wikidata items for the editors based on their past edits. I am collaborating on this project with Elena Simperl and Miaojing Shi.

I am inviting you to a task-based study that will ask you to provide your judgments about the relevance of the items suggested by our system based on your previous edits.

Participation is completely voluntary, and your cooperation will enable us to evaluate the accuracy of the recommender system in suggesting relevant items to you. We will analyse the results anonymised, and they will be published to a research venue.

The study will start in late January 2022 or early February 2022, and it should take no more than 30 minutes.

If you agree to participate in this study, please either contact me at [] or use this form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSees9WzFXR0Vl3mHLkZCaByeFHRrBy51kBca53euq9nt3XWog/viewform?usp=sf_link

I will contact you with the link to start the study.

For more information about the study, please read this post: https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/User:Kholoudsaa

In case you have further questions or require more information, don't hesitate to contact me through my mentioned email.

Thank you for considering taking part in this research.


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L'Ospite Inatteso (talkcontribs)

Yes, I know, but they're the official pages of the episodes.

Shisma (talkcontribs)

Okay 🤷

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Lost & Found (Star Trek Prodigy episode)

PurpleBuffalo (talkcontribs)

Hey. I see you opened two new items for parts 1 and 2. I think it's unnecessary since they it ended up being just an extra long episode, and not a two-parter.

Shisma (talkcontribs)

Most Star Trek two part episodes were first broadcasted as one in film length. Subsequent screenings (or original screenings in other countries) were often split. I suppose that’s why IMDb choose to have two entities. It is at least common practice to have three entities for a two part episode

PurpleBuffalo (talkcontribs)

IMDB already changed it to one entity.

Shisma (talkcontribs)

I've just noticed. tracked.tv merged it too. Let's merge then.

PurpleBuffalo (talkcontribs)

I'm not sure how to do it. I'd be happy to learn.

Shisma (talkcontribs)

This generates a list of two-part episode (Q21664088) and their parts:

SELECT ?two ?twoLabel ?part ?partLabel WHERE {
  SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "[AUTO_LANGUAGE],en". }
  ?two wdt:P31 wd:Q21664088.
  ?part wdt:P361 ?two.
Try it!

It also includes…

Caretaker (Q2121683)
Caretaker, Part I (Q42599400) and Caretaker, Part II (Q25587705)
originally broadcasted as a single episode


Basics (Q4867063)
Basics, Part I (Q42599361) and Basics, Part II (Q25587669)
originally broadcasted separately
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L'Ospite Inatteso (talkcontribs)

Hi, it's a deadurl. Site doesn't exist anymore.

L'Ospite Inatteso (talkcontribs)
Shisma (talkcontribs)

I'd say just because the web archive does not have a backup doesn't mean nobody has 🤷

L'Ospite Inatteso (talkcontribs)

So, what's the point of keeping it on wikidata when you can't see any content anywhere?

Shisma (talkcontribs)

Maybe somebody someday will be able to access it. What's the harm of having it?

Shisma (talkcontribs)

I think this is also what ranks are for:

Marking erroneous statements as deprecated instead of simply deleting such statements has three benefits:

2. it provides a mechanism for representing the evolution of theories and ideas and thereby creates a richer context for understanding human knowledge

This is not only about the link and the contents of the website itself. This statement tells us, that the official website existed in another form before, hosted by msn.com. This could be valuable information.

L'Ospite Inatteso (talkcontribs)

OK, understood.

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This Fandom article ID statement is missing a qualifier language of work or name.

Back ache (talkcontribs)

To keep wikidata from showing the message "This Fandom article ID statement is missing a qualifier language of work or name." could it be added to the script that when it creates an entry it also adds the language the fandom is written in too?

Keep up the good work


Shisma (talkcontribs)
Back ache (talkcontribs)

No, I've just been linking peoples entry's. The script brings over the article ID and reference, but ideally wikidata would like the language P407 added to the article ID.

Following is screenshots of their message box and of me manually adding the value

Back ache (talk) 19:42, 30 August 2021 (UTC)

Shisma (talkcontribs)

Which script are you talking about? You used quick statements right?

Back ache (talkcontribs)

Yes, I am using your combination of tampermonkey and wikia-data.user.js which populates wikidata via quickstatements

I was just wondering if the was a language variable in fandom that wikia-data.user.js could grab and pass through too

For example the HTML source of the page starts with lang="en", however thinking about it, that sounds like I am asking too much, so just ignore me!

Thanks for a great script, I've used it for lots of wikidata linking already :-)

Shisma (talkcontribs)
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BrokenSegue (talkcontribs)

Why did your extension make this edit? That item is not appropriate in that statement.

BrokenSegue (talk) 17:45, 16 July 2021 (UTC)

Shisma (talkcontribs)

Hello Segue,

the website podchaser.com/creators/barack-obama-107Zzj88OJ included the following metadata:

    "@context": "http://schema.org",
    "@type": "Person",
    "additionalName": "Barack",
    "birthDate": "1961-08-04 00:00:00",
    "name": "Barack Obama",
    "description": "Host on Renegades: Born in the USA, Guest on The Breakfast Club, Fresh Air, and The Michelle Obama Podcast, and Archive Recording on Making. Barack Hussein Obama II is an American politician who served as the 44th President of the United States from 2009 to 2017. A member of the Democratic Party, he was the first African American to be elected to the presidency and previously served as a United S…",
    "url": "https://www.podchaser.com/creators/barack-obama-107Zzj88OJ"

The first two lines describe it an instance of the class https://schema.org/Person. The entity person (Q215627) has the property equivalent class (P1709) https://schema.org/Person.

podchaser.com of course might be wrong with their assessment. But what exactly is wrong with this statement?

BrokenSegue (talkcontribs)

we don't tag people with person. we tag them with human. the description on person (Q215627) makes this clear. please update your script not to do this. BrokenSegue (talk) 18:03, 16 July 2021 (UTC)

Shisma (talkcontribs)
BrokenSegue (talkcontribs)

That is possible.

Shisma (talkcontribs)

from the next version onward, instance of (P31)-statements extracted from external classes are unchecked by default: the user has to opt them in. I figured those are usually less precise than wikidata classes.

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