Wikidata:Disclosure of paid editing

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The terms of use of Wikimedia require disclosure of paid editing. While paid editing by organizations that benefit from contributing to Wikidata can be welcome, transparency is an important value. This policy affirms that we expect users of Wikidata to follow the Wikimedia policy on paid editing.


A user has to disclose the name of every organization that pays the user money for contributing to Wikidata. Both non-profit-organizations and for-profit-organizations have to be disclosed.

This disclosure can either happen via plain-text or with the PaidContributions-template.

Enforcing policyEdit

In the case of misbehaving editors, such policy may be enforced to keep the community in good order.


A warning is not mandatory, but usually the first step for dealing with infractions is to politely remind editors to comply with our policy. An initial warning may be followed up by another if the editor persists in not following Wikidata policies and guidelines.


Users will have their editing privilege removed for a period of time (or indefinitely) as determined by an administrator. The blocked editors are still able to access and view Wikidata, but unable to make any changes to it. It is not necessary for editors to receive a warning prior to a block if the administrator believes that there is a clear indication that the editor is disruptive.