Wikidata:Events/IRC office hour 2020-10-27


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2020-10-27T16:00:07 <Léa ~ Auregann> Hello all, and welcome to the Wikidata & Wikibase office hour! 🍿
2020-10-27T16:00:17 <Sam Alipio> \o/
2020-10-27T16:00:24 <Lydia Pintscher> \o/
2020-10-27T16:00:31 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> \o/
2020-10-27T16:00:31 <Léa ~ Auregann> This meeting will last 60 minutes. During the first 30min, we will present the news around the development of Wikidata & Wikibase. During the second half, we will welcome questions and discussions!
2020-10-27T16:00:34 <মাহির মোরশেদ> \o/
2020-10-27T16:01:21 <Lydia Pintscher> Hey everyone :)
2020-10-27T16:01:40 <Lydia Pintscher> I'll start with some exciting things that happened on the Wikidata side when it comes to development.
2020-10-27T16:02:07 <Lydia Pintscher> One of the big things that happened over the last 3 months was the deployment of the Wikidata Bridge on the first Wikipedia - Catalan Wikipedia.
2020-10-27T16:02:32 <Lydia Pintscher> Much ❤️ to Catalan Wikipedia for being the first to try it out in a first version.
2020-10-27T16:03:01 <Lydia Pintscher> There is still a lot of work to do but I'm really happy that the start is made towards making it possible for Wikipedians to easily edit Wikidata directly from their Wikipedia.
2020-10-27T16:03:14 <Sam Alipio> gràcies catalan wikipedia <3
2020-10-27T16:03:51 <Lydia Pintscher> We also started coding on the Query Builder that will make it easier for people to query the data in Wikidata who don't (yet) know SPARQL.
2020-10-27T16:04:33 <Lydia Pintscher> You can have a first look at . It's still very rudimentary and can only query for a post code right now but we'll flesh it out in the next weeks.
2020-10-27T16:04:54 <Jan Ainali> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "One of the big thing…" Yay! \o/
2020-10-27T16:05:59 <Lydia Pintscher> While we're on the topic of making things easier: We looked into how to make it easier for programmers to access the data in Wikidata.
2020-10-27T16:06:51 <Lydia Pintscher> One thing that people are unhappy about is the current API we have because it is very specific to wiki text in places and not really good for Wikidata's structured data.
2020-10-27T16:07:06 <Lydia Pintscher> So we looked into alternatives and recently published a draft for a REST API at
2020-10-27T16:07:34 <Lydia Pintscher> It'd be ❤️ to get your feedback on it so we can make any needed changes to it and then start implementing it.
2020-10-27T16:07:50 <Lydia Pintscher> Once we have a nicer API I hope we will see more people building cool apps on top of Wikidata.
2020-10-27T16:08:37 <Lydia Pintscher> In a different area we looked at data quality and how we measure it. We had taught ORES a while ago how to judge the quality of an Item automatically.
2020-10-27T16:09:03 <Lydia Pintscher> That judgement however was not super good. We looked into ways to improve that and implemented some improvements.
2020-10-27T16:09:29 <Lydia Pintscher> So in the next days when you ask ORES how good or bad a specific Item likely is it will hopefully have a better answer than before.
2020-10-27T16:09:58 <Lydia Pintscher> This will also help us build tools in the future that for example let you identify the lowest quality Items in a set so we can improve them.
2020-10-27T16:10:29 <Lydia Pintscher> We also continued our work on infrastructure improvements. Specifically the query service together with the WMF search team.
2020-10-27T16:10:53 <Lydia Pintscher> We analyzed a number of queries to spot patterns and better understand which of them could for example be answered by different systems.
2020-10-27T16:11:56 <Lydia Pintscher> We also created a prototype of a query manipulator. This is a tool we could put in front of the query service that intelligently rewrites queries so they are more performant for example or automatically behind the szenes reroute them to a different system that is better able to answer them.
2020-10-27T16:12:16 <Lydia Pintscher> The search team will look into bringing this into production.
2020-10-27T16:13:21 <Lydia Pintscher> On the topic of infrastructure: one thing people rightfully complained about was Wikibase skipping some Item IDs randomly. We fixed one of the major causes of this happening. So hopefully we'll see a reduction in skipped Item IDs now.
2020-10-27T16:13:37 <Lydia Pintscher> And with that I'll hand over to Sam for news on Wikibase
2020-10-27T16:14:18 <Sam Alipio> Since the last time we all "met", the Wikibase side of the house has been busy wrapping up a few ongoing projects (some of which might sound familiar!)
2020-10-27T16:14:29 <Premeditated> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "The search team will…" Do you have a phabricator ticket for following this?
2020-10-27T16:14:30 <Sam Alipio> We concluded work on the first version of Wikidata-Wikibase Federation (Federated Properties) so that other Wikibase installations can use Wikidata's Properties instead of having to maintain their own.
2020-10-27T16:14:45 <Sam Alipio> We’re currently testing the pre-release Federation feature with current Wikibase users -- please reach out ( if you would like to join this feedback phase!
2020-10-27T16:15:13 <Sam Alipio> We also concluded development work on the first version of the WikibaseManifest extension, a way for 3rd party (non-Wikimedia) Wikibases to share important metadata about their Wikibase with external tools.
2020-10-27T16:15:23 <Sam Alipio> The goal of this extension is to make it easier for Wikidata tool developers to make their tools work with Wikibases besides Wikidata
2020-10-27T16:15:30 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Premeditated> "Do you have a phabri…" Yes!
2020-10-27T16:15:35 <Sam Alipio> We’re currently gathering feedback on the Manifest from tool builders. If you are a Wikidata tool builder and want to participate in testing, please reach out (
2020-10-27T16:16:05 <Sam Alipio> The extension will be bundled in our next Wikibase release, along with Federation version 1!
2020-10-27T16:16:28 <Sam Alipio> An example of what the WikibaseManifestoutput would look like in a Wikibase can be explored here
2020-10-27T16:17:04 <Sam Alipio> We also finished the work of untangling the Wikibase Client and Wikibase Repository extensions to make development easier in the future
2020-10-27T16:17:50 <Sam Alipio> Finally, we launched a public directory of Wikibase Consultants and Service Providers on Meta to help Wikibase users get connected to people and companies who can help them
2020-10-27T16:18:12 <Sam Alipio> check it out here: (and feel free to add yourself/your company if you want to be listed!)
2020-10-27T16:18:25 <Sam Alipio> And now over to Mohammed
2020-10-27T16:18:38 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> We’ve had 6 new admins including one returning admin and an admin-bot: Wiki13, Hazard-SJ, Gnoeee, Wagino 20100516, Fuzheado, MsynABot. Welcome back Fuzheado, welcome onboard everyone \o/
2020-10-27T16:18:49 <Léa ~ Auregann> \o/
2020-10-27T16:19:01 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> Wikidata’s birthday is happening! You can see the calendar here Post on social media with #WikidataBirthday, and add all your presents to the list! I particularly recommend having a look at the WikiCite virtual conference program, and the 24-hours meetup taking place on October 28 & 29.
2020-10-27T16:19:22 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> Many thanks to everyone involved in scheduling and preparing an event for the birthday, as well as people involved in other events (editathons, livestream…) and producing content (videos, documentation) over the past months <3
2020-10-27T16:19:30 <Sam Alipio> 🎉
2020-10-27T16:19:33 <Léa ~ Auregann> ❤
2020-10-27T16:20:02 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> Support process review: thanks a lot to all of you who gave your feedback about the process to report bugs or request new features. We’re currently compiling the results. d:Wikidata:Contact the development team/Process review 2020
2020-10-27T16:20:23 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> New tools were created by the community over the past months. Here are a few of them:
2020-10-27T16:20:36 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> A new OpenRefine reconciliation service for Wikidata is now available -->
2020-10-27T16:20:50 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> wikidata2df, a Python package for easily turning a Wikidata SPARQL query into a pandas dataframe -->
2020-10-27T16:21:01 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> With Wikidata Concept Tree Generator enables you to enter any concept and instantly see a visualization of its extended relations -->
2020-10-27T16:21:14 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> Entity Explosion, the browser add-on for Chrome that allows you to discover information about an entity on a webpage is now also available for Firefox -->
2020-10-27T16:21:26 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> WikiMap, a tool by User:DB111 that maps geocoded images from Commons and Wikipedia articles, now supports Wikidata items as well -->
2020-10-27T16:21:38 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> Wikidata Walkabout is a new site that lets you browse and drill down through different "classes" of data on Wikidata -->
2020-10-27T16:21:51 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> Como is a new Android app, that uses Wikidata lexemes and senses to create a word-guessing game. It lets players create new senses and tests them on other players to finally save them in Wikidata -->
2020-10-27T16:22:11 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> Also, Wikimedia Israel developed a web based Wikidata Query Service tutorial -->
2020-10-27T16:22:25 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> And finally, here are a few interesting things to watch and read:
2020-10-27T16:22:37 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> Wikidata track at LD4 conference -->
2020-10-27T16:22:50 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> WikiCite + IFLA videos -->
2020-10-27T16:23:01 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> Youtuber Tom Scott tries to answer the question What Is The Best Thing?, using Wikidata to curate a collection of "things", and an online poll for people to vote on those things -->
2020-10-27T16:23:12 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> What does/doesn’t follow Benford’s law: An analysis of hundreds of sets of numbers from Wikidata -->
2020-10-27T16:23:23 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> "Youtuber Tom Scott t…" The result is accurate btw... 😉
2020-10-27T16:23:26 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> Analyze Swedish politics with Wikidata -->
2020-10-27T16:23:43 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> omeka-s-wikidata is a new module for the open source GLAM collection management software Omeka, that allows cataloguers to use Wikidata as a vocabulary for persons, places, subjects, etc. -->
2020-10-27T16:23:59 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> Wikidata reaches Q100000000, by Lydia Pintscher and Denny Vrandečić -->
2020-10-27T16:24:17 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> If you want to know more about the cool things that other community members are doing, or add more to the list: please consider subscribing & contributing to the Wikidata newsletter :) d:Wikidata:Status updates
2020-10-27T16:24:32 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> Handing over to Lea now
2020-10-27T16:25:10 <Léa ~ Auregann> Now, let's talk about the future :) What's coming next for Wikidata and Wikibase?
2020-10-27T16:25:35 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> \o/
2020-10-27T16:25:37 <Lydia Pintscher> 🤔 What's next?
2020-10-27T16:25:56 <Lydia Pintscher> There are a bunch of things coming up.
2020-10-27T16:26:12 <Lydia Pintscher> First we will continue to work on the query builder so it can actually generate meaningful queries for you.
2020-10-27T16:26:46 <Lydia Pintscher> Then we'll finish the feedback round for the REST API, adapt it based on feedback you gave and then start implementing it.
2020-10-27T16:27:31 <Lydia Pintscher> We also started looking into the topic of how to compare Wikidata's data to other databases out there so we can find mismatches that need our attention. We'll continue the research on it. If you're interested i that topic please poke @masssly and me.
2020-10-27T16:28:00 <Lydia Pintscher> We'll also continue supporting the search team with the query service improvements.
2020-10-27T16:28:25 <Lydia Pintscher> And last but not least we will soon have JSON dumps for Lexemes as well so that people like @vrandecic can build cool stuff :D
2020-10-27T16:28:36 <Lydia Pintscher> Sam How about Wikibase?
2020-10-27T16:28:40 <ᴊɪɴᴏʏ / ജിനോയ്‌> reply to <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> "We’ve had 6 new admi…" 😊
2020-10-27T16:29:19 <Sam Alipio> On the Wikibase side, we're days away from kicking off our next big development effort
2020-10-27T16:29:29 <Sam Alipio> we will be implementing a release strategy & improved release infrastructure for Wikibase, which will result in a regular release cycle of Wikibase suite
2020-10-27T16:29:41 <Sam Alipio> The goal is to create a more predictable and simple updating process for the software, including easy-to-follow documentation
2020-10-27T16:30:03 <Sam Alipio> We’re also going to continue user testing of the first version of Wikidata-Wikibase Federation and the WikibaseManifest extension
2020-10-27T16:31:26 <Léa ~ Auregann> Thanks Lydia, Sam and Mohammed! We're done with the presentation part, and now it's time for questions & discussions ! If you have something on your mind, feel free to ask :)
2020-10-27T16:32:55 <Josef Klamo> <new_chat_participant,new_chat_member,new_chat_members>
2020-10-27T16:33:39 <Premeditated> When will the REST API feedback round end?
2020-10-27T16:34:15 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Premeditated> "When will the REST A…" We will go over the feedback that we received so far next week. I hope we can wrap it up the week after.
2020-10-27T16:34:29 <মাহির মোরশেদ> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "Unfortunately yes. B…" Now that the Wikidata Bridge is out, how long until arbitrary access to lexicographical data is unblocked? (It's good that there will soon be JSON dumps of lexemes for Denny to work with, but that doesn't beat accessing it on the fly)
2020-10-27T16:35:58 <Hogü-456> Have you looked to the other solutions who are something like Wikidatabridge. I think here about the Lexeme forms tool and the Cradle tool. This tools offer the possibility to enter data through forms. Can you take something from this solutions or is it a complete new development.
2020-10-27T16:36:18 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <মাহির মোরশেদ> "Now that the Wikidat…" I'm continuing to push for it. I am making language and cultural coverage a topic for the coming year. Getting arbitrary access for lexicographical data done is at the top of the list for that.
2020-10-27T16:37:41 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Hogü-456> "Have you looked to t…" The Wikidata Bridge needs to be (and is) tightly integrated in the Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. Cradle and the Lexeme Form tool are much more free and independent and serve different usecases. They don't have to bother with a lot of the things that make the Bridge complicated.
2020-10-27T16:38:03 <Lydia Pintscher> Some of the things that make the Bridge complicated are dealing with ranks, multiple statements, different languages and more
2020-10-27T16:38:32 <Stefano> will there be an easy pathway to migrate templates to use the Bridge?
2020-10-27T16:39:23 <Stefano> for example, in itwiki there are a lot of templates which don't use wikidata currently
2020-10-27T16:39:26 <Arthur Smith> now that we are past Q100000000 has there been any review of the Wikidata infrastructure for capacity isssues?
2020-10-27T16:41:00 <Léa ~ Auregann> reply to <Stefano> "will there be an eas…" Templates that are already Wikidata-powered will be easy to convert (here's the documentation page we built for Catalan Wikipedia, that others can reuse as well )
However, for infoboxes that don't use Wikidata yet, there will be some migration to be done indeed. I suggest looking at other wikis to see what their infoboxes look like
2020-10-27T16:41:40 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Arthur Smith> "now that we are past…" Yes that is ongoing. The most pressing thing is being addressed with improvements to the query service, specifically the new updater and the query manipulator that i was talking about earlier. The search team is in the process of getting the new updater ready for production. But we are also working with the WMF and others on the longer term plans and addressing growth beyond that. There are ideas but no finalized plans yet. I hope we'll get there in the first half of next year.
2020-10-27T16:41:41 <Léa ~ Auregann> And of course, the decision to switch to Wikidata-powered infoboxes/to the Bridge should be discussed with the local Wikipedia community first, to avoid backfires
2020-10-27T16:42:19 <Stefano> I like fires 🔥 😂
2020-10-27T16:42:38 <Stefano> thanks
2020-10-27T16:43:19 <Léa ~ Auregann> Moar questions? :)
2020-10-27T16:44:03 <Stefano> yesterday I was doing some merges, and I wondered if there's more work planned in dealing with duplicates
2020-10-27T16:44:13 <Luca Martinelli [Sannita]> reply to <Sam Alipio> "We concluded work on…" this is excellent news!
2020-10-27T16:44:45 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Stefano> "yesterday I was doin…" Are you interested in making it easier to find duplicates or handling them once they are found?
2020-10-27T16:44:48 <Stefano> example, I found a discussion on the Do Not Merge page saying "well we should migrate this list to the property on the items"
2020-10-27T16:46:08 <Luca Martinelli [Sannita]> reply to <Stefano> "I like fires 🔥 😂" lel
2020-10-27T16:46:19 <Lydia Pintscher> If you have links I'd be happy to have a look
2020-10-27T16:46:44 <Stefano> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "Are you interested i…" yes, now the workflow is: wait for the heuristics on projectmerge to run, then compare wikipedia's pages and then the items on wikidata, if they're actual duplicates merge
2020-10-27T16:47:15 <Stefano> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "If you have links I'…"
2020-10-27T16:48:25 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Stefano> "https://www.wikidata…" Thanks. I'll take a look.
2020-10-27T16:48:34 <Magnus Sälgö> I think we need a best practise how to communicate who is maintaining the data of a property or a Qnumber i.e. how to easy find Jupyter Notebooks etc... and understand how often the data is updated/checked

Is there something done or do we have any "Show cases"
2020-10-27T16:49:08 <Arthur Smith> reply to <Magnus Sälgö> "I think we need a be…" maybe property talk page would be the place?
2020-10-27T16:49:26 <Hogü-456> Have you plans to include a support for qualifiers into the easy query builder. I think that it is helpful to have a support for them.
2020-10-27T16:49:57 <Josef Klamo> Any news about citoid integration in WD?
2020-10-27T16:50:34 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Magnus Sälgö> "I think we need a be…" I don't think we want to put much emphasis on "this person is mantaining this property". We have collective ownership of all of Wikidata. If we change that we'll have issues like one person being responsible for a property but then vanishing etc.
2020-10-27T16:51:41 <Léa ~ Auregann> reply to <Hogü-456> "Have you plans to in…" It is planned for the later versions, but will not be included from the start.
2020-10-27T16:52:05 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Josef Klamo> "Any news about citoi…" Unfortunately this was stalled because of the pandemic (person working on it being unavailable). I've been told it can resume in the next weeks.
2020-10-27T16:52:14 <Luca Martinelli [Sannita]> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "I don't think we wan…" ^^^
2020-10-27T16:52:26 <Magnus Sälgö> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "I don't think we wan…" more tools used or how you yourself can check the data... today I got a question from a datajournalist at the Swedish broadcast to get data from the election in the States and then it would be good to say "this data is maintained like this or you can run this Notebook and check it"
2020-10-27T16:53:22 <Arthur Smith> Is Wikidata/wikibase development moving to gitlab (wikitech seems to have decided on this recently?)
2020-10-27T16:53:29 <Denny Vrandečić> Are wer all ready for the birthday? :D
2020-10-27T16:53:40 <Premeditated> 🎉
2020-10-27T16:54:06 <Josef Klamo> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "Unfortunately this w…" Glad to hear that!
2020-10-27T16:54:10 <Léa ~ Auregann> reply to <Denny Vrandečić> "Are wer all ready fo…" Sooo ready! \o/
2020-10-27T16:54:18 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Arthur Smith> "Is Wikidata/wikibase…" I guess we will follow the general MediaWiki development. But that's still all fuzzy to me atm.
2020-10-27T16:54:46 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Denny Vrandečić> "Are wer all ready fo…" <sticker>
2020-10-27T16:54:47 <Moebeus> reply to <Magnus Sälgö> "I think we need a be…" P6104 can maybe be of some use?
2020-10-27T16:55:20 <মাহির মোরশেদ> reply to <Moebeus> "P6104 can maybe be o…" or "on focus list of Wikimedia project" in temporary situations
2020-10-27T16:55:21 <Denny Vrandečić> Moomins!
2020-10-27T16:55:44 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Denny Vrandečić> "Moomins!" They follow us everywhere :D
2020-10-27T16:55:49 <Léa ~ Auregann> By the way, a question for you all: what are you planning for the Wikidata birthday? 🎂
2020-10-27T16:56:59 <Arthur Smith> reply to <Léa ~ Auregann> "By the way, a questi…" I gave a Wikicite talk yesterday...
2020-10-27T16:57:05 <Lydia Pintscher> \o/
2020-10-27T16:57:23 <Lydia Pintscher> What about?
2020-10-27T16:58:04 <Léa ~ Auregann> If you're looking for ideas, I can suggest joining the 24-hours meetup that starts tomorrow at 17:00 UTC or adding a present or a message here
2020-10-27T16:58:11 <Arthur Smith> author disambiguation - there was a whole 2-hour sesssion on author items in Wikidata...
2020-10-27T16:58:22 <Magnus Sälgö> reply to <Moebeus> "P6104 can maybe be o…" Yes I have uset it but one Swedish nerd makes no standard....
2020-10-27T16:58:41 <Hogü-456> I attended at a Online Editathon about topics related to Ulm in Wikidata on Saturday and I try to create something to making int easier to get data ready to upload with QuickStatements Version 1. I started it and maybe I can finish it.
2020-10-27T16:58:59 <মাহির মোরশেদ> reply to <Magnus Sälgö> "Yes I have uset it b…" TIL "WikiProject" = "Swedish nerd"
2020-10-27T16:59:02 <Sam Alipio> reply to <Hogü-456> "I attended at a Onli…" very cool!
2020-10-27T16:59:31 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Arthur Smith> "author disambiguatio…" 2h? 🤯
2020-10-27T17:00:27 <Arthur Smith>
2020-10-27T17:00:36 <Lydia Pintscher> Thanks
2020-10-27T17:00:40 <Arthur Smith> Actually it was supposedly almost 4 hours, but lots of breaks.
2020-10-27T17:01:08 <Léa ~ Auregann> Impressive
2020-10-27T17:01:14 <Léa ~ Auregann> Alright people, thanks for joining the office hour! Have fun with the birthday and see you soon on various channels :)
2020-10-27T17:01:38 <Magnus Sälgö> Thanks and thanks for your good work
2020-10-27T17:01:55 <Sam Alipio> Thanks, until next time!
2020-10-27T17:02:19 <Lydia Pintscher> ❤️ Thanks everyone for coming. See you in all the birthday celebrations :)