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Do you want to meet other Wikidata editors, attend a workshop or organize one? Don't hesitate to add a section on this page or use the talk page to suggest ideas!

If you are planning a workshop for Wikidata editors, see Wikidata:Planning a Wikidata workshop.


Next eventsEdit

The Rare WikiKitten seen in its natural habitat.








  • A new academic course featuring Wikidata opened on October 15th at Tel Aviv University. The elective is called "From Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, from Wikipedia to Wikidata" and it's the 1st for-credit course in the world to focus on Wikidata! The course is available to all undergraduate students at TAU, from all disciplines, and is led by educator & Wikimedian Shani Evenstein. Isn't this a perfect gift for WD's Bday? :)
  • A Wikidata workshop will be led by Shani Evenstein, in collaboration with Wikimedia Israel & and the Israel Internet Association, on 18th & 25th of October in Tel Aviv. The first meeting will be dedicated to an introduction and adding information to WD, and the second meeting will focus on querying & SPARQL.




IRC office hoursEdit

There are regular Wikidata office hours on IRC where everyone can ask questions and discuss important issues. They will be announced on the Wikidata mailing list and meta:Special:MyLanguage/IRC office hours and will take place in the Wikidata IRC channel #wikimedia-officeconnect on freenode.

Past eventsEdit

You can find a (probably incomplete) list of past events and office hours on the archive page.

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