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Calling all Wikidata enthusiasts in Zurich!

We would like to meet and discuss ideas around Wikidata. We invite Wikidata editors, (Linked) Open Data hackers, data scientists, and data providers to join us in an after-work meetup in Zurich. Are you new to Wikidata but interested and eager to contribute? We welcome you, too. :)

It will be a space to ask, report, brainstorm new ideas, and even experiment with code, in an informal and friendly atmosphere. If you would like to give a lightning talk or suggest a topic that you would like others to discuss, you will have the chance to do so.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

This event is organized by Cristina Sarasua (University of Zurich, member of Wikimedia Switzerland), with the support of Wikimedia Switzerland, and especially Ilario Valdelli (staff member of Wikimedia Switzerland).

Meetup #3 - ***Special *** Wikidata's 6th birthday!Edit

  • What? Discussing the value of Wikidata and brainstorming ideas around it. This meetup will be special because it's Wikidata's sixth birthday!
    • Talk by Manuel Sahli (User:Fundriver), experienced Wikipedian in Switzerland.
    • Panel discussion with Laura Hale (User:LauraHale), Matthias Mazenauer (Statistik Kanton Zürich), Marco Sieber (Statistik Stadt Zürich), Oleg Lavrovsky (Open Data CH, School of Data) and Manuel Sahli.
    • Collective brainstorming
    • Networking and blowing out birthday candles, following the tradition initiated by WMDE
  • Where? UZH Zentrum KOL G-217
  • When? Monday October 29, 19:00 - 21:00.
  • Languages: English and German.
  • Audience expected: anyone interested in editing, querying, linking and coding with Wikidata and anyone willing to discuss topics around free knowledge and open data.
  • Registration: registration is free but you need to sign up via
  • Materials: (to be added right after the meetup)

Meetup #2Edit

Meetup #1Edit

Collecting Topic ProposalsEdit

No matter whether you are new to Wikidata or you have already worked with it, we would like to know your interests. We would like to discuss topics that are relevant to the community. That's why we are collecting topic proposals for the next meetups. We welcome topics that focus on Wikidata editors, Wikidata consumers, Data providers, hackers, researchers, anyone interested in working with Wikidata.

Topic proposals can be, for example, requests for tutorials, requests for "hands-on" sessions to prepare some data, requests for tips & tricks, requests for writing SPARQL queries, anything that you think is relevant and could be relevant for others.

What would you like to discuss in the next Wikidata meetup(s)? Please add one or more items in the following bulleted list:

  • ... (add here your topic proposal)
  • A panel on experiences, points of view and ideas including Wikipedia and Wikidata people Cristina Sarasua (talk) 14:08, 7 August 2018 (UTC)
  • ...

Add your upvote (  Support), downvote (  Oppose) or comment (  Comment) right below the proposal