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Datathon 2018Edit

Data-a-thon 2018
Data-a-thon is an online Wikipedia editing competiton which is organized in order to link the as much as data of Nepali Wikipedia with wiki data which is the repository that provides link to the wiki contents. This program is going to be held during the whole month of Falgun(Nepali month) and this is the fourth edition of data-a-thon program.

Duration of programEdit

30 days (13 February 2018 to 14 March 2018)

Important datesEdit

  • Competition open date: 13 February 2018
  • Last date of Competition: 14 March 2018

Rules for participantsEdit

  • Participants should be the user of Wikipedia and fill up a form for the participation in the competition
  • Edits of participants on or after the start of competition will only be counted.
  • Correction of Error in previous wiki data link in Nepali Wikipedia will be considered as edit for the competition
  • Organizing team shall not considered as a participants for the competition.

Coordination TeamEdit


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Winners and Top ContributorsEdit

S.N Contributors Edits

Award CeremonyEdit

  • TBD