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  • Date: Saturday, 30 September 2017, 2 pm – 6 pm
  • Location: Wikimedia Österreich office, Stolzenthalergasse 7/1, 1080 Wien
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What we doEdit

Two weeks before the   2017 Austrian legislative election, we use election data ("Wahldaten" in German) for introducing beginners to Wikidata. The workshop addresses Wikimedia adepts (like   Wikipedians,   Wikimedia Hackathon newbies ...) as well as election aficionados (like data journalists, election researchers, political science students ...) in particular.

It is organized by   Open Knowledge Österreich – which operates – and   Wikimedia Österreich. Since not all experts are German speakers, the workshop is held in English.

How to registerEdit

Just send an email with your name to in order to register for the workshop.

The workshop is for free. The number of participants is limited.

Required from youEdit

What to take with you to the workshop:

  • Laptop + mouse + power supply (not older than 10 years); JS capable browser (= basically newest Firefox or Chrome)

If you don't have a Wikimedia user account, create one before the workshop. In case of any difficulties, reach out to Raimund Liebert:

Wikimedia Österreich's event guidelines apply.

Our scheduleEdit

start time 2 pm – end time 6 pm
45 mins Welcome and introduction
with Stefan Kasberger and Sonja Fischbauer (WMAT)
Why Wikidata is amazing
with Jean-Frédéric
What is election data in the realms of Wikidata
with Stefan Kasberger
90 mins For Wikimedia adepts, round 1
with Simeona Cruz and Tobias1984
For election aficionados, round 1
with Stefan Kasberger and Peter Grassberger
60 mins For Wikimedia adepts, round 2
with Simeona Cruz and Tobias1984
For election aficionados, round 2
with Stefan Kasberger and Peter Grassberger
10 mins Conclusion and feedback
with all experts/facilitators

Experts/facilitators: Jean-Frédéric, Stefan Kasberger, Peter Grassberger, Tobias1984, Simeona Cruz, Sonja Fischbauer (WMAT), and, remotely as well as for preparations: Raimund Liebert (WMAT)

Etherpad for documentation and communication during the workshop