Wikidata:Showcase lexemes

Showcase lexemes

Showcase lexemes on Wikidata are lexemes that fully represent what Wikidata is capable of, displaying in full detail the data that can be stored on Wikidata and then eventually used both inside and outside other Wikimedia projects.

Some criteria that have guided the addition of lexemes to this list are below—that is, ideally at least one of the main bullet points and one of the sub-bullets underneath that main bullet point should be satisfied:

Current Showcase edit

Arabic edit

Bangla edit

Bokmål edit

Breton edit

Czech edit

Danish edit

Estonian edit

Finnish edit

Hindustani edit

Italian edit

Korean edit

New Persian edit

Nynorsk edit

Punjabi edit

Polish edit

Russian edit

Turkish edit

Proposed for Showcase edit

To propose a lexeme for the showcase, discuss it on the talk page of this page.