syntactic dependency head position

position (as a value for P1545 on another P5238 statement of the same lexeme) of the head to which the "syntactic dependency head relationship" value qualifying this P5238 statement points

  • position of head in syntactic dependency
  • head position

Data type



For the phrase "high horse", with two P5238 values—"high" qualified with P1545 "1" and "horse" with P1545 "2"—and with "high" being a syntactic dependent of "horse", the value for this qualifier on "high" would be "2", signifying that the P5238 value with P1545 "1" depends on the P5238 value with P1545 "2". As a convention, the root of a phrase, not being syntactically dependent on anything else in the phrase, should have value "0" for this qualifier. (English)
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محاورے ”تکیہ کلام“ وچ ”کالام توں معنیٰ دتا؛ ایہہ مکھ مد اے۔ ایوے ایس نال مُل نوں ”0“ لگدا اے۔ کیونکہ دوجے لفظ نوں پہلا لفظ ”تکیہ“ ادھین ہوگیا، ایہدے مُل نوں ”2“ لگدا اے۔ (Western Punjabi)
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