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Taskforce Conflation: Untangling textual artifacts from their intellectual contents

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Oftentimes, textual artifacts (inscriptions, papyrus scraps, manuscripts) and the works they transmit are conflated on Wikipedia and Wikidata. This is especially true for artifacts

Items described both as "written work" and "manuscript"


SPARQL queries


Ailintom suggested this query which at the moment (23 November 2023) produces 952 items with both instance or subclass ofwritten work (Q47461344) and instance or subclass ofmanuscript (Q87167). But, has he observed, this is "just the tip of the iceberg". Another query produces 12 items with both instance or subclass ofliterary work (Q7725634) and instance or subclass ofarchaeological artifact (Q220659).

Other queries:

Open list of random finds


Feel free to add your finds below:

  1. Cleopatra Glossaries (Q5131738): instance of (P31)codex (Q213924) and instance of (P31)composite manuscript (Q33308141), but English Wikipedia article is on a set of texts
  2. ✓ Done Rawlinson Excidium Troie (Q7297036) part of Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Rawl. D. 893 (Q123655413), exemplar of Excidium Troie (Q123477936) by PKM
  3. Ystorya Dared (Q107550169)
  4. ✓ Done Codex Huygens (Q80191660): found and cleaned by PKM by creating Le Regole del disegno (Q123458703)
  5. Red Book of Hergest (Q1486590)
  6. ✓ Done Beatus manuscript (Q3637297) and Commentary on the Apocalypse (Q813323) by PKM
    1. Exemplars still need work
  7. ✓ Done Mir’at al-quds (Q124222045) and Mirror of Holiness (Mir’at al-quds) of Father Jerome Xavier (Q79990040) by PKM
  1. ...