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  • A page listing possible properties for maps. This page contains a proposal for properties of maps. It is based on the work done for the Template:Map in Wikimedia Commons, but accommodated to Wikidata. It also copies property proposals from all related initiatives, such as publications and artworks.

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See subpage for a listing of maps in Wikidata currently.

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image Article description instance of subclass of count
map visual representation of a concept space; symbolic depiction emphasizing relationships between elements of some space, such as objects, regions, or themes type of map cartographic work
cartographic material
two-dimensional visual artwork
Global Map digital map 0
globe scale model of a celestial body physical model
pictorial map map that uses pictures to represent features type of map map
visual artwork
atlas collection of maps literary genre
reference work
cadastre comprehensive register of the real estate or real property's metes-and-bounds of a country register
authority file
property record
geologic map special-purpose map made to show geological features type of map thematic map 7367
topographic map medium to large scale map that shows a precise map of the terrain type of map map 563
choropleth map a thematic map in which areas are shaded or patterned in proportion to the measurement of some statistical variable, using geographic boundaries map visualization
thematic map
portolan chart nautical charts, first made in the 13th century type of map nautical chart
transportation map
Mappa mundi medieval European map of the world type of map world map 6
derived map map which is not a primary source, having been derived from other maps document map 0
armillary sphere model of objects in the sky astronomical instrument
city map large-scale thematic map of a city thematic map 39
raised-relief map three-dimensional object representing a real terrain relief map 2
Cartogram map in which different parts are represented differently based on the value of a thematic mapping variable, e. g. by color, dots or area map
thematic map
hatched map mode of representing relief on a map relief map 0
plan cartography concept map 0
antique map map produced at some time in the past, which no longer serves the purpose for which it was made, often because the information it contains is outdated, but which may be of artistic or historic interest map 23
history map map displaying a past event or other historical situation type of map thematic map 6
historical atlas Maps and possibly illustrations of a particular region at a defined time period that depict the historical geography. atlas
historical map
topological map type of simplified diagram in cartography and geology type of map map 0
antihomomorphism homomorphism reversing the order of something map
virtual globe 3D software model or representation of the Earth or another world globe
mini-map small map that is displayed in a video game as part of its HUD type of map
video game feature
in-game map
graphical user interface element
digital elevation model 3D model of land elevation and features topographic map
digital map
machine-readable data
world map a single map of the entire surface of the Earth map 36
land register official government record documenting land ownership, possession, or rights catalogue
property record
gene mapping methods used to identify the locus of a gene and the distances between genes map 1
nautical chart topographic map of a maritime area and adjacent coastal regions type of map map 9
Automatisierte Liegenschaftskarte administrative category of digital cadastral map produced by the German government map cadastral map 1
cadastral map scale map showing the divisions of a piece of land type of map thematic map 1
star chart map of the night sky map 7
weather map table of weather elements type of map thematic map 2
tactile map map for the blind tactile graphic
raised-relief map
soil map map showing diversity of soil types and/or properties thematic map 1
Bosatlas school atlas school atlas 0
Shuttle Radar Topography Mission research effort to generate a digital topographic database of Earth space mission
space instrument
digital elevation model 0
political world map type of map map world map
political map
T and O map type of medieval world map type of map Mappa mundi 1
Torrens title system of land registration title
land register
kenchi cadastral surveying 1
heat map statistical graphic of data in a 2D matrix represented as colors statistical graphics
type of map
map 1
cartogram map in which geographic space is distorted based on the value of a thematic mapping variable thematic map 0
Die Gute Wanderkarte serial hiking map 0
Ptolemy's world map 2nd century Greco-Roman map of the world map
world map
Ptolemaic map 0
treasure map map to find treasure fantasy map 0
Magnetic field maps of the world contour map
thematic map
planisphere class of star chart star chart 0
physikalische Kartierung gene mapping 0
outline map map 0
water map map showing features of a body of water thematic map 0
fire alarm tracking map a map used by emergency services to locate the origin of a fire alarm in a public building map 0
rail track diagram map 0
Ōtabumi Japanese term for historical land registers land register 0
Radiofax analogue mode for transmitting monochrome images weather map 0
celestial globe type of star chart where the map is arranged on a globe star chart
geological cross-section geologic Cross Sections cross section
geologic map
cross section
Alpine Club map serial hiking map 0
figure-ground diagram map type map 0
general map topographic map
overview map
Generalstabskarte type of map topographic map 1
thematic map map specifically designed to show a particular theme connected with a specific geographic area type of map map
map visualization
road atlas book containing maps of roads and highways genre atlas
transportation map
boundary determination Establishment of a boundary according to the cadastral record cadastral surveying 1
basic map map which is used as a backdrop for additional geographic data topographic map
bounded entity map map showing a single geographic entity such as an island or an administrative area with adjacent areas either eliminated or shown in less detail type of map map 1
International Map of the World incomplete and former project to map the world uniformly map series world map 0
Isodemografische Karte cartogram
thematic map
itinerarium ancient Roman road map in the form of a listing of cities, villages (vici) and other stops, with the intervening distances literary genre reference work
topological map
political map map showing the administrative divisions of a place type of map thematic map 3
coastal chart nautical chart 0
cadastral surveying sub-field of surveying that specialises in the establishment and re-establishment of real property boundaries specialty surveying
hiking map type of map map
thematic map
linguistic map thematic map showing the geographical distribution of linguistic features type of map ethnographic map 16
hex map map subdivided into a hexagonal tiling, small regular hexagons of identical size type of map map 0
situation map thematic map 0
transit map map or schematic diagram of fixed routes of bus, passenger rail and ferry networks topological map
transportation map
aeronautical chart type of map designed to assist in navigation of aircraft, much as nautical charts do for watercraft, or a roadmap for drivers type of map map
transportation map
bonnekaart Generalstabskarte 0
orienteering map map used in orienteering topographic map 0
electronic navigational chart digital Map nautical chart 0
Hovmöller diagram commonly used way of plotting meteorological data to highlight the role of waves diagram weather map 0
physical map type of map map 1
Boskabouter atlas 0
Radwanderkarte thematic map 0
frame map map showing the entire area within a defined frame of reference type of map map 0
archeologische waardenkaart map 0
Admiralty chart brand of nautical chart nautical chart 0
school atlas type of atlas used in schools atlas 4
Schätzungskarte geologic map 0
Schülerhandkarte historical atlas
map series
road map map that primarily displays roads and transport links rather than natural geographical information type of map thematic map
transportation map
specialty map theme map or unusually detailed general map map 0
Marshall Islands stick chart Micronesian navigational aid type of map nautical chart 3
middle latitude map map 0
manuscript map map created in handwriting map
city map atlas atlas 1
lunar map map representing the Moon map 3
stroomatlas atlas 0
paskaart map 0
archeologische waarden- en verwachtingskaart map 0
bodemgeschiktheidskaart map 0
reversed map map with South at the top type of map map 0
sketch map map 1
Dieppe maps series of 16th-century world maps made in Dieppe, Seine-Maritime topographic map 0
mental mapping a person's point of view perception of an idea map 0
early world maps List of early depictions of the world type of map world map 4
nautical Atlas atlas 0
Bird atlas atlas 0
Beatus map cartographic work of the European Early Middle Ages illuminated manuscript Mappa mundi 0
bathymetric chart map visually representing the submerged terrain type of map topographic map 0
Catastro of Ensenada 1749 census within the Crown of Castile cadastre 0
Carte Michelin road map 0
Carte communale type of map map 0
relief map topographic map depicting the three-dimensional shape of the earth's surface (its relief) in a two-dimensional representation type of map topographic map 11
phytogeographic map map of plant species type of map map 2
vegetation map map showing distribution of plants in a geographical area thematic map 0
noise map cartographical representation of the sound intensity thematic map 0
Green Map locally created environmentally themed maps with a universal symbol set and map-making resources from the non-profit Green Map System map 0
dot distribution map type of map map visualization
plan-relief small--scale model of a city or a citadel cultural artifact relief map
scale model
map of the Paris metro transit map 0
cadastral area area
kartodiagram diagram
vaarkaart map 0
soundmap map 0
Stellarium three-dimensional map of the stars map
3D modeling
Paleogeological map geologic map 0
gene map spatial arrangement of genes on a chromosome map 0
digital map computer-based map map 58
Atlases of the flora and fauna of Britain and Ireland atlas 0
bike map thematic map
transportation map
multivariate map thematic map visualizing multiple variables thematic map 0
cartography of the United States Maps of the New World cartography
Biological Valuation Map ecological inventory map 0
En-route chart in aeronautics aeronautical chart 0
fantasy map visual representation of an imaginary or fictional geography or concept type of map map 0
acidic oak forest type of ecological zone Biological Valuation Map 0
cultuurhistorische waardenkaart map 0
hazard map map that highlights areas that are affected by or vulnerable to a particular hazard type of map thematic map 1
Tahrir Type of cadastre in the Ottoman Empire register cadastre 0
index map overview map which relates geographical regions to sheets of a more detailed map map 3
Japanese maps map 0
land use capability map map displaying the potential uses of a unit of land. type of map thematic map 0
fish scale map register Chinese field catasters for the purpose of taxation cadastre 0
locator map simple map used in cartography to show the location of a particular geographic area within its larger and presumably more familiar context;can be used on its own or as an inset or addition to a larger map type of map map 0
Mongolian manuscript maps manuscript map 0
orthophotomap map 0
paleomap map of continents and mountain ranges in the past based on plate reconstructions map 0
random map a map generated randomly by the computer term map 0
rich picture map 0
sectional chart Type of aeronautical map in the United States aeronautical chart 0
stereotaxic atlas brain atlas 0
straight-line diagram diagram of a road where the road is shown as a straight line topological map 0
Surname map map 0
Tithe maps map 0
World aeronautical chart aeronautical chart used for navigation by pilots aeronautical chart 0
mapa econòmic map 1
yachting chart A nautical chart specially designed for yachting nautical chart 1
taloudellinen kartta thematic map 0
Fastighetskartan map 0
Generalkarta map 0
Old maps of Stockholm map 0
kartverk map 1
Nybyggnadskarta thematic map 0
Taiwanese presidential election map map 0
star atlas atlas of stars atlas 7
城絵図 map 0
forest basemap basic map 0
kenchichō land register 0
Shōhō Kuniezu map Kuniezu 0
江戸幕府の地図事業 Japanese maps 0
shōen ezu Japanese maps
antique map
Gyōki-zu type of map map of Japan 1
upper air weather map weather map 0
dlaždicová mapa digital map 0
asutuskartta thematic map 0
water sports map specialty sporting map thematic map 0
forest age map vegetation map 0
tourist map large-scale map showing features of interest to visitors type of map map 0
water cadastre cadastre 0
Network diagram transit map 0
archaeological map map of finding archaeological sites map 5
synoptická mapa weather map 0
school wall-map large-format map for display on the wall of a school-room type of map map 0
Indikationsskizzen cadastral map
Franciscan Cadastre
kiri-ezu map of a district of the former Japanese city of Edo city map 0
Joint Operations Graphic map 0
catasto Italian system of land registration cadastre 0
brain atlas neuroanatomical map of the brain of a human or other animal map 2
isoscape geologic map of isotope distribution geologic map 0
estate map map commissioned by a landowner, typically including fields, parkland and buildings type of map thematic map
creative work
trail map map to aid navigation while using a trail type of map thematic map
transportation map
hiking map
Terminal area chart term in United States and Canada aviation aeronautical chart 0
Wikimedia route diagram Wikimedia template type road map
Wikimedia page outside the main knowledge tree
Wikimedia template
solar map thematic map 0
SnowCard card to assess avalanche risk snow map 0
tiled web map map, displayed with adjoining small images web map 1
tour map thematic map 0
Häradsekonomiska kartan map 0
gray–green orthographic projections maps collection of locator maps collection locator map 0
navigation map map used for navigating map 0
panoramic map nonphotographic representation of cities portrayed from above at an oblique angle pictorial map
contour map map showing changes of elevation type of map map visualization
relief map
geographic floor mosaic pictorial map 1
terrestrial globe spherical model of the Earth, highlighting geographical locations on the map product category globe
world map
decorative object
切絵図 map 0
地方海上分布予報 distribution map
Karte im Maßstab 1:1 fictional entity map 0
overview map generalised view of a geographic area type of map topographic map 1
portolan atlas atlas 1
bird's-eye view map map of a location in bird's-eye view pictorial map
pictorial map
bird's-eye view
SVG locator maps with red and pink scheme set of location maps with 2:1 aspect ratio collection locator map 0
interactive map cartographic representation developed in computer environments type of map digital map
web map
SVG locator maps of countries of African Union (blue scheme) SVG locator maps of countries of African Union (blue scheme) collection locator map 0
SVG locator maps of countries (gray and green scheme) SVG locator maps of countries with a gray and green scheme locator map 0
SVG locator maps (globe location map scheme) collection locator map 0
pocket globe type of terrestrial or celestial globe designed to be carried in a pocket as a quick reference globe 4
IGN Top 25 topographic maps of France, by IGN editorial collection topographic map 0
synoptische weerkaart weather map 0
map edition state or edition of a printed map map
version, edition, or translation
illuminated route planner Active plan of the Paris Metro map of the Paris metro 0
linguistic atlas map depicting regional linguistic distinctions, such as spatial dialect variation within a language atlas 9
Rauk cadastral surveying 0
in-game map video game feature that allows the player to view a map or maps of the game world video game feature fictional object
business ecosystem map map of a business ecosystem ecosystem map 1
ecosystem map map of an ecosystem type of map map 0
carte collaborative de Genève map
land use map visual representation of the use of a unit of land at a particular point in time type of map map 0
mineral resource map geologic map showing the location of mineral deposites geologic map 0
individual copy of a map a specific physical copy of a printed map printed matter
item of collection or exhibition
individual copy of a work
Folios of the Geologic Atlas USGS publication series serial atlas 0
county map map which depicts a single county type of map map 34
flood-prone-area map map of areas subject to inundation during flood events geologic map 0
Ptolemaic map regional or world map based on the work of Claudius Ptolemy type of map map 0
transportation map map designed to aid in navigation map 1
seismicity map map showng earthquake faults and related geographical features geologic map 0
military map a map designed particularly for military use type of map map
Flurkarte type of cadastral map in German speaking countries cadastral map 0
Actueel Hoogtebestand Nederland digital elevation model 0
map of Japan map 4
Kuniezu type of map Japanese maps 0
snow map map 0
Digitální technická mapa map 0
mars globe globe 5
lunar globe scale model of Moon globe
lunar map
playground map map painted on a paved surface, often at a playground, to teach geography to children outdoor playset
pavement map
pavement map map painted on a paved surface map
street painting
Synoptic charts subconcept of Weather map weather map 0
land registration land register 0
map of Spain cartography of Spain cartography map 0
map of Kyiv city map 0
carta geografica map 1
distribution map type of map thematic map 0
climatological map type of map thematic map 0
high-definition map highly detailed map, used in self-driving vehicles map 0
Estimated Seismic Intensity Map seismic intensity map
Earthquake Information
strip map long, narrow map depicting the course of a road type of map map 0
physical map of the human genome chromossomal physical map map
physical object
regional map map of a geographical, cultural or statistical region genre map 1
parking map map showing parking spaces and parking lots associated with a place type of map map 0
bathymetric map topographic map of the bed of the ocean or other body of water type of map topographic map 1
cultural map map that depicts elements of cultures and traditions map thematic map 0
world atlas atlas containing maps of the continents or countries of the Earth atlas 0
national atlas collection of maps of a country genre atlas 0
Real-time Risk Map severe weather terminology distribution map 0
regional atlas collection of maps of a geographic or political region genre atlas 0
shaded-relief map map indicating the shape of terrain using graded shadow effects relief map 0
Modelo Digital del Terreno de España digital elevation model
data set
visitor map map intended for visitors to a place type of map map 0
historical map map that reflects historical phenomena and events and illustration of interdependence and social developments of the past and geographical factors type of map
thematic map 5
Terravision computer program project virtual globe 0
Distribution Marine Forecast distribution map
grid map map 0
絵地図 map 1
Community Safety Map map 0
seismic intensity map type of map distribution map 0
ethnographic map map of ethnic groups, languages or religions type of map thematic map 0
map of ethnic groups type of map that shows a precise map of ethnic groups type of map ethnographic map 0
Topographical map of Brazil map of Brazil map of Brazil
topographic map
map of Brazil map map 0
Geological maps of France geologic map 0
map of Estonia the map of Estonia map 0
country map series of maps highlighting a country or a group of countries in the world genre
regional map
map 0
biogeographical map map 0
children's map series of maps with visible features specifically designed and aimed for at children genre
pictorial map
map 0
economic map map that displays economic or natural resources type of map thematic map 0
price map map 0
dialect map linguistic map showing the geographical variants of a language or linguistic family type of map linguistic map 0
isoglosses map type of map dialect map 0
school map map 0
salinity map nautical chart 0
land map map 0
cartographic work legal concept defining a type of copyrightable work condition
legal concept
valid subject matter for copyright
flora and fauna map map that displays a variety of species relating to flora and fauna thematic map topographic map 0
hydrographic map main stream and river map type of map map 0
gravity anomaly map type of map type of map map 0
fire insurance map map showing individual buildings and their construction materials, along with street widths, water supplies, and other features, used for calculating fire risk type of map economic map 0
quarry map map 0
map viewer map 2
admixture mapping method used to identify genetic variants associated with traits and/or diseases in ethnic groups whose genomes resulted from a recent mixture of two or more geographically distinct ancestral populations gene mapping 0
web map type of digital map digital map 4
map of openstreetmap type of map digital map 0
static map opposite type of interactive map map 0
COVID map map about COVID-19 pandemic map 0
pandemic map map about pandemic events map 0
Chloropleth map Type of thematic map thematic map 0
Handcrafted map type of map map 0
digital atlas type of atlas atlas 1
Hand drawn map Type of printed maps map 2
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