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Most frequent instance of (P31)

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Rank Films filmtype description
1 248744 film sequence of images that give the impression of movement
2 16407 television film feature film that is a television program produced for and originally distributed by a television network
3 16291 silent short film short film without recorded dialogue
4 12771 short film any film not long enough to be considered a feature film
5 3953 animated short film short film, which is animated
6 2751 animated film film for the cinema, television or computer screen that is made by using drawings, stop motion or computer animation
7 1185 live video album video recorded during stage performances
8 1053 animated feature film full-length animated film intended as the main item in a cinema programme, or air over TV or the Internet
9 851 silent film film with no synchronized recorded dialogue
10 717 3D film film made in three dimensions
11 571 feature film film with a full-length running time
12 463 video album audio-visual music release like a compilation of music videos or a filmed concert performance
13 428 miniseries television program with few episodes
14 417 original video animation animated films and series designed for release in home-video formats
15 380 documentary film nonfictional motion picture
16 331 film project unpublished movie
17 305 fiction film film that tells a fictional or fictionalized story, event or narrative
18 296 television series connected set of television program episodes under the same title
19 256 music video compilation album Video album and compilation album
20 253 television series episode single installment of a television series
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