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The mission of this WikiProject is to improve items related to Star Wars (Q462).



Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
from fictional universeP1080Itemfictional universe, mythology and media franchise: subject's fictional entity is in the object narrative. See also P1441 (present in work) and P1445 (fictional universe described in)Yoda <from fictional universe> Star Wars universe-
present in workP1441Itemwork: work in which this fictional entity (Q14897293) or historical person is present (use P2860 for works citing other works, P361/P1433 for works being part of / published in other works, P1343 for entities described in non-fictional accounts)Han Solo <present in work> Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hopecharacters
home worldP1165Itemfictional location: home planet or natural satellite for a fictional character or speciesLuke Skywalker <home world> Tatooine-
narrative locationP840Itemgeographic setting of film: the narrative of the work is set in this locationStar Wars Episode IV: A New Hope <narrative location> Yavin IV-
studentP802Itemstudent: notable student(s) of an individualObi-Wan Kenobi <student> Anakin Skywalkerstudent of
student ofP1066Itemteacher: person who has taught this personAnakin Skywalker <student of> Obi-Wan Kenobistudent

Best practicesEdit

Fictional UniversesEdit

When adding from fictional universe (P1080) statements, there are two possible fictional universes for Star Wars-related items:

Currently, most items from Star Wars universe (Q19786052) are also from Star Wars expanded to other media (Q3551295), and should therefore have two statements. As Star Wars universe (Q19786052) proceeds to grow with the Sequels and other new publications, we can assume that more and more items exclusive to this universe will appear.

There are also certain statements that are only true in one fictional universe even though their subject item is featured in both, like Princess Leia (Q51797) child (P40) Anakin Solo (Q2069214). In this case, the statement should be qualified with from fictional universe (P1080).


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