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Scott JoplinEdit

In January 2017, I started working my way through Scott Joplin: Complete Piano Works, Fourth Edition (Q28156363), playing all of Scott Joplin’s piano works and also adding them on Wikidata. By June 2017, I had reached the end, but then I went back to the beginning and started to revisit older items, because towards the end I had added more info to the items. However, I never fully went through with that, and the project languished for a while.

More recently, since March 2018, I’ve been transcribing his works for LilyPond (Q195946) and uploading the results to Wikimedia Commons. And since that means revisiting the items anyways in order to add sheet music (P3030) statements, I figure that’s also a great opportunity to finish the cleanup and completion of older items (e. g. adding title (P1476), which I’d originally skipped). Once I’m done with that, there will be a full record of Scott Joplin (Q191499)’s complete piano works on Wikidata including score transcriptions on Commons, which sounds like a well completed project to me – but who knows what else I’ll find to do :)

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