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2022 Libyan presidential election 2022-06 Libya president
2022 Colombian presidential election 2022-05-29 Colombia President of Colombia
2022 Albanian presidential election 2022-05-16 Albania President of Albania
2022 Philippine presidential election 2022-05-09 Philippines President of the Philippines
Vice President of the Philippines
2022 French presidential election 2022-04-10
France President of the French Republic
2022 Serbian presidential election 2022-04-03 Serbia President of Serbia
2022 East Timorese presidential election 2022-03-19 East Timor President of East Timor
2022 Turkmenistan presidential election 2022-03-12 Turkmenistan President of Turkmenistan
2022 Hungarian presidential election 2022-03-10 Hungary President of Hungary
2022 Armenian presidential election 2022-03
2022 German presidential election 2022-02-13 Germany president of Germany
2022 Costa Rican presidential election 2022-02-06 Costa Rica President of Costa Rica
2022 Chadian presidential election 2022 Chad President of Chad
2022 Nauruan presidential election 2022 Nauru President of Nauru
2022 Somali presidential election 2022 Somalia President of Somalia
2022 Lebanese presidential election 2022 Lebanon President of Lebanon
Austrian presidential election, 2022 2022 Austria President of Austria
2021 Gambian presidential election 2021-12-04 The Gambia President of the Gambia
2021 Honduran presidential election 2021-11-28 Honduras President of Honduras
2021 Chilean presidential election 2021-11-21 Chile President of Chile
2021 Bulgarian presidential election 2021-11-14 Bulgaria President of Bulgaria
2021 Nicaraguan presidential election 2021-11-07 Nicaragua President of Nicaragua
2021 Uzbek presidential election 2021-10-24 Uzbekistan President of Uzbekistan
2021 Barbadian presidential election 2021-10-20 Barbados President of Barbados
2021 Cape Verdean presidential election 2021-10-17 Cape Verde President of Cape Verde
2021 Haitian presidential election 2021-09-26 Haiti President of Haiti
2021 Estonian presidential election 2021-08-30
2021 São Toméan presidential election 2021-07-18 São Tomé and Príncipe President of São Tomé and Príncipe
2021 Iranian presidential election 2021-06-18 Iran President of Iran
2021 Ugandan presidential election 2021-01-14 Uganda President of Uganda
2021 Kosovan presidential election 2021 Kosovo President of Kosovo
2020 Central African presidential election 2020-12-27 Central African Republic President of the Central African Republic
2020 Nigerien presidential election 2020-12-27 Niger President of Niger
2020 Ghanaian presidential election 2020-12-07 Ghana President of Ghana
2020 Burkinabé presidential election 2020-11-22 Burkina Faso President of Burkina Faso
2020 Palauan presidential election 2020-11-03 Palau President of Palau
2020 Ivorian presidential election 2020-10-31 Ivory Coast President of the Ivory Coast
2020 Tanzanian presidential election 2020-10-28 Tanzania President of Tanzania
2020 Seychellois presidential election 2020-10-22 Seychelles President of Seychelles
2020 Guinean presidential election 2020-10-18 Guinea president of Guinea
2020 Tajik presidential election 2020-10-11 Tajikistan president of Tajikistan
2020 Northern Cypriot presidential election 2020-10-11 Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus President of Northern Cyprus
cancelled 2020 Polish presidential election 2020-05-10 Poland President of the Republic of Poland
August 2017 Kenyan presidential election 2017-08-08 Kenya President of Kenya
2017 Iranian presidential election 2017-05-19 Iran
eleições presidenciais de 2016 nos Açores 2016-01-24
2015 Haitian presidential election 2015-10-25
Haiti President of Haiti
Iraqi Kurdistan presidential election, 2017 2015-08-20 Kurdistan Region President of Iraqi Kurdistan
2013 Bangladeshi presidential election 2013-04-22 Bangladesh President of Bangladesh
Second round of Bissau-Guinean presidential election, 2012 2012-04-22 Guinea-Bissau President of Guinea-Bissau
First round of Bissau-Guinean presidential election, 2012 2012-03-18 Guinea-Bissau President of Guinea-Bissau
2012 Marshallese presidential election 2012-01-03 Marshall Islands President of the Marshall Islands
2011 Laotian presidential election 2011-06-15 Laos President of Laos
2010 Bougainvillean presidential election 2010-05 Autonomous Region of Bougainville President of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville
Namibian presidential election, 2009 2009-11-28
Namibia President of the Republic of Namibia
November 2009 French Polynesian presidential election 2009-11-24 French Polynesia President of French Polynesia
2009 Marshallese presidential election 2009-10-26 Marshall Islands President of the Marshall Islands
2009 Vanuatuan presidential election 2009-09-01
Vanuatu President of Vanuatu
2009 Bangladeshi presidential election 2009-02-16 Bangladesh President of Bangladesh
February 2009 French Polynesian presidential election 2009-02-11 French Polynesia President of French Polynesia
2009 Maltese presidential election 2009-01-12 Malta President of Malta
2008 Bougainvillean presidential election 2008-11-30 Autonomous Region of Bougainville President of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville
2008 Mauritian presidential election 2008-09-19 Mauritius President of Mauritius
élection présidentielle chinoise de 2008 2008-03-15 People's Republic of China President of the People's Republic of China
2008 French Polynesian presidential election 2008-02-24 French Polynesia President of French Polynesia
2008 Cuban presidential election 2008-02-24 Cuba President of Cuba
2008 Trinidad and Tobago presidential election 2008-02-11 Trinidad and Tobago President of Trinidad and Tobago
2008 Marshallese presidential election 2008-01-07 Marshall Islands President of the Marshall Islands
2007 Kiribati presidential election 2007-10-17 Kiribati President of Kiribati
2007 Nauruan presidential election 2007-08-28 Nauru President of Nauru
Sierra Leonean Presidential Election 2007 2007-08-11 Sierra Leone President of Sierra Leone
élection présidentielle vietnamienne de 2007 2007-07-24 Vietnam President of Vietnam
2007 Nagorno-Karabakh presidential election 2007-07-19 Republic of Artsakh President of Artsakh
2007 Micronesian presidential election 2007-05-11 Federated States of Micronesia President of the Federated States of Micronesia
2006 Zambian presidential election 2006-09-28 Zambia President of Zambia
2006 São Toméan presidential election 2006-07-30 São Tomé and Príncipe President of São Tomé and Príncipe
2006 Comorian presidential election 2006-04-16
Comoros President of Comoros
2006 Fijian presidential election 2006-03-08 Fiji President of Fiji
2005 Gabonese presidential election 2005-11-27 Gabon President of Gabon
2005 Burundian presidential election 2005-08-19 Burundi President of Burundi
2005 Djiboutian presidential election 2005-04-08 Djibouti President of Djibouti
2004 Ghanaian presidential election 2004-12-07 Ghana President of Ghana
élection présidentielle de Polynésie française de 2004 2004-05-23 French Polynesia President of French Polynesia
2004 Macedonian presidential election 2004-04-28
North Macedonia President of North Macedonia
2004 Georgian presidential election 2004-01-04 Georgia President of Georgia
2003 Guinean presidential election 2003-12-21 president of Guinea
2003 Guatemalan presidential election 2003-11-09 Guatemala President of the Republic of Guatemala
July 2003 Kiribati presidential election 2003-07-04 Kiribati President of Kiribati
2003 Latvian presidential election 2003-06-20 Latvia President of Latvia
February 2003 Kiribati presidential election 2003-02-25 Kiribati President of Kiribati
2002 Nagorno-Karabakh presidential election 2002-08-11 Republic of Artsakh President of Artsakh
2002 Albanian presidential election 2002-06-24 Albania President of Albania
2002 Comorian presidential election 2002-03-17 Comoros President of Comoros
2001 Zambian presidential election 2001-12-27 Zambia President of Zambia
2001 Bangladeshi presidential election 2001-11-12 Bangladesh President of Bangladesh
2001 Seychellois presidential election 2001-08-31
Seychelles President of Seychelles
2001 Estonian presidential election 2001-08-27 President of Estonia
2001 São Toméan presidential election 2001-07-29 São Tomé and Príncipe President of São Tomé and Príncipe
2001 Chadian presidential election 2001-05-20 Chad President of Chad
2001 Beninese presidential election 2001-03-04 Benin President of Republic of Benin
Ghanaian presidential election, 2000 2000-12-07 Ghana President of Ghana
2001 Indian National Congress presidential election 2000-12 Indian National Congress President of the Indian National Congress
2000 Paraguayan vice presidential election 2000-08-13 Paraguay Vice President of Paraguay
2000 Fijian presidential election 2000-07-18 Fiji President of Fiji
1999 Macedonian presidential election 1999-11-14
North Macedonia President of North Macedonia
1999 Latvian presidential election 1999-06-17 Latvia President of Latvia
1999 Belarussian presidential election 1999-05-16 Belarus President of Belarus
1999 Djiboutian presidential election 1999-04-09 Djibouti President of Djibouti
1998 Slovak presidential election 1998-12-17 Slovakia President of Slovakia
1998 Guinean presidential election 1998-12-14 president of Guinea
1998 Gabonese presidential election 1998-12-06 Gabon President of Gabon
1993 Gabonese presidential election 1998-12-05 Gabon President of Gabon
1998 Kiribati presidential election 1998-11-27 Kiribati President of Kiribati
5 November 1989 Lebanese presidential election 1998-11-05 Lebanon President of Lebanon
1998 Maldivian presidential election 1998-10-16 Maldives President of the Maldives
1998 Brazilian presidential election 1998-10-04 Brazil President of Brazil
1997 Cameroonian presidential election 1997-10-12 Cameroon President of Cameroon
1997 Nagorno-Karabakh presidential election 1997-09-01 Republic of Artsakh President of Artsakh
1997 Chechen presidential election 1997-01-27 Chechen Republic of Ichkeria President of Ichkeria
Ghanaian presidential election, 1996 1996-12-07 Ghana President of Ghana
1996 Zambian presidential election 1996-11-18 Zambia President of Zambia
1996 South Ossetian presidential election 1996-11-10 South Ossetia President of South Ossetia
Estonian presidential election, 1996 1996-08-26 Estonia President of Estonia
1996 Bangladeshi presidential election 1996-07-23 Bangladesh President of Bangladesh
1996 São Toméan presidential election 1996-06-30 São Tomé and Príncipe President of São Tomé and Príncipe
1996 Latvian presidential election 1996-06-18 Latvia President of Latvia
1996 Chadian presidential election 1996-06-02 Chad President of Chad
1996 Ugandan presidential election 1996-05-09 Uganda President of Uganda
1996 Comorian presidential election 1996-03-06 Comoros President of Comoros
1996 Beninese presidential election 1996-03-03 Benin President of Republic of Benin
Haitian presidential election, 1995 1995-12-17 Haiti President of Haiti
élection présidentielle haïtienne de 1995 1995-12-17 Haiti President of Haiti
1995 Georgian presidential election 1995-11-05 Georgia President of Georgia
1995 Hungarian presidential election 1995-06-19 Hungary President of Hungary
1995 Tuscan regional election 1995-04-23 Tuscany president of Tuscany
1995 Umbrian regional election 1995-04-23 Umbria president of Umbria
1994 Abkhazian presidential election 1994-11-26 Republic of Abkhazia President of Abkhazia
Macedonian presidential election, 1994 1994-10-16 North Macedonia President of North Macedonia
1994 Kiribati presidential election 1994-09-30 Kiribati President of Kiribati
1993 Guinean presidential election 1993-12-19 president of Guinea
1993 Maldivian presidential election 1993-10-01 Maldives President of the Maldives
1993 Togolese presidential election 1993-08-25 Togo President of Togo
1993 Latvian presidential election 1993-07-07 Latvia President of Latvia
1993 Nigerian presidential election 1993-06-12 Nigeria President of Nigeria
1993 Guatemalan presidential election 1993-06-05 Guatemala President of the Republic of Guatemala
1993 Burundian presidential election 1993-06-01 Burundi President of Burundi
1993 Djiboutian presidential election 1993-05-07 Djibouti President of Djibouti
1993 Israeli presidential election 1993-03-24 Israel President of Israel
1993 Nigerien presidential election 1993-02-27 Niger President of Niger
1993 Slovak presidential election 1993-01-26
Slovakia President of Slovakia
1993 Czech presidential election 1993-01-26 Czech Republic President of the Czech Republic
1992 Ghanaian presidential election 1992-12-29 Ghana President of Ghana
Serbian presidential election, 1992 1992-12-20 Serbia President of Serbia
1992 Cameroonian presidential election 1992-10-11 Cameroon President of Cameroon
1992 Estonian presidential election 1992-10-05 Estonia President of Estonia
1992 Czechoslovak presidential election 1992-10-03 Czechoslovakia President of Czechoslovakia
1992 Indian vice-presidential election 1992-08-19 India Vice President of India
1992 Republic of the Congo presidential election 1992-08 Republic of the Congo President of the Republic of the Congo
1992 Turkmen presidential election 1992-06-21 Turkmenistan President of Turkmenistan
1992 Iraqi Kurdistan presidential election 1992-05-19 Kurdistan Region President of Iraqi Kurdistan
1992 Malian presidential election 1992-04-12 Mali President of Mali
1991 Moldovan presidential election 1991-12-08 Moldova President of Moldova
1991 Transnistrian presidential election 1991-12-01 Transnistria President of Transnistria
1991 Tajik presidential election 1991-11-24 Tajikistan president of Tajikistan
1991 Zambian presidential election 1991-10-31 Zambia President of Zambia
1991 Bangladeshi presidential election 1991-10-08 Bangladesh President of Bangladesh
1991 Kiribati presidential election 1991-07-03 Kiribati President of Kiribati
1991 Georgian presidential election 1991-05-26 Georgia President of Georgia
1991 Beninese presidential election 1991-03-10 Benin President of Republic of Benin
1991 São Toméan presidential election 1991-03-03 São Tomé and Príncipe President of São Tomé and Príncipe
1990 Turkmen presidential election 1990-10-27 Turkmenistan President of Turkmenistan
1990 Hungarian presidential election 1990-08-03 Hungary President of Hungary
July–August 1990 Bulgarian presidential election 1990-08-01 Bulgaria President of Bulgaria
1990 Czechoslovak presidential election 1990-07-05 Czechoslovakia President of Czechoslovakia
1990 Northern Cyprus presidential election 1990-05-06 Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus President of Northern Cyprus
1990 Slovenian presidential election 1990-04-08 Slovenia President of Slovenia
April 1990 Bulgarian presidential election 1990-04 Bulgaria President of Bulgaria
1990 Soviet Union presidential election 1990-03-14 Soviet Union President of the Soviet Union
1990 Comorian presidential election 1990-03-04 Comoros President of Comoros
1989 Czechoslovak presidential election 1989-12-29 Czechoslovakia President of Czechoslovakia
24 November 1989 Lebanese presidential election 1989-11-24 Lebanon President of Lebanon
1989 South African presidential election 1989-09-14 South Africa President of South Africa
1989 Polish presidential election 1989-07-19 Poland President of the Republic of Poland
1989 Seychellois presidential election 1989-06 Seychelles President of Seychelles
1989 Salvadoran presidential election 1989-03-19 El Salvador President of El Salvador
1989 Malagasy presidential election 1989-03-12 Madagascar President of Madagascar
1988 Rwandan presidential election 1988-12-19 Rwanda President of Rwanda
1988 Zambian presidential election 1988-10-26 Zambia President of Zambia
1988 Maldivian presidential election 1988-09-23 Maldives President of the Maldives
1988 Icelandic presidential election 1988-06-25 Iceland President of Iceland
1987 Kiribati presidential election 1987-05-12 Kiribati President of Kiribati
1986 Somali presidential election 1986-12-23 Somalia President of Somalia
1986 Togolese presidential election 1986-12-21 Togo President of Togo
1986 Bangladeshi presidential election 1986-10-15 Bangladesh President of Bangladesh
1985 Sierra Leonean presidential election 1985-10-01 Sierra Leone President of Sierra Leone
1985 Palauan presidential election 1985-08-28 Palau President of Palau
1985 Northern Cyprus presidential election 1985-06-09 Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus President of Northern Cyprus
1985 Czechoslovak presidential election 1985-05-22 Czechoslovakia President of Czechoslovakia
1984 Comorian presidential election 1984-09-30 Comoros President of Comoros
1984 Burundian presidential election 1984-08-31 Burundi President of Burundi

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