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These elections are all missing a office contested (P541) statement (or a has part (P527) statement to show that it is made up of multiple elections).

If you're feeling extra-helpful, making sure they all have a country (P17) and applies to jurisdiction (P1001) is also very useful!

This list is periodically updated by a bot. Manual changes to the list will be removed on the next update!

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?item point in time country applies to jurisdiction
2021 Wisconsin elections 2021-04-06
Chilean municipal elections, 2021 2021-04-11 Chile
élections consulaires françaises de 2021 2021-05 France
2021 Latvian municipal elections 2021-06-05 Latvia
élections infranationales russes de 2021 2021-09-19 Russia
Elections to the Church Assembly, 2021 2021-09-19 Sweden
2021 United States elections 2021-11-02 United States of America
2021 Montreal municipal election 2021-11-07 Canada
elecciones de consejeros regionales de Chile de 2021 2021-11-21 Chile
2022 Dutch municipal elections 2022-03-16 Netherlands
Référendum de 2022 sur l'indépendance de la Nouvelle-Calédonie 2022-11 France New Caledonia
2022 United States elections 2022-11-08 United States of America
Carinthian state election, 2023 2023 Austria Carinthia
2023 Salzburg state election 2023 Austria Salzburg
2023 Spanish local elections 2023-05 Spain
2024 El Salvadoran legislative election 2024-02-29 El Salvador El Salvador
2024 Croatian parliamentary election 2024-07-31 Croatia Croatia
2025 Bolivian parliamentary election 2025 Bolivia Bolivia
2025 Bolivian presidential election 2025 Bolivia Bolivia
2025 Central African presidential election 2025 Central African Republic Central African Republic
2020 Malian parliamentary election 2025-03-31 Mali Mali
2026 Ugandan parliamentary election 2026-01-31 Uganda Uganda

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