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This page describes how to handle Christian religious art. We focus on paintings, but this can be used for other types of works of art too. We have an overview of top main subjects and suggestions to work on.


The most relevant properties are

Property Description
genre (P136) religious art (Q2864737). We don't divide it any further.
religion (P140) Christianity (Q5043)
main subject (P921) The main subject the painting shows. What is the story or artistic theme shown in the painting? Usually one.
depicts (P180) What do we actually see in the painting? Usually multiple.

Main subjectsEdit

Overview of main subjects. It's generally following the chronology of the bible.

Old TestamentEdit

Item Description Overview

These still need to be sorted out and ordered:

New TestamentEdit

Item Description Overview
Annunciation (Q154326) Angel shows up to tell the Virgin Mary that she's pregnant. Annunciation
Visitation (Q691810) Visitation
Annunciation to the shepherds (Q2851767) Angels tell a group of shepherds about the birth of Jesus Annunciation to the shepherds
Nativity of Jesus (Q51628) Birth of Jesus. You might be able to use the more specific adoration items if applicable. Nativity of Jesus
Adoration of the shepherds (Q1029715) Shepherds show up Adoration of the shepherds
Adoration of the Magi (Q488841) The kings show up Adoration of the Magi
Madonna and Child (Q9309699) Madonna and Child
flight into Egypt (Q837143) Fleeing to Egypt Flight into Egypt
rest on the flight into Egypt (Q3427290) Taking a break on the way to Egypt Rest on the Flight into Egypt
massacre of the Innocents (Q643474) Massacre of the Innocents (Q15676570) Massacre of the Innocents
Circumcision of Jesus (Q13510036) Eight days after birth of Jesus Circumcision of Jesus
Holy Family (Q618057) Holy Family
Baptism of Jesus (Q217048) John the Baptist baptises Jesus Baptism of Jesus
Christ and the Woman of Samaria (Q28735309) / Samaritan woman at the well (Q292242) Christ and the Woman of Samaria
Marriage at Cana (Q625140) Jesus transforms water into wine. First miracle Marriage at Cana
Last Supper (Q51633) Final meal that Jesus shared with his Apostles in Jerusalem before his crucifixion Last Supper
Denial of Peter (Q130704) Denial of Peter
Agony in the Garden (Q2467856) Agony in the Garden
arrest of Jesus (Q51634) Kiss of Judas (Q10289604) Arrest Arrest of Jesus
Sanhedrin trial of Jesus (Q51635) Trial Sanhedrin trial of Jesus
Pilate's court (Q8122413) Pilate's court
Crowning with Thorns (Q63977136) Crowning with Thorns
Ecce Homo (Q534805) Christ in the court of Pontius Pilate, when he presents a scourged Jesus Christ, bound and crowned with thorns Ecce Homo
Flagellation of Christ (Q2033105) Flagellation of Christ
Christ carrying the cross (Q3399226) Christ carrying the cross
Raising of the Cross (Q7759352) Raising of the Cross
crucifixion of Jesus (Q51636) Christ on the cross Crucifixion of Jesus
Descent from the Cross (Q13365963) Christ died and is taken of the cross Descent from the Cross
lamentation of Christ (Q3155356) Lamentation of Christ
Pietà (Q223689) Virgin Mary cradling the dead body of Jesus. More specific than Lamentation of Christ. Pietà
entombment of Christ (Q51637) entombment of Christ (Q1238240) Christ being entombment or buried Entombment of Christ
Harrowing of Hell (Q1540642) Jesus' journey into Hell Harrowing of Hell
resurrection of Jesus (Q51624) Jesus is alive again Resurrection of Jesus
Noli me tangere (Q124362) Mary Magdalene recognizes Jesus after his resurrection and he tells her not to touch her Noli me tangere
Road to Emmaus appearance (Q718702) Jesus shows up in Emmaus after his crucifixion and the discovery of the empty tomb Road to Emmaus appearance
ascension of Jesus (Q5686605) Jesus is going up to heaven Ascension of Jesus
Death of the Virgin Mary (Q1245512) Maria dies Death of the Virgin Mary
Assumption of Mary (Q162691) Maria is going up to heaven Assumption of Mary
Day of Judgment (Q1821239) Day of Judgment

These still need to be sorted out and ordered:


Item Description Overview
sacra conversazione (Q370665)
Mystic marriage of Saint Catherine of Alexandria (Q20729926)
Saint George and the Dragon (Q2509393)
Saint Luke painting the Virgin (Q1291593)
Immaculate Conception of Mary (Q185606)
Saint Francis receiving the Stigmata (Q26714817)
Mass of Saint Gregory (Q1368767)
Coronation of the Virgin (Q1093370)
Saint Martin sharing his cloak (Q27036662)
Mystical marriage of Saint Catherine (Q4296527)
Deesis (Q1207453) depicts Jesus flanked by the Virgin Mary and John the Baptist, sometimes with other saints


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