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Maps in wiki by interlinking Wikidata and OpenStreetMap

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Arun Ganesh user:Planemad
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1 hour
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Everyone interested in the topic
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Wikidata (the structured knowledge base) and OpenStreetMap (free and editable map of the world) forms a powerful combination when interlinked with each other. Like Wikidata, OpenStreetMap has an active worldwide community and receives large number of contributions every day. There are more than 700K Wikidata tags already tagged in OSM and are being enriched everyday.

This integration can power interactive maps on wikipedia and unlocks a wide range possibilities such as pulling in additional important properties of a feature, available translations from Wikidata on to the map. Check out these examples showcased where

  1. the map which fetches all translations available for country labels from wikidata onto a map made with OpenStreetMap data in real time.
  2. map shows how geocoder can be combined with a couple of SPARQL queries to display locations’ population, official websites, seals, and even some related movies.

A workshop on interlinking wikidata and OSM would be valuable in,

  1. Increasing the number of embedded maps in Wiki articles
  2. Driving more contributors to the OpenStreetMap project for better free maps for Wikipedia
  3. Getting enriched data from Wikidata onto to the map.
  4. Evaluating quality issues in Wikidata by validating against OpenStreetMap.
  5. Driving more cross-collaborative projects between Wikimedia and OpenStreetMap
What will attendees take away from this session?
  1. Learn about OpenStreetMap and basic map editing
  2. Adding wikidata tags in OSM to improve the linkage between two open data projects
  3. Adding a map frame to a wikipedia article of a place using the Kartographer extension
  4. Learn how the linkage between platforms can be scaled using tools like Wikimama and OSM ↔ Wikidata matcher.
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Attendees are expected to bring their own systems for the workshop.

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