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Wikidata:WikidataCon 2017/Submissions/Using Wikipedia Zero to increase coverage of Suriname in Wikidata

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Andra Waagmeester

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andra at

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'Lightning talk

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10 min

In 52 countries, through 68 operators, Wikipedia Zero offer free access to Wikidata (and the sister projects of the Wikimedia Foundation). In a recent trip to Suriname (Q730) I was able to add items to Wikidata and Wikicommons using a tablet and a MIFI router. The following image for example depicts the Leo fall (Q29383149) and data was added at location

Leo water falls in Suriname, of which data was collected added to Wikidata/commons, at location.


Hardware used to access Wikidata in the amazon rainforest

A mobile router from the local provider Digicel Suriname and Wikipedia Zero provided the means to add data to Wikidata and upload photos to Wikimedia Commons.

In this talk, I want to address how Wikipedia Zero can be used in a more structural manner and what additionally is needed to increase coverage of remote area's or less covered regions.

What will attendees take away from this session?
  1. The attendees will take away how Wikidata can be used in remote area's.
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