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Wikidata:WikidataCon 2017/Volunteer/Scholarships committee


The scholarship committee is in charge of receiving and selecting the applications for a scholarship for the WikidataCon. They will decide together on the persons that will have their traveling and accommodation costs funded in order to attend the event.

The committee is free to discuss and decide about the rules and criteria to select applications. They will have access to some personal informations (the content of the scholarship applications) and will be asked not to disclose these informations.

Most of the work needed by the committee will be between May 2017 (definition of the criteria, preparation of the scholarship form) and August 2017 (notification of the applicants). All these tasks can be done remotely.


The scholarship committee consists of 2 persons from the organization team (WMDE employees) and 3 volunteers. Once the committee is selected, it is not possible to join it, unless one of the members withdraws.