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Help:Statement Manual of Style

This page is a manual of style for different groups of items. A person for example should ideally have a birthday, while a town should have a location.

This guideline is intended to be accessible to people with little experience.


The most important statement to identify a person is:

Additional useful statements are:

Identifiers are unique alphanumeric strings that can ensure that Wikidata does not hold duplicate records of the same person, or has merged two persons in one item. A common identifier for authors is the VIAF-Identifier. You can find it by searching the name on - The person you are looking for should have the same birthday or bibliography as the item you are adding the identifier to. Duplicates will show up in the constraint violations that you can view at Property talk:P214.

Taxon (animal, plant, ...)Edit

Each taxon has three basic properties:

Several additional properties, e.g., for the taxon author and year of description can be found at the Wikidata:Taxonomy task force


Fossil animals and plants require the usual taxonomic information. In addition they should receive two properties that describe in what geologic time span they are found:

Because the geologic time scale has been often revised in the 20th and 21st century, it is best to look up newer literature and use ages that are currently standardized by the International Commission on Stratigraphy. A list of these ages can be viewed in the constraint violations of Property talk:P523 or Geologic Time Scale.


The data model for diseases (e.g. dengue fever (Q30953)) is not fully finished yet. You may discuss ideas at Wikidata:WikiProject Medicine.

Diseases have many identifiers from different medical databases (See: dengue fever (Q30953)). Because diseases are hard to delimit there is always some duplication of identifiers. On Wikidata it would be ideal to keep different concepts apart: Meaning separate items for disease, symptom or the organism that causes the disease.

Try to add the following properties to a disease:


Processor series get their own item, so different clock speeds (etc...) can be added to the them. They should get the following statement connecting them to their processor family:

General information about the processor includes: