conferred by

person or organization who awards a prize to or bestows an honor upon a recipient or that confers a degree

  • awarded by
  • bestowed by
  • given by
  • granted by
  • presented by
  • from
  • by
  • degree from
  • degree conferred by
  • degree awarded by

Data type



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Can be used in statements on items that describe awards or titles (English)
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Can be used as qualifier for \award received\" [[Property:P166]] for persons or organisation" (English)
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לשימוש בקביעות על פריטים המתארים פרס או תואר (Hebrew)
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לשימוש כמבחין במאפיין P166 - "מוענק על ידי" לאדם או לאירגון (Hebrew)
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Kan brukes som påstand for egenskaper som beskriver utmerkelser eller titler (Norwegian Bokmål)
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Kan brukes som kvalifikator for \tildelte utmerkelser\ i [[Egenskap:P166]] for personer eller organisasjoner (Norwegian Bokmål)
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