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type of kinship

qualifier of "relative (P1038)" to indicate unusual family relationships (ancestor, son-in-law, adoptions, etc). Avoid using for relationships that can be derived from the family tree or have an explicit property (spouse, child, etc)

  • kinship
  • relationship (kinship)
  • type of relationship

Data type




Instead of using "relative" (P1038) with this qualifier, use more specific properties (P40, P26, etc.). Create intermediary item if needed (P40 of P40) (English)
I stället för att använda "släkting" (P1038) med detta bestämningsord, använd mer specifika egenskaper (P40, P26, etc.). Skapa mellanliggande objekt om det behövs (P40 av P40) (Swedish)
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If parents are known, avoid using this property for these. Add statements for mother (P25) or father (P22), then specify parent on its value item (with P25/P22). (English)
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