kinship to subject

qualifier of "relative" (P1038) to indicate less usual family relationships (ancestor, son-in-law, adoptions, etc). Indicate how the qualificator item is related to the main item.

  • kinship
  • relationship (kinship)
  • type of relationship
  • nature of kinship
  • type of kinship

Data type




Instead of using "relative" (P1038) with this qualifier, use more specific properties ("child" (P40), "spouse" (P26), etc.). Create intermediary item if needed (P40 of P40) (English)
I stället för att använda "släkting" (P1038) med detta bestämningsord, använd mer specifika egenskaper (P40, P26, etc.). Skapa mellanliggande objekt om det behövs (P40 av P40) (Swedish)
Au lieu d’utiliser "parentèle" (P1038) avec ce qualificatif, utilisez une propriété plus spécifique ("enfant" (P40), "épouse" (P26), etc.). Créez un élément intermédiaire si nécessaire (P40 de P40) (French)
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If children are known, avoid using this property for these. Add statements for "child" (P40), then specify child on its value item (with P40). (English)
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