Name (proper noun) for people or things associated with a given place, usually based off the place name; multiple entries with qualifiers to distinguish are used to list variant forms by reason of grammatical gender or plurality.

  • gentilic

Data type

Monolingual text


Mexicain (French)
Mexikaner (German)
meksikano (Esperanto)
Mexicaan (Dutch)
0 references
Cuban (English)
Kubaner (German)
kubano (Esperanto)
Cubaan (Dutch)
0 references
Calgarian (English)
kalgariano (Esperanto)
0 references
ಕನ್ನಡಿಗ (Kannada)
0 references
nederlandano (Esperanto)
Nederlander (Dutch)
Nederlanner (Western Frisian)
Nedänan (Volapük)
0 references
Uzbek (English)
Usbeke (German)
uzbeko (Esperanto)
0 references
Uruguayan (English)
urugvajano (Esperanto)
0 references
башҡорт (Bashkir)
Bashqort (English)
0 references
Michigander (English)
0 references